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John Thomas (king57)

P-47D X01


6 22 March, 12:37
John Thomas
I am starting a new P-47 project. It will be an P-47D Bubble Top from the 79th FG in Italy 1945. The P-47D OX1 is a late model P-47. I have no War time photos of this aircraft to compare with the art work. This aircraft features nose art from a well know war time artist Alberto Vargas. Vargas pinup nose art were on several WW2 aircraft. Vargas is also know for is work in Playboy in the 1960's and 1970's. I will use the Academy P-47D Bubble Top Kit. I like the Academy kit better than the Revell kit. Just need to steal a few parts from Revell's P-47D kit to upgrade the Academy kit to a late model P-47D. Much of the same detail work that I did on my Miss Mary Lou project will apply here.
22 March, 12:54
John Thomas
New photos up today. Not OX1 but XO1 above sorry. Working on cockpit. Added a few details to the cockpit using a few cents of Evergreen Styrene plastic.
26 March, 13:26
John Thomas
New photos up today. Cockpit painted and installed.
27 March, 12:44
John Thomas
New photos up today. Fuselage and wings are complete. Still need to do some sanding and seam work on the fuselage and wings.
30 March, 12:46
Lochsa River
Sittin in....i am building this kit now
30 March, 19:21
John Thomas
Lochsa, Thanks. Still doing a lot of prep work. All of the upgrade work is done.
31 March, 12:42
John Thomas
New photos up today
5 April, 12:55
John Thomas
New photos up today. Airframe complete. Started work on the small bits.
8 April, 12:55

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