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FineScale Modeler Volume 30 Issue 10

FineScale Modeler


Magazine:FineScale Modeler
Number:Volume 30 Issue 10 | December 2012

Table of contents

Tips & Tricks | Page 20
Air pressure

by Aaron Skinner
Dial in the right amount of air to get the job done.

Build Report, 1:32  | Page 24
Part 2: Finishing a big Phantom

by Chuck Sawyer
Details, painting, and weathering bring this fighter in from the Cold War.

Review | Page 36
See what you're doing

by Mark Hembree
Vision aids focus on models.

Build Report | Page 40
Make your own display case

by Thomas M. Barnes
If you can build a model, you can build this easy-to-make display case.

Build Report, 1:35  | Page 44
Building a Panzer IV

by Bill Plunk
Even extremely detailed kits can use a little more than what comes in the box.

Review, 1:32  | Page 54
Workbench Reviews

by Jim Zeske
Zoukei-Mura SWS04, P-51D Mustang
1:32 P-51D (Zoukei-Mura SWS04)
North American
P-51D Mustang
Zoukei-Mura 1:32
SWS04 2012 | New tool

Review, 1:48  | Page 56
Workbench Reviews

by Jon Hergenrother
Kitty Hawk Models KH80101, Lockheed F-94C Starfire

Review, 1:72  | Page 57
Workbench Reviews

by Paul Boyer
Platz AC-7, Northrop Grumman X-47B U.S. Navy UCAS

Review, 1:35  | Page 58
Workbench Reviews

by Aaron Skinner
Meng Models TS-001, Merkava Mk.IIID
1:35 Merkava Mk.3D (Meng Model TS-001)
Israel Main Battle Tank
Merkava Mk.3D Early
Meng Model 1:35
TS-001 2012 | New tool

Review, 1:35  | Page 59
Workbench Reviews

by Tom Foti
Trumpeter 05511, BRDM-2
1:35 BRDM-2 (Trumpeter 05511)
BRDM-2 (Early)
Trumpeter 1:35
05511 2012 | New tool

Review, 1:144  | Page 60
Workbench Reviews

by Aaron Skinner
Zvezda 7010, Boeing 747-8

Review, 1:72  | Page 61
Workbench Reviews

by Phil Pignataro
Meng Models DS-002, Mansyu Ki-98

Review, 1:144  | Page 62
Workbench Reviews

by Chuck Davis
Roden 306, Douglas C-124A Globemaster II