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András Csilléry (s2h7e11)

Bf 109 E-1

The Bf 109 E-1 of Ernst Arnold, 3./JG 27, belly-landed near Westwood Court, Faversham, Kent. This kit is part of Eduard's Adlerangriff Limited Edition Bf-109 dual combo. Figures are from Germania-Figuren, the Fordson tractor from Flightpath UK.


32 21 March, 17:51
Villiers de Vos
A very nice composition.
21 March, 20:37
András Csilléry
Thanks mate!
21 March, 22:05
Ben M
21 March, 23:25
it is a very nice diorama, beautiful model and figures. and being in 1/72 makes it even better....but i would have added at least some damage on the ground. just my two cents.
21 March, 23:35
András Csilléry
Thanks for the advice, I was not sure about the scale of the mark left by the plane; just flattened grass, some torn ground or completely ploughed earth? I tried to find some photos but wasn't that easy...
22 March, 11:28
Michael Kohl
Well done. How did you bend the propeller? Just hot water?
22 March, 11:50
i guess there is a huge range of possibilities in damage, depending on many factors, from skill of the pilot, to terrain etc. as long as you like it, that is what counts 🙂
22 March, 12:41
András Csilléry
I bent them only with the amazing power of my fingers! 😄
22 March, 12:58
simple solutions are the best solutions 😄 😄 they look really good
22 March, 13:10
Michael Kohl
Quote: I bent them only with the amazing power of my fingers!
I am thoroughly impressed! 🙂
22 March, 22:19
Gerald Willing
24 March, 04:35
Michael Kohl
PS: used the finger method for one of my projects and it worked surprisingly well.
24 March, 08:44
Łukasz Gliński
Grand dio 👍
24 March, 12:15


11 images
1:72 Adlerangriff (Eduard 2136)1:72 Fordson 'N' Airfield Tractor (Flightpath FP-72-005b)
Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-1
3R Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
3./JG 27 WNr.3771 / Yellow 12 (Fw. Ernst Arnold)
August 1940 World War 2»Battle of Britain - Peuplingues FR

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