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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

Help with Grex TS Tritium

I use my Grex TS Tritium airbrush off and on for the pass 2 years. I take good of the brush and clean it after every use. I last used it about 2 weeks ago and when I went to use to today I was getting only air and no paint. then I noticed that the needle was not moving as I pressed the trigger. So I began to strip it down and the needle would not come out the back of the airbrush. So I removed the nozzle and unscrewed the fluid nozzle but the fluid nozzle would not slide off the needle. I pulled the needle out the front of the brush. I soaked the needle in cleaner but it still will not come off. I am afraid if I do any more I will bend the needle.
Does any one out there have any good ideas. Need help!!!

Album image #1
Needle stuck to Paint nozzle 

Album image #2
Replacement Nozzle and needle set TS.3mm 

Album image #3
My Grex TS sidefeed airbrush 

Album image #4
The Brush 

Album image #5
Replacement nozzle and needle 

Album image #6
Replacement kit info 

Album image #7
New nozzle installed 

Album image #8
Superlube was used on needle 

Album image #9
Nozzle and needle install ready for test run 



9. February 2014, 18:22
Wim van der Luijt
you could try to gently heat the nozzle and not the needle...use a candle or some such....might work
9. February 2014, 18:50
Wim van der Luijt
I used to spray a dose of cleaner through my brush after each use, but after a while I got some strange side effects like bubbles in my paint cup, so now I strip the brush after each painting problems since...
9. February 2014, 18:52
It's odd. I used it 2 weeks ago with no problems. I sprayed cleaner thru it. It looked fine but today it not. I do have a back up airbrush I use a Badger 200.
So I think I just may try a little heat on it. I did email Grex today on the problem so I will see what they say.
9. February 2014, 19:20
I got a reply from Grex and they said that the needle was pushed to far froward after cleaning and recommend just replace the needle and nozzle. Which is what I will do. Around $30.00 dollars. So everyone be careful out there when cleaning our airbrush
11. February 2014, 13:03
Part ordered. Just wait for mail
11. February 2014, 19:11
Phil Marchese
Also check the manufacture' instructions with regard to lubrication. Internal mix brushes and not intended to be stripped now and cleaned with normal use. They are intended to be very lightly lubricated occassionally. If you are having to strip clean after each session, you are probably not adjusted to how thin a mixture an internal mix brush can use for good coverage. Moreover, if you strip clean then you have to relubricate. Of course this is general advise however confirm. Or discuss these points with the manufacturer before you begin again with the new parts would be my advice. Phil
11. February 2014, 19:40
Thanks Phil, I did buy a tube of airbrush lube also.
11. February 2014, 19:46
Replacement nozzle and needle kit came today. It's a TS .3mm. I also bought a TS .2mm set and some Superlube for the needle. This is the first time I used a lube for the airbrush. It feels like a hand soap. All new parts are install and airbrush is now ready for a test run.
19. February 2014, 12:47
Phil Marchese
John...hope all goes well and you get pleasant results.
19. February 2014, 14:17
Thanks Phil, I did my test run and the airbrush is working fine. I am now back up and spraying. I used the airbrush lube for the first time will see how it works.
19. February 2014, 19:09
Joerg R.
John in your case I would have tried to clean the needle and nozzle in an Ultrsonic bath.
19. February 2014, 22:43
Joerg R. I did use a Ultrsonic cleaner to try in loosen the needle from the nozzle. For over an hour with no luck. With new parts and I hope lesson learned brush is now working.
20. February 2014, 13:12
Greg Solomon
Send in your frozen needle and tip, I bet Grex will replace it for free... I have one as well but didn't think to lube it... I'll start doing that having read all this...
20. February 2014, 22:52
Hey Greg, I did talk to Grex about the nozzle and needle and they said that the nozzle and needle are wear parts and are not covered under the warranty
21. February 2014, 13:01
Greg Solomon
Oh! Good to know. BTW, what did the replacements run you ... if you don't mind sharing that?
21. February 2014, 22:03
Greg, I got the replacement nozzle and needle at Chicago Airbrush Supply which has parts and airbrushes for many types of airbrushes. I paid about $35.00 dollars for the kit.
22. February 2014, 01:22
Philip De Keyser
This is a tip I've ever gotten from a fellow model Builder, when you cleaning your Airbrush and put this this back together always pull back your needle a bit from the nuzzle so that it is not dries up in the nuzzle because this is made from a light metal and with a little pressure you can distort this. I hope this will help you ;)
22. February 2014, 09:46
Thanks Philip De Keyser, That is very helpful info
22. February 2014, 13:41
Philip De Keyser
Your welcome mate
Greetz, Phil
22. February 2014, 16:11
Greg Solomon
Good idea! Tnx
22. February 2014, 22:22

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