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Abrams Squad 16

Abrams Squad


Abrams Squad
16 | August-September 2016

Table of contents

Review | Page 4
Commander's Display Unit

News and reviews

Build Report | Page 8
Remote Thermal Sight

by Cesar Gonzalez
Building IGB Model´s KTO Rosomak

Build Report | Page 20
Husky Mk. III

by Domingo Hernandez
Building AFV Club´s Husky

Build Report | Page 32
Support that rains from above

by Ivan Momcilovic
Building Trumpeter´s ASU-85 Airborne Self-Propelled Gun Mod. 1970, Ref. 01589

Reference | Page 42
Execise Anakonda 2016

by Rafal Mniedlo
Polish led, joint, multinational military execise held in Poland from June 7th to 17th, 2016

Build Report | Page 50
Japan´s Commitment To Tackle The Cold War

by Özgür Güner
Building Tamiya´s Type 74 Tank Winter Version

Build Report | Page 62
Leopard 2A6NL

by Chris Jerret
Building and Converting Tamiya´s Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank

Reference | Page 72
Leopard 2A6NL

by Patrick Winnepenninckx

News | Page 76
Turret Basket

Teasers for the future from both the market and the next issue