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Feature requests

Holiday period, thank you for your patience
Eric Strooper » Feature requests
See: Spitfire Mk.Ia (Late) (Kōtare K32001, 1:32)

1:32 Spitfire Mk.Ia (Late) (Kōtare K32001)

When searching for "kotare" the search returns a "not found". At least on my keyboard I can not type the special "o" that is in the name.
21. September, 09:34
Eddie Mann
Kōtare is only on the logo, the company name is Kotare. https://www.kotare-models.com/
21. September, 15:08
Richmond » Feature requests
What is the maximum file upload for instructions?
21. September, 08:09
Richmond » Feature requests
Is there any coding that could be utilised within the database that would make all products in a brand line up in numerical order.

This seems to be an issue if we have a product (for example) with 3 digits versus products from the same brand with 4 digits - take Verlinden as example where if you run the Verlinden product list product #111 will line up between #1109 and #1110.
15. September, 08:19
that would be nice, but since product number is not a numerical field, but alphanumerical (we have product numbers like 35B56 or MM135 for example) values are shown in alphabetical order. That is why you see 1109-110-1110. think of them as text, not as numbers.
Maybe it is possible to be resolved, but for sure it will take some work from our webmaster.
15. September, 11:58
this is very complex to fix as doing it one way will break it for another

20. September, 18:21
No worries - thanks
21. September, 08:08
Łukasz Gliński » Feature requests
Project cover pics are not extended to fit the cover size, when they're smaller (they use to be). Are they going to be extended in the future?
20. September, 09:29
checking and fixing
20. September, 18:18
20. September, 19:22
Łukasz Gliński
Thanks, it looks much better now 🙂
20. September, 19:25
Spanjaard » Feature requests
when i click on contribute, i can see the list of the kits that i can add instructions. But it seems that it does show only the full kits missing instructions. it does not show Detail and conversion sets missing instructions. for example I do not see: Me 262 German radar FuG 218 "NEPTUN" (Master AM-72-089, 1:72)
PaK 40/L46 Anti-Tank Gun (Eduard 35097, 1:35)
both of them missing instructions in the product page.
i want to add all the ones i have that miss instructions, and those of the detail set woudl be even easier since they usually have just one page each.

1:72 Me 262 German radar FuG 218 "NEPTUN" (Master AM-72-089)1:35 PaK 40/L46 Anti-Tank Gun (Eduard 35097)
15. September, 11:53
thx, this is implemented
20. September, 18:25
Perfect, thanks to you
20. September, 19:13
Alan Crawford » Feature requests
This might be sufficiently infrequent not to be worth the effort to add but…if I’m planning to choose a scheme for a kit that’s a mixture of (say) kit decals, something from an aftermarket sheet, careful masking and painting, there isn’t any way to specify it other than in the project description. Optional “decal style” fields as a way to set this stuff for a project would be easiest as a user. As I say, though, I’ve got a couple of examples of this in several hundred pending projects, and I can always just put the info in the description or choose an appropriate banner image for the project.
12. September, 21:46
moved to TODO
20. September, 18:26
Starbase101 » Feature requests
Apparently there are a lot of "false" product entries created with incomplete or incorrect core information defining an item. For example: SCM Search: title

I would like to propose having minimum requirement fields that cannot be blank and cannot have the default prompt values in order to save a product into the database. In my opinion, the following fields should be populated (correctly) in order for a new item (or edited item) to be valid and accepted:

Brand - Every product should have a brand, even if it's the generic "Garage Kit" brand. SOMEBODY made the product, it didn't just materialize from nothingness. If after due diligence you still don't know the brand for a product in-hand that is being added to the database, it wouldn't be wrong to then assume "Garage Kit". This field is denoted with a red asterisk on the new product form (indicating it is required), so new items (or edited items) should not allow saving with this field blank.

Title - Every product should have a valid title, and "Title" is not a valid title. In fact, it's more than a bit redundant having a field prompt of "Title *" and a default value of "Title". The default title should be blank, and a blank title should not allow saving (hence the red asterisk again).

