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Edward May (TheMadModeller)

Lockheed F-4A Lightning

While I know that RS Models has released a far superior model of the F-4A in 1:72 scale, this particular kit has a special place in my memory. The Lightning was one of my favorite warbirds of WW2 and I remember being disappointed that my father could never find a 1:72 model of one at our local hobby shop. (At the time he was the builder and I was the observer.) I was delighted on my 7th Christmas though when our family friends gifted me this very same kit and boxing. I had a hard time tracking this one down and planned to build it a couple of years ago but an unanticipated move due to storm damage led to the project being halted before ever beginning. This one, as a homage to my childhood, will be my first build in quite some time. Unlike my father's choice to build the P-38F I'll choose the F-4A. My first step will be to sand off the raised panel lines, scribe new ones and placed recessed rivets where necessary with a thin hypodermic needle. I'll be pulling out the Evergreen sheets and wire a lot for this one though for the interior though for time period they really tried to detail the interior. I'll resort to the spares bin for the ADF "football" antenna. I'll begin when my son and wife choose their first "return to the hobby" projects.

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Lockheed F-4C
US Military US Army Air Forces (1941-1947)
8 PRG 2364
1942 - India IN
Blue, grey-Blue

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30. June 2017, 10:18
Edward May
I've begun the process of measuring out the cockpit section of the model and using the existing kit parts to form a basic interior template that will be replaced by one made from plastic card. After delving into my kit I discovered that what I really have here is an F-4C rather than an F-4A as labeled on the carton - yet clearly stated in the instructions. I've been scouring the web looking for interior photos of the F-4C but they are few and far between from what I've seen thus far. While I could fudge it and base it entirely on the early P-38s I don't want to miss any subtle differences. As such I've also been looking at the RS Models kits to see what sort of an interior they provide. Before I really dive into that I need to do some dry fitting of the nose section as the pronounced step under the snoot of the F-4 and F-5 Photo Recon Lightnings looks a little too subtle on this old Revell kit. There is a shape difference between the P-38F/F-4C "chin" just aft of the nose cone - but the photos on the box do not show a real clear view. If the shape problem simply is too significant I'm left with a major choice; Conduct a whole next level scratch building/conversion job OR build this kit as a P-38F as my father did when I was in grade school and just fork out the cash for the RS Models kit for an F-4A.
3. July 2017, 12:08