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The Modeling 'Office'

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The Man Cave gets an upgrade. The carpet monster is seriously injured when the water heater broke and flooded the room. Replaced carpet monster with wood flooring.



14. January at 22:45:41 Share
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Peter Hardy How long did you spend cleaning it up before the photo Robbie?
14. January at 23:03:01
ice That's a nice and roomy place for our hobby. What's that thing right from the laptop that looks like an overhead projector?
14. January at 23:20:11
Robbie It took a month and a half to get it where it is at now. @ice that is the Tamiya workbench I have on a folding table. I sometimes take it into the living room to do a little modeling while watching TV. Comes in handy when I am assembling tracks one link at a time :P Now if I could just finish a model...
14. January at 23:57:14
Spanjaard very nice room. nice idea to change carpet for wooden floor
... but the carpet monster is still there, be sure some small PE/small parts will disappear even without a carpet ;)
15. January at 00:19:25
Patrick Hagelstein Amazing modeling room! So well organized!
15. January at 03:39:58
Peter Hardy Robbie, we will all be keeping a close eye on the background in your project pics to see if it stays looking like that!!
15. January at 03:43:25
Timothy Heimer As they say... the sign of a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind! LOL
15. January at 03:58:20
Robbie Thanks for allowing me to indulge and show off. I just got it all back together last week so I have not had a chance to mess it up. I even put back the ongoing projects that were being worked on when the water heater blew/leaked last November (Thanksgiving Holiday). I am just enjoying it for the moment. I just sit in there, take a few puffs of my cigar and enjoy a ice cold IPA and wonder how the hell am I going to finish all these kits !
15. January at 14:17:51
15. January at 14:48:20
Spanjaard One at a time..... ;)
Or maybe two.....
Or as you please :)
15. January at 17:32:36
Spanjaard Don't worry about finishing stash..... I doubt me at of us will ever do that :D
15. January at 17:33:34
Olly Were you not so far from here, we could come and give you a hand with your stash...
15. January at 17:41:43
Robbie @Olly either that I ship a bunch to the next Scalemates meeting at Wangerooge ;)
15. January at 18:20:41
Peter Hardy Never mind stealing Robbie's stash, I want to steal his hobby room! I will be patient, you have to sleep sometime Robbie!
15. January at 22:07:38
Patrick Hagelstein :D I'll stay awake from now on!
15. January at 23:27:10
Julian Herrero aka Yuri Clean and tidy ..... I wish I could do that ;)
16. January at 14:56:55
Spanjaard I wish i could have that kind of space :) now i am modelling in the living-room :(
16. January at 15:55:13
Timothy Heimer After reading some of the comments, I am one who is quite lucky, but will not post pics because of that. all of us have made it the best we can! My stash on the other hand ...can't compete with a lot of you guys! lol
16. January at 18:12:39
Spanjaard always there will be somebody with a bigger room, bigger stash, bigger.... ;) try to be the one with the bigger smile :) happy modelling in that nice room.
16. January at 18:59:56
16. January at 19:02:51
Robbie Folks, it took me over 50 years to get where I am at with my man cave. I am glad/thankful i have one now and even better minus a carpet monster. Now if I loose a part, I will need to blame the time/space continuum.
16. January at 21:01:46
Timothy Heimer First off, Spanjaard..You couldn't have said it better! As I said we all make the best of what we have, which keeps us smiling! 2nd..Robbie...well put on that time/space continuum! Watch out for it! It gets me all the time!LOL
16. January at 21:39:54
Peter Hardy You guys obviously are not "Trekkies". It is "Space / Time Continuum"!
16. January at 23:40:09
Spanjaard you are incorrect my dear Peter... carpet monster is actually a multidimensional creature that takes its pray into a realm where we can get them... ;) you can call it space / time continuum of course ;)
live long and prosper (would be nice to finish our stash actually)
16. January at 23:51:06
Robbie Hey I am an original Trekkie. TOS - here is a pic from my stash overflow album showing I have some Star Trek kits in my stash - [img1]
Even have some Lost in Space and Forbidden Planet (hence my name :P )
17. January at 00:04:36
Peter Hardy Gentlemen, it goes without saying that all Modellers live in an alternate universe. It could be corrected of course if we could perform a perfectly syncronised reversal of the Space / Time continuum's polarity. Then our evil Carpet Monsters would have no choice in revealing the location of all that lost PE. Consider the human perfection that could be attained if that stolen PE could be fitted into position onto 10,000 models worldwide in perfect syncronisation. I can see the light radiating from the horizion now!
17. January at 01:07:55
Spanjaard no Star Trek in my stash unfortunately :( but yes, i started with TOS too :)
i like your idea Peter... :)
17. January at 01:13:29
Spanjaard Forbidden planet movie I have seen... just some time later than when it was done ;)
17. January at 01:17:18
Peter Hardy Now that was a fantastic movie! Walter Pigeon wasn't it?
17. January at 01:19:55
Timothy Heimer Wow! Not bad , not bad Peter, That works!
17. January at 01:23:20
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