Topic - Every product should have a topic, even if it's a new topic needing to be categorized. An undefined topic should not allow saving (again, that red asterisk).

Type - Every product should be one of the valid types and not blank. Undefined type should not allow saving (because yes there is a red asterisk for this too).

Status - Every product has a status in the universe: Future, Released, Cancelled, etc. Why is "Unknown" even one of the Status choices? What do you mean you don't know, if you don't know then why are you adding it to the database?!? "Unknown" should be removed. Also, "Released" is in the choices twice (redundant), and having "------------------" as a selectable choice in the list is a bad idea (not a valid status). Perhaps have the status default to blank, have all the dropdown choices unique, and disallow saving if Status is blank.

If any of these 5 minimum criteria fail validation then the changes should not get saved to the database, and an error message should be reported to the user - no differently than if you're registering a new account which requires a valid username, password, and email address. I guarantee a properly-coded site will not accept registration with incomplete required fields. Scalemates database entries should have similar validation to prevent errors from getting introduced, and subsequent resources spent correcting the errors.

Also, related, pressing a browser's Back button or closing a tab/window with unsaved edits should not automatically save data into the database. That's just wrong. The only way database entries should be updated is by deliberate use of a "Save" button.
3 | 17. September, 00:01
Eddie Mann
Very good and valid points.
17. September, 20:27
PATRICE morfoisse » Feature requests
pas très facile d'enregistré dans la bande de donnés les magasines !
15. September, 18:35
Pete Best » Feature requests
Hi - This could possibly be hiding away but I haven't been able to find how to set currency in my preferences. Bit of a trap when you list for sale and forget to change the default setting of AED to AUD could be linked to Time Zone selection maybe? Cheers
27. August, 07:38
it should auto pick the currency of the country in your profile.

As you mentioned Australia in your profile it should auto select "AUD"

Let me double check this again

27. August, 07:49
Pete Best
Thanks much appreciated
27. August, 08:36
on which screen don't you see it? Is it the newsfeed entry where you can add the price or is it after clicking the "+" and clicking "Pric"
27. August, 08:40
Pete Best
the newsfeed entry where you can add the price
27. August, 11:23
Strange, i justed tested and "moved" to Australia and I see "AUD" as the default

I'll have another look
27. August, 11:51
Boris Belay
I have the same problem (AED shows up as default currency for my kits for sale), while I am registered in Belgium.
4. September, 13:24
Which browser are you using?
4. September, 13:36
Boris Belay
Safari and Firefox on MacOS and iOS. All show AED by default. I even re-entered Belgium as my home country to be sure.
6. September, 10:15
some time ago, I suggested to have a double country, one for residence and one for nationality. currency could be linked to country of residence.
15. September, 12:02
Spanjaard » Feature requests
Today I found that a couple of my albums had comments disabled. Never seen that option before, and sure I did not disabled them myself. In one of them there was a comment I believe I never seen before (only comment in that album, hard to miss). If for any reason comments are disabled automatically in an album, it would be great to be (automatically) notified
2. September, 21:18
Comments should not be auto disabled, we have no feature doing that

Let me know next time it happens
3. September, 05:26
sure, will do.
i believe there was a message saying tha the comments were disabled, and a button to enable them again. never saw that before 🙂
3. September, 08:17
Dominik Weitzer
Is there a option to disable comments? I think, I had the same...but I was busy and I didn't took attention to it.

I don't know, if the problem goes in that way in my album.

Some times in the news, there are comments listed in an album of mine. if I click on them comes a "red headliner", that I have not the rights to read them.
If I go into my projects and search for the mentioned album i can't find comments. I didn't had made screenshot yet because I worked on my laptop at last the messages came up.
3. September, 17:40
If you remove your wallpost you disable comments
3. September, 18:18
Dominik Weitzer
? I don't understand. i haven't disabled comments...

i have the message again, but i found out one "thing":

1) If someone replies on one of my project, the red headlined message
>>This message can not be displayed. It either no longer exists or you don't have enough permissions to view this message<<
shows up. If i go into that project while searching it direct, i can read it. Can that be fixed?

