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Rockwell B-1B Lancer: 34th BS, 366th Wg MO
Monogram + Barracuda + CE + Wolfpak decals

Consolidated B-24J Liberator
US Military US Army Air Forces (1941-1947)
36 BS (H) RCM, 8 AF 42-51232/R4-J/The JIGs UP
1944 - RAF Cheddington GB

Modify Monogram B-1A into B-1B using several Barracuda Studios sets, adding Wolfpak decals for 34th BS, 366th WG 'MO.' This will be model #20 of the 366th FG-FBW-TFW-WG-FW history project group build.

Project inventory

Full kits
1:72 B-1B Bomber (Monogram 5605)
B-1B Bomber Lancer
Monogram 1:72
5605 1983 | New tool
Detail and Conversion sets
1:72 B-1B (Cutting Edge Modelworks CEC72030)
B-1B Engine Noozles & Cans
Cutting Edge Modelworks 1:72
CEC72030 200x | New tool
1:72 B-1B (TwoBobs Aviation Graphics 72-024)
Seek and Destroy
TwoBobs Aviation Graphics 1:72
1:72 Mad Ducks (Wolfpak Decals 72-013)
Mad Ducks B-25B, B-1B, FB-111A, CH-47D, B-52G, B-24J
Wolfpak Decals 1:72
72-013 2008 | New tool Multi-topic (7)

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17. October 2016, 02:44
Hi Dutch, I've noticed you have added some new projects – are you doing them all at the same time? If you are doing a B-29, a B-52, a Boeing KC-135 and a Rockwell B-1 simultaneously then you must have a work-space the size of a barn. My work-space is full doing a 1/48 fighter!
17. October 2016, 15:58
Dave Flitton
I would have to clean mine just to get a 1/72 tank! I envy the massive spaces some get to build in.
17. October 2016, 20:20
@ gorby & Dave - No I am not building all these kits at one time. They are all part of my 366th Fighter Group / Wing collection. I had planned to do the large aircraft in 1:44 scale, but then found out that the FBW had a KB-29P / KB-50D squadron attached in 1954-59, so I had to add the Academy 1:72 KB-29P with decals from Expert's Choice. So as I did have decals for both the B-52G & B-1B of the 34th BS with MO tailcodes from Wolfpak in 1:72 scale, I decided I might as well go 1:72 for the big birds. I currently only have the KB-29 & KC-135R kits. Still looking for the B-52G & B-1B kits, so it will be awhile yet. While I do have a nice workshop in the garage, it too is so cluttered with other 1:1 scale projects, that I will have to wait for more of my two most precious resources before I start these: time & money!
17. October 2016, 23:26
Maciej Bellos
Oh, the STM variables. Usually we lack one of those three (probably time), but sometimes it can be all three. I am reserving a seat for this sleek looking bird, whenever it lands on your bench.
18. October 2016, 20:22
Thanks for replying Dutch. I'm also bogged down with 1:1 scale projects – I made the mistake of promising my wife some new illuminated display shelves at the start of the year. Are you going to do a KB-50 as well as the KB-29? I don't know if Academy still do their 1/72 B-50.
19. October 2016, 15:45
Bryn Crandell
Going to have to watch all of these projects. This is going to be a dream to do. I have a few of the birds you are doing and will be watching closely.
19. October 2016, 19:01
Well, the main idea was to build as many of the 366th FG / FBW / TFW / WG / FW aircraft [Dutch as I could find decals and kits for. I just recently determined that the 420th ARS was assigned to the 366th from '54 with KB-29Ps at Alexandria AFB, while also receiving KB-50s (apparently operating both types together) before transferring to Europe with the Wing in '55. While the fighters went to France, the tankers went to RAF Sculthorpe. Apparently, the wing returned to the states and the tankers stayed, but attached to a local unit. So I had thought to do the KB-50, but I would need the old DB or FP KB-50 conversion as well as the Academy kit, and it ain't easy to find either. Plus the B-50 is such a close relation to the B-29, I'll leave it go there. Thanks for the encouragement.
19. October 2016, 22:54