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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

Tricon 2014

IPMS THREE RIVERS In Pittsburgh show and contest on March 22.



23. March 2014, 13:49
Fabian D.
Thx for shareing John...
@ Hunter all yours on pic 3?
23. March 2014, 13:56
Fabian, more photos coming
23. March 2014, 14:03
Hunter Cummins
Yes fabian
all mine ahaah
23. March 2014, 14:26
Gerald Willing
Nice Pic´s JOHN THOMAS Thx for sharing
23. March 2014, 14:30
Hunter Cummins
Mine go from the panzer III and the brummnar and halftrack to the komet
23. March 2014, 14:31
It was a very nice show and contest and good turn out. Over 250 models. I was an Aircraft judge and just did not have the time to take all the photos I wanted. I hope I did not miss ID any model.
23. March 2014, 15:02
Hunter Cummins
The russian factory with the T-34/85 running over a destroyed panzerphawagon was bad ass
same with the m 10 and destroyed tiger 1 and and the the captured russian tank coming overnthe hill
23. March 2014, 15:06
Fabian D.
nice work Hunter...seems you deserved it (although I haven´t seen you competitors ;) )
23. March 2014, 15:22
Hunter Cummins
thank you fabian
there was some good competitors haha
23. March 2014, 15:26
Es-haq Khosravi
Thank you for sharing!
23. March 2014, 16:30
Alan Rush
Thanks for sharing. Nice entries John and Hunter. Likes like a good show. I am considering building for the APMS Great White North Regional Show in Oshawa in May. Nice to see pictures and entries from your show.
23. March 2014, 17:08
Hunter Cummins
Thank you alan :)
it was a great show
23. March 2014, 17:23
Thanks to all
23. March 2014, 18:33
Wim van der Luijt
Nice! Thanks for sharing
23. March 2014, 20:42
Martyn Fox
Thanks for sharing. Always good to see different shows from around the globe :)
23. March 2014, 21:08
Christian Lehmann
Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
23. March 2014, 22:02
Jermaine Hoskin
Great collection of photos John. Too bad I had to miss this event but hopefully we can catch up in April in Virginia.
23. March 2014, 22:27
Jermaine, hope to see you there. I hope I can get something new done for April, well see.
24. March 2014, 12:03
Hunter Cummins
Darn it
I want to go soooooo nad ;(
24. March 2014, 19:05

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