2) the same message i became in a replaid PM from a member?!? How can i find this PM or how can i get it back?
6. September, 11:51
can you send me the URL of the page where you see the message, based on the URL I can check if all is OK
12. September, 19:12
Dominik Weitzer
For Example:
to Point 2) a Message:
to Point 1) Replies of my projects:
SCM Newsfeed
SCM Newsfeed

Thanks man!
14. September, 06:03
14. September, 09:42
DrCranknstein » Feature requests
It would really be nice if people without a Scalemates account could view my stash and my wishlist. At the very least, make it a user-selectable setting whether or not their stash is visible to folks without an account.
11. September, 00:59
I think they can (I know stash for sure unless this has been changed recently)
11. September, 01:50
if you go to DrCranknstein

At the bottom is a section "privacy settings" allowing to do what you requested. Let me know if I wrongly understood your demand
12. September, 19:00
Thanks for the help! I feel so silly. It didn't even occur to me to check my privacy settings. That was exactly the solution I was looking for, and it turns out that the feature I was asking for already exists.
14. September, 02:26
Torsten » Feature requests
I miss the arrow where I can go back to the top of the page.
3 | 5. September, 12:10
Ralf Topeters
Me too! I miss the little fellow a lot!!! 😉
5. September, 12:13
I used it all the time, what happened to it?
5. September, 20:54
Hanno Kleinecke
Thought it was the fault of my machine - yes where is the little bugger gone ?
5. September, 21:01
Rui S
Here also 🤔
5. September, 21:02
thx for reporting, this should be back as before?
12. September, 19:13
Hanno Kleinecke
Yes, it is back where it used to be, thanks ! 👍
12. September, 19:46
12. September, 21:34
12. September, 21:56
Yes, THX 🙂
13. September, 04:02
Ralf Topeters
He's back again! You truly are his saviour! Thanks a lot! 👍
13. September, 11:09
Richbro » Feature requests
Is kitstash an app version of scalemates?
1 | 10. September, 19:56
no it is not, scalemates has no app but the site should work well on mobile
12. September, 19:11
The site does work well on my mobile.
13. September, 10:21
Alan Crawford » Feature requests
How about some “generic” color code/swatches? Say “COL:White” or similar - just for unambiguously defined names like black and white, but a swatch (esp if you can do a metallic looking gradient) for “NMF” or “Bare metal” or even just “Aluminum” would be welcome too. Primary reason for suggestion - BS381 does not define a code for white or black, presumably because they require no definition. I suggest the NMF because it’s so common. Oh, and swatches for the dayglo Orange and red in FS595 (uh, 28913 and 28915, off the top of my head) would be nice.
1 | 11. September, 00:41
Phase 1: Added FS28913 and FS28915
12. September, 19:07
also added FS30475
12. September, 19:10
Alan Crawford
Great! Thanks for including these.
12. September, 21:36
Spanjaard » Feature requests
why in timelines like Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Hasegawa 00533, 1:72) the kits of the same brand appear at two different levels? what i mean is that when looking at Hasegawa kits, a few appear in one row, and the rest on a second row. is there a reason for those two rows?
i am just talking about Hasegawa kits in this case, not those for Hasegawa/Minicraft that need to appear separately.

1:72 Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Hasegawa 00533)
8. September, 11:18
David R. Meizoso
I presume each "level" derives from the same tooling. I see there was a 1977 tool for the F-14, and then a new one in 1988 that didn't cancel the older one but add to the brand's offering.
8. September, 11:57
in that case, it would be a bit strange that two boxings were done in 2008 with a much older tooling, and then go back to the previous one. in some of the "jumps" the change apparently is just "new decals".
8. September, 12:26
Eddie Mann
Some people just link to the first one they see, so no true timeline.
8. September, 13:39
ok, I see what you mean Eddie. thanks.
8. September, 13:40
David R. Meizoso
Thanks, Eddie. Now I also understand much better how it goes!
8. September, 16:59
Please recheck the timeline, there are 2 tool families
8. September, 18:27
Eddie Mann
That timeline has changed, earlier, Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Hasegawa 04037, 1:72) was only one kit in the later line

