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Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models 25

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models


Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models
25 | January 1998

Table of contents

Tips & Tricks | Page 8
Spacecraft and Vehicle Design

by Ron Thornton
Part four - Designing the Star Ranger from Hypernauts

Build Report | Page 11
Scratchbuilding a mini inter-galactic cruiser

by Adrian S. Bruce

Build Report, 1:1  | Page 14
Scratchbuilding a Star Trek: The Next Generation Tricorder

by Darren Peters

Build Report | Page 17
Mad Model Party 4 Show Review

by Anthony Taylor

Build Report | Page 22
Creating the miniature effects for the motion picture Event Horizon

by David B. Sharp

Editorial | Page 30
The Chill Factor

by Mike Reccia, Dave Openshaw
Creating horror prosthetics for genra shocker Event Horizon

Build Report, 1:4105  | Page 35
Building a Better Battlestar

by Simon Roykirk
Simon Roykirk chronicles a simple-yet-effective conversion for the Galactica
Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica
Revell Monogram 1:4105
85-3618 1997 New box

Review, 1:10  | Page 37
Keep Her Under Wraps

by Bob Gould
A review of Polar Lights' Bride of Frankenstein injection moulded plastic kit
Universal Pictures Presents
The Bride of Frankenstein
Polar Lights 1:10
5005 1997 New parts

Review, 1:96  | Page 40
Fly Me to the Moon

by John Lane
Review of Glencoe's Lunar Lander kit
Lunar Lander
Glencoe Models 1:96
05003 1993 New box

Build Report | Page 41
Project XL5

by Mike Reccia
Part II - always whistle the theme tune

Tips & Tricks | Page 44
SF&F Computer Modelling Techniques Course

by Glenn Broadway
Part Five: Digital Compositing

Editorial | Page 48
Animal's Kingdom

by Mike Reccia
Venturing into new territory with Australian FX facility Animal Logic

Build Report | Page 53
Smithsonian Trek Photo-Feature

by Peter Hardy