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Andy WW1
Andy WW1

Advance Through the Woods

A mini diorama of 1918 French infantry advancing through woodland, supported by a Renault FT tank.
Using this bit of archive film at the Imperial War Museum for inspiration :
The FT emerges from the woods at about 4min 25sec into the film, and an infantryman goes by in the trees beyond. It's probably from a newsreel or training exercise, but I like the sense of reality about it.

Although the tank kit is aimed at early WW2 use, I'll be making for a WW1 representation for it with the infantry still in their 'horizon blue' uniforms which I imagine were less than ideal in any conditions other than cresting a hill or trench...
I will save the other tank from the kit for another project.


7 24 June, 17:31
Simon Nagorsnik
Interesting progress- want to see more!
24 June, 17:39
Simon Nagorsnik
Also the first pic promises a lot!
24 June, 17:41
Andy WW1
Hi Simon - I do not often work in the smaller scales, but having a go for the Group Build 🙂
Watch this Imperial War Museum video, the tank is at about 4mins 25secs in :
So the project is a mini diorama of 1918 French infantry advancing through woodland, supported by the Renault FT tank.
24 June, 17:45
Simon Nagorsnik
Thanks for the link mate!
24 June, 18:06
Ralf Topeters
That's interresting. I'm in. 👍
24 June, 18:55
Łukasz Gliński
Always glad to see a Matchbox build 👍
24 June, 21:38
Ralf Topeters
Yes Lukasz. Matchbox rules!!! 😉 😄
25 June, 15:12
Andy WW1
A bit more on the base board, textured with tea leaves 🙂
30 June, 08:33
Roy McKay
Looks great so far. Thanks for joining in!
22 July, 16:17
Jan Peters
That's looking good for such an old kit👍🏻
24 July, 13:36


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1:76 Char B1 bis + Renault FT.17 (Revell 03278)1:76 WWI French Infantry (Airfix A00728V)

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