1:72 Grumman F-14A Tomcat (Hasegawa 04037)
8. September, 18:36
yes correct I. saw it as well. I "regenerated" the timeline connections.
8. September, 18:38
Eddie Mann
OK , thanks, I'm easily confused.
8. September, 18:39
Boris Belay
This has been mentioned before, but I still think a 'simplified' timeline option (with on/off toggle) would be welcome in cases like these. With more and more brands re-tooling their own kits, it makes sense to have a clear view of a kit's lineage, one that begins with its new-tool kit and does not refer to previous ones.
11. September, 14:07
Richmond » Feature requests
Not sure what is happening here if you check updates the title is showing up in the thumbnail, the thumbnail is not showing at all and the title is blank

73.802 Russian Splash Mud, Vallejo Environment Effects Satin, Acrylic, 40ml
9. September, 10:09
Eddie Mann
Because there was no "Logo small", added now. Just noticed that these are already in the correct Vallejo Weathering Effects . See https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/category/hobby/weathering-effects-en/
9. September, 18:30
I was only trying to fill in the gaps - I never set this up.
10. September, 02:56
David Lengyel » Feature requests
As a User, when I click on a Topic and then View all related products, I want to be able to filter items based on the stash management status (eg. stash/ordered/wishlist).
1 | 9. September, 12:29
Richmond » Feature requests
New topics are not created within galleries anymore
8. September, 10:00
Richmond » Feature requests
Can a paint range have the same name as the company? For example Artesania Latina have their own paint range but it isn't called anything special

Artesania Latina

I only added the word "paint" as it was warning of a duplicated company when I input it..
4. September, 23:45
They can have the same name.
6. September, 19:44
ok thanks for changing
6. September, 20:01
scalemates » Feature requests
Related gallery articles are missing on product pages
4. September, 21:26
4. September, 21:26
Thomas Voigt » Feature requests
It would be nice, if you could combine several items, you want to sell. This would be most helpful, if you want to sell it as a bundle, and state also a price for the complete bundle, not only for single items.
1 | 26. August, 19:20
Boris Belay
This has been mentioned before and would indeed be great. Maybe part of a larger overhaul of the 'For Sale' set of features ?
4. September, 13:25
Spanjaard » Feature requests
We still have albums that appear with camera model as comments in pictures, see Jets | Album by Dietrich67
*maybe is an old album since I see some pictures with comments and others without
18. July, 16:15
Martin Oostrom
Here is some camera metadata shown as titles: Austin Tilly | Album by Reem (1:48)
20. July, 15:12
and this one E-2C (W. I. P.) | Album by marcopreto (1:144) shows "charset=Ascii" as a comment. i guess it is still the same issue
2. September, 13:49
berni » Feature requests
A Filter for the wishlist: in Stock 🙂
2. September, 12:31
JL L » Feature requests
Serait-il possible d'ajouter Copper dans les couleurs prédéfinies. Les kit de détaillage contiennent régulièrement des fil de cuivre. Pour ma part je mets Orange mais la couleur cuivre serait plus appropriée.
2. September, 09:55
Starbase101 » Feature requests
The stash section of product pages used to show user icons under Wishlist, Stash, Started, etc. Those are now gone - intentionally?
27. August, 12:17
yes this was indeed intentionally, now restored intentionally
1. September, 09:00
Thanks. Now every SCM page is shifted down with ~1.25" of blank space beneath the top banner and navigation bar. It was better before without the unnecessary empty space and content immediately below the navigation bar.
1. September, 12:32
can you send screenshot please?
1. September, 16:10
Is it the "desktop" version on a mobile phone?
1. September, 18:26
Example screenshots sent in email. (Looks like the "Like" buttons changed today too - they're now unnecessarily 10x wider than they were this morning.)
1. September, 23:33
fixed! thank you for reporting
2. September, 08:55
Matthew A » Feature requests
I was thinking if there was a way to make multiple wish list.so that way it is easier for the user to keep track of wish lists and also minimize the amount of date on the wish list so its easier to navigate. I.E. removing all the other features and just useing it as a link back to the main listing.
1. September, 10:00
Richmond » Feature requests
Galleries no longer generate new topics
1. September, 09:56
Spanjaard » Feature requests
i can export stash, and wishlit, but the option of exporting does not appear in the project list.
31. August, 12:43
Skywalker » Feature requests
Why are the comments indenting? It makes it really hard to read and doesn't look good.
1 | 28. August, 15:48
Has something changed for you or is this a general remark on how it is since years?
28. August, 19:33
I uploaded an image so you can see what I am talking about. It hasn't been like this on the mobile site...
Scalemates | Album by Skywalker
30. August, 08:15
thx! will check as this is indeed not the goal
30. August, 08:21
I applied a hotfix via my phone, please let me know if it is better

