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Vorya hidaryan (VORYA.H)

iriaf close support f-5e

2*75mm Rocket & 2*mk-82 bomb & 2*aim-9j


Nice little Tiger 👍. How is the HobbyBoss kit and which decals did you use?
4 March 2013, 16:17
Sebastijan Videc
Nice looking Tiger! I finished mine along with F-4D a few months back - you can check it in my galleries if interested.
4 March 2013, 17:15
Vorya hidaryan
Thanks guys.hi Markus the f-5 HobbyBoss it's Very good Specially the Pilot Panel Exactly the same In real life .i recommend.and the decals are Handmade.
5 March 2013, 07:08
Vorya hidaryan
hi Sebastijan.i know you from arc forums in iran/iraq war gb and your f-5 is amazing also the migs are very good too.i I always follow your work.Good luck.
5 March 2013, 07:14
babak chalangi
looking good 😉
5 March 2013, 11:12
Mohammad Adl
well down vorya 👍
5 March 2013, 12:01
Vorya hidaryan
mamnon dostan.
5 March 2013, 14:33

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