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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models Volume 1 Number 1

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models


Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models
Volume 1 Number 1 | January 1994

Table of contents

Review, 1:6  | Page 7
Iria - One Sixth And Ready For Action


Review | Page 8
To Boldlyl Glue...

by Simon Roykirk
A History of Star Trek Kits, Part One - Classic Kits
1:650 Alien Battle Cruiser (AMT S952)
Alien Battle Cruiser From The "Klingon Warrior Empire" As Seen On Star Trek
AMT 1:650
S952 1966 | New tool
1:36 Galileo 7 (AMT S959)
Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise
Galileo 7 Shuttlecraft
AMT 1:36
S959 1974 | Changed box
1:7600 K-7 (AMT S955)
Star Trek
K-7 Space Station
AMT 1:7600
S955 1976 | New tool

Review | Page 12
...The "Fewture" of Resin Kits?

by Mike Howard
Mike Howard of kit specialists "This Island Earth" takes a look at a controversial new Japanese kit series

Build Report | Page 14
Star WarsFigure Conversion

by Karl Crewdson
Converting an Imperial Commander action figure into Grand Moff Takin

Build Report | Page 18
Model Girls

by Martin Bower
(Or Making Fantasy Females)

Build Report, 1:537  | Page 26
Klingon Bird of Prey

by Keith McNeill
Building the Warp resin kit

Editorial | Page 29
Commercial Kits and Supermationation

by Marc J. Frattasio
Commercial kits of vehicles from supermarionation TV shows

Build Report | Page 34
Scratchbuilding Skydiver From Gerry Andersion's UFO

by David Sisson