30. August, 13:01
Looks better. Thank you.
30. August, 20:14
Adam Gudynowski » Feature requests
Hi! There is something wrong when I try to delete following project
F-16C block 52+ Jastrząb Tigermeet 2015 | Project by karambolis8 (1:32)
On project list view its visible. When I press trash icon I get "Not updated" msg. When I enter the link, I get "Sorry this project no longer exists" msg. Cheers!
20. August, 11:04
Will check
20. August, 15:26
Adam Gudynowski
Any progress here maybe? Thanks!
26. August, 18:25
26. August, 19:27
30. August, 06:21
Starbase101 » Feature requests
When viewing books in search results or stash, an author is displayed beneath the book title - unless there is no author (blank). But, many of the book database entries having no author do have an editor. I propose if a book's author is blank then show the editor instead under book titles.
2 | 28. August, 21:15
makes perfect sense and easy to do => implemented
29. August, 18:13
Looks great, thanks! 👍
29. August, 21:08
Richmond » Feature requests
There seems to be some strange things happening with new topics

America (Mamoli MM04, 1:140)

1:140 America (Mamoli MM04)

If you go into the product (do not go edit mode) you will see the topic is shown as not classified - if you then go into edit, save and click out of the product the topic becomes fully classified. So for any new topic with multiple entries you would have to edit all the examples to classify the topic name.

Also I note some new topics seem to be lost in the ether or taking several days to register on contribution page. I managed to rescue one by duplicating the entry which located I was then able to click in the kit and then it registered in the contribution page
29. August, 08:50
Łukasz Gliński » Feature requests
Could we have wishlist filter for shops?
28. August, 08:14
Starbase101 » Feature requests
When submitting a new post (at least here on Feature Requests, unsure about the other two feeds) the blank entry for submitting a new post disappears when clicking the Submit button. Now you must reload the page in order to create a new thread after submitting one.
27. August, 12:20
Starbase101 » Feature requests
When clicking the Merge button on a product page, the column of buttons expands wider and underlaps the righthand advertising frame.
27. August, 12:15
Starbase101 » Feature requests
Site bugs aren't "feature requests" (i.e. new functionality). Might it be better having a dedicated feed strictly for reporting issues with existing site functionality (which is a different scope than feature requests)? It seems to me....

Data Suggestions would be for discussions regarding topics, categories, database arrangement, etc.

Feature Requests would be for requesting new functionality (features which do not yet exist, or enhancements to existing features), thus "requesting a feature".

