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Chiller Theatre Model Maniacs 0

Chiller Theatre Model Maniacs


Chiller Theatre Model Maniacs
0 | January 2000

Table of contents

Review | Page 6
Looky Loo's

by E.B.
Posthumous Productions, Kiss Nameplate

Review | Page 6
Loky Loo's

by A.A.
Polar Lights 5029, The Go Kart
The Go Cart
Polar Lights
5029 1999 New box

Review | Page 7
Looky Loo's

by E.B.
Posthumous Productions, Aurora figure replacement heads

Review | Page 7
Looky Loo's

by A.C.
Village Comics, Jack Skellington and Sally busts

Review, 1:6  | Page 8
Looky Loo's

by M.W.
Village Comics, Whippenfurther (fem-dom kit)

Review | Page 8
Looky Loo's

by E.B.
Posthumous Productions, Nameplates for Aurora kits

Review | Page 8
Looky Loo's

by A.A.
Village Comics, Colonial Marine (Aliens)

Review | Page 9
Looky Loo's

by M.W.
Village Comics, Seinfeld cast on couch

Tips & Tricks | Page 11
Vinyl Kits: Putting It All Together

by David Malin
Dealing with vinyl kits.

Build Report, 1:16  | Page 16
Giving Color To The Creature

by Matt Clemons
Step by step putting together and painting GeoMetrics Creature kit.
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Geometric Design 1:16
1998 New tool

Editorial | Page 19
What Kind Of Airbrush Do I Buy?

by Joe Graziano
A spray of airbrush advice.

Editorial | Page 23
Lapco: Aurora Reborn!

by Mark Dean
In the tradition of Aurora, the Lapco company is reborn and producing classic kits.

Build Report, 1:6  | Page 25

by Tony Aranjo
Diceman Creations latest foray into the realm of classic screen characters.

Tips & Tricks | Page 29
Doing It The Old-Fashioned Way

by S.M. Clark
Painting with a pallete and brush.

Build Report, 1:3  | Page 32

by Steve Riojas
A fun kit from Menagerie.

Build Report | Page 34
Dead Mans Hand

by Tony Aranjo
The Classic Creatures play cards!

Tips & Tricks | Page 37
Base-ic Instinct

by Scott Johansen
A base always compliments a kit!

News | Page 41
It Came From A UK Garage

by Martin Cage
A review of the UK kitscene.

Build Report | Page 43
Desert Fox

by Tony Spangler
The new Village Comics "Girl Kit".

Editorial | Page 45
How I Spent My Halloween At Chiller

by Kim Wheat
The crazy goings on at the Chiller Theatre Halloween Model and Toy Extravaganza!

Editorial | Page 48
Best Of The Web

by Louis Toledo
A review of the CultTVman site.

Build Report | Page 49
Buildng A Better Enterprise

by Steve Iverson
Building the new Ertl Enterprise.
Star Trek Cut-Away
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701
AMT/ERTL 1:537
8790 1995 New tool

Build Report | Page 55
The Model Maniacs Model Contest

by Mr. Warmth
The big Model Contest Winners!