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Airfix Model World Issue 129

Airfix Model World


Airfix Model World
Issue 129 | August 2021

Table of contents

Editorial | Page 3
Welcome To Issue 129

by John Fuller

News | Page 6

Latest Updates

News | Page 10
Show Guide

At-a-glance model show calendar

Build Report, 1:48  | Page 14
Going Downtown

by Mike Williams
Each year's major releases seem to share a common theme and, with Zoukei-Mura's new F-4E, Mike Williams reckons it is the Phantom's time to shine

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 26
Twin Tanks

by Nick Shuttleworth
It just goes to show that the release of one new kit can lead to another, as Nick Shuttleworth discovered with Amusing Hobby's recently released 1/35 Centurion Mk.5 and Mk.5 AVRE

Build Report, 1:24  | Page 36
Supercar, Super Kit!

by Alan Price
Usually more at home building flying machines, Alan Price tackles Tamiya's 1/24 McLaren Senna Hypercar - whose wings are meant to keep it firmly on the ground

Build Report | Page 44
Contemptor Crusher

by Ian Grainger
Ian Grainger 'brushes up' his painting skills on Forge World's Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought 'walking tomb' fromthe 41st Millennium

Build Report, 1:144  | Page 50
Englishman In The Desert

by Juanjo Dominguez Calco
Sometimes, the pleasure of modelling comes from tackling a build in a slightly different manner than usual, as Juanjo Dominguez Calco discovered with Trumpter's recently tooled 1/144 Vulcan B.2

Build Report, 1:72  | Page 60
Night Raider

by David Holmes
David Holmes builds Airfix's newly tooled 1/72 Mosquito B.XVI out of the box to represent an aircraft from RAF Bomber Command's Light Night Strike Force

Reference | Page 68
In Focus

by Malcolm V Lowe
Late-War Mosquitos

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 76
Desert Hauler

by Jay Blakemore
Jay Blakemore settles in for the long haul when he takes on Thunder Model's highly detailed 1/35 Scammell Pioneer SV/2S recovery tractor
1:35 Scammell Pioneer (Thunder Model 35201)
Scammell Pioneer SV/2S Recovery Tractor
Thunder Model 1:35
35201 2017 | Changed parts

Build Report, 1:72  | Page 84
Maritime Menance

by Garry Tobiss
Garry Tobiss converts Airfix's superb 1/72 B-25C/D to a 75mm gun-toting -G version, adding upgrades at the same time.

Build Report, 1:72  | Page 88
Circles In The Sky

by Andy Davies
Andy Davies has fun building and modifying an oddity from the golden age of aviation in the form of the 1/72 AviS Lee-Richards Annular Wing No.3

Build Report, 1:48  | Page 94
Night Destroyer

by Richard Spreckley
Richard Spreckley builds ICM's new-tool 1/48 Do 217N-1 - a Luftwaffe night-fighter converted froma medium bomber - as prototype fuselage No 7
1:48 Do 217N-1 (ICM 48271)
Do 217N-1 WWII German Night Fighter
ICM 1:48
48271 2019 | New tool

Review | Page 102
On The Shelf


Review | Page 106
On The Shelf

Aircraft Kits
1:32 Fiat CR.42 LW (ICM 32022)
Fiat CR.42 LW with German Pilots
ICM 1:32
32022 2020 | Changed parts
1:48 Fw 190A-8/R2 (Eduard 82145)
Fw 190A-8/R2 ProfiPack Edition
Eduard 1:48
82145 2019 | Changed parts

Review | Page 110
On The Shelf

Military Kits
1:35 M7 Priest (Airfix A1368)
M7 Priest
Airfix 1:35
A1368 2020 | Changed ???
1:72 PT-76B (Revell 03314)
Revell 1:72
03314 2021 | Changed decals
1:48 T-34-85 (Tamiya 32599)
Russian Medium Tank
Tamiya 1:48
32599 (99) 2021 | New tool

Review | Page 112
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Auto Kits And Figures
1:24 VW T1 Bus (Revell 07675)
VW T1 Bus
Revell 1:24
07675 2021 | Changed parts

Review | Page 114
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Sci-Fi/Real Space and Maritime Kits
1:48 Thunderbird 4 (AiP AIP10004)
Thunderbird 4
AiP (Adventures in Plastic) 1:48
AIP10004 2021* | Changed box
1:350 Fireflash (AiP AIP10006)
AiP (Adventures in Plastic) 1:350
AIP10006 2021* | Changed box

Review | Page 116
On The Shelf

Decal Sheets
1:72 Hunting the Terrorists (AIR-GRAPHICS MODELS AIR72-013)
Hunting the Terrorists Coalition Air Power on ISIS & DAESH in Iraq and Syria
AIR72-013 2021 | New tool Multi-topic (1!!)
1:72 DHC-6 Twin Otters (Iliad Design 72015A)
DHC-6 Twin Otters inc. Guatemalan Air Force
Iliad Design 1:72
72015A 2021 | Changed decals

Review | Page 120
On The Shelf

1:72 GBU-24 (Eduard 672264)
Eduard 1:72
672264 2021 | New tool

Photo Gallery | Page 130
Display Case

This month’s reader showcase is a dual-display, with the superb work on a pair of classic maritime kits joined by a stunning recreation of a jet that never reached operational service