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Zoran Jakovljevic (Profa)

Hansa-Brandenburg w.29

Build of H-B W.29, including Parts PE set


Zoran Jakovljevic
This project is slowly moving towards the end - yesterday I worked on tiny bits & pieces, a bit of cabling, and now I'm scratchbuilding fuselage support trestle. There's only propeller and floats waiting for attachment... Hope to finish by tonight 🙂
20 May 2013, 08:44
Zoran Jakovljevic
Finished it this morning 🙂
21 May 2013, 12:05
Dave Flitton
That was quick! I have this same kit waiting in my stash. Any problems?
21 May 2013, 16:02
Zoran Jakovljevic
Few problems, but nothing major😉
- Engine has to be converted from Mercedes to Benz,
- space between wings for fuselage is too narrow so I had to widen it by filing and sanding,
- lozenge decals are too narrow, fuselage crosses are too big
- horizontal strut in float-support is missing, has to be scratchbuilt
I would suggest using of Windsock Datafile No.55 and WnWs instructions - lots of good reference pictures there...
22 May 2013, 06:02
Mike Kryza
Hi Zoran - I like the result! 👍
22 May 2013, 07:29
Zoran Jakovljevic
Thanks, Mike! 🙂
22 May 2013, 13:45
Dirk Heyer
Wonderful little gem!
Skilful job in Braille Scale!
22 May 2013, 19:49
Zoran Jakovljevic
Thanks, Dirk!
22 May 2013, 19:59
Zoran Jakovljevic
Added photos of a finished model 🙂
29 May 2013, 08:35


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1:72 Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 (Toko 115)1:72 Hansa Brandenburg W.29 (Part S72-087)

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