Bug Reports (or Site Issues) would be a board for reporting/announcing bugs and repairs.
27. August, 03:57
scalemates » Feature requests
Our sister website https://www.diecastmates.com showed the same content as SCM instead of diecast models
26. August, 19:59
26. August, 19:59
Martin von Schreckenstein » Feature requests
A possibility to add an album to a group build using a better way than naming the album exactly as the group build is named maybe using some option in the edit album maybe? this would greatly ease my OCD, thank you🙂
3 | 24. March, 13:37
Pokaż cały wątek (14 Komentarzy)
Please recheck! I had selectively enabled the feature for myself and a testuser only.
26. August, 11:26
The dropdown menu is visible now. Thank you very much! 👍
26. August, 12:08
Thanks Tim!
26. August, 14:15
Can confirm its working perfectly! Thank you Tim!
26. August, 14:23
Works perfectly now. Thank you!
26. August, 15:05
Mathieu » Feature requests
Some models, like Tamiya 60305, don’t display more than the instructions download, anything under like stash management and market place doesn’t show on the page. Phone and pc version.
2 | 26. August, 13:05
Edgar Teixeira
I have the same problem if the item is already in stash or wishlist.
If the item isn't in stash or wishlist all the information appears
If I add an item to stash or the wishlist, the information disappears.
26. August, 13:22
Ha indeed, does happen with all stashed products. Thanks
26. August, 13:31
Stephen G
There seems to be a glitch today indeed, same thing for me!
26. August, 13:39
Roland Gunslinger
I can confirm that (@Edgar)
26. August, 13:41
it should be fixed now? thx for reporting
26. August, 14:25
Working on my phone. Thanks for the quick fix
26. August, 14:26
Roland Gunslinger
it works 👍 thx
26. August, 14:27
Edgar Teixeira
Thanks for the quick fix and excellent support.
26. August, 14:27
scalemates » Feature requests
Looking at a large stash on a low/midrange phone results in slow downs due to limited resources (CPU/RAM) on the phone
1 | 25. August, 20:37
fix implemented
25. August, 20:37
Good to see mobile experience receiving some attention. It's more convenient to use desktop but mobile version is very handy when I'm at hobby shops and want to compare prices or double check that I already have some tool or paint before buying it.
25. August, 22:44
scalemates » Feature requests
On mobile devices one of the bottom navigation links points to the default english version instead of the translated version.
25. August, 15:56
25. August, 15:56
scalemates » Feature requests
Clicking on the first search filter in non-english versions takes longer than english versions due to an extra redirect
25. August, 12:52
25. August, 12:52
Bernd Kehm » Feature requests
I added a kit to my wishlist (BerndK) - and find it already 1x in the sparebox? Can I see respectively can I edit this sparebox?
24. August, 09:14
if you click on the "+" you should see a line for the "sparebox" entry. you can move/delete the sparebox entry as well

24. August, 09:55
24. August, 10:18
Alex K » Feature requests
You might want to take a look at the "About me" field on members' "About me" page... Seems like the "cell" should be extended horizontally, for members self-presentation texts to look good, unlike the above cells (Name, Nickname etc.) which are fine with a restricted space - hope you get what I mean...
23. August, 20:00
thx! fixed
23. August, 23:10
Alex K
24. August, 00:47
scalemates » Feature requests
The link "Add new issue" on the magazines page is styled differently
23. August, 19:59
23. August, 19:59
Melgg Lütschg » Feature requests
I see no way to add a new paper magazine brand on the contributor page: Can there be a separate button to add a new magazine brand (e.g. there is a button for online magazines, but not for paper magazine)? Thank you
23. August, 10:57
JL L » Feature requests
Dans la création ou l'édition d'un kit, il pourrait être intéressant pour la zone number (lors de la recherche d'un éventuel doublon) d'effectuer cette recherche en ne tenant compte que des caractères alpha-numériques. Je pense que la recherche d'un item déjà existant serait grandement améliorée.

Cela éviterait des doublons à cause d'espaces, de tiret ou autre.
1 | 22. August, 14:19
Richmond » Feature requests
Can any of our Russian speakers advise if this brand name is spelt correctly - Should it be Falkonet as opposed to Falconet

Four-oared yawl of XIX century (Falconet F0503, 1:24)

1:24 Four-oared yawl of XIX century (Falconet F0503)

21. August, 23:57
Ignore this post if you go to their homepage both versions are being used
22. August, 00:02
Eddie Mann
Yes, they seem to have mainly adopted the English translation Falconet.
22. August, 02:13
Spanjaard » Feature requests
it would be interesting to link different language editions of different books. like some encyclopaedias that exist in multiple languages
21. August, 16:39
Nils Steyaert » Feature requests
i seem to have a problem when viewing my projects, previews of the projects albums do not show up.
20. August, 19:39
any particular album?

Can you try editing/saving the project. eg make a small change to the title? does that fix the problem
21. August, 10:58
Nils Steyaert
i tried it, doesnt seem to work.
21. August, 15:21








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