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Enterprise refit


6 August 2013, 16:47
william wise
really nice Tim, i wish i had the guts to try lighting mine before i built it, what lighting set did you use ? and was it user friendly ?
6 August 2013, 21:08
Tim Sloan
The set was from Evans Lighting,though, I dont see it on his site right now, and it definitely wasnt user friendly, especially the instructions.
6 August 2013, 22:02
william wise
And that is why I'm intimidated by these light sets if you find one that is relatively user friendly please pass it on, i have a reliant that i would love to light up it adds so much to the overall aesthetics of the display
6 August 2013, 22:38
Dirk Heyer
Hi Tim,
the illumination looks awesome!
I have not seen this kit here in Germany. :/
How much do you think, this model would be cost?
6 August 2013, 22:50
Jeremy Wiltcher
I just got this kit from Squadron.com, in fact I was just called and told it arrived today. I cant wait to get home and check it out, then put it in the closet while I figure out if I can afford the light kit!
7 August 2013, 21:38
Mike Kryza
Hi Tim - absolutely a gem!!! 👍
15 August 2013, 18:18
Emil Stojanov
15 August 2013, 18:48
Christian Lehmann
15 August 2013, 18:52
Choppa Nutta
4 July 2015, 22:29
Bulldog Scale Models
Wow!! Impressive work
5 July 2015, 14:19
Choppa Nutta
I love the occluded light tin foil trick !!
Cheap but effective !!
5 July 2015, 14:36
Tim Sloan
Thanks guys!
5 July 2015, 20:03
This is looking great. I must drag out my Millennium Falcon and get stuck into that, I want to light up the engine area with pale blue light and add all the landing lights around and under the body. I was planing on using a small neon or fluro tube to light the engine area but that would require a transformer to power it. But i got some offcut strips of prewired RGB (red,green,blue) LED strips from work. (I work for a company that makes lighting equipment for film/TV concert use) We made a lot of dimming equipment for a "little sci-fi movie" being filmed at the moment, Can't mention the name...? Anyway but episodes 7,8,9 are being filmed at the moment... These strips come in a roll prewired. You can pick them up on Ebay for only a few dollars and can be cut to length and powered by a small 9V battery. The Great thing is that each color is wired separate so if you light the Blue and Green only i can get a lovely pale blue light just like the real one! so I'll use them instead. Might even light the cockpit with some fiber-optic to light up the controls.
8 July 2015, 13:23
Christian Ristits
This is absolutely fantastic! Looks like right from the Motion Picture, just awesome!!!
9 July 2015, 11:13


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