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Kerry COX (RedRoo)

1/350 scale I-400 of the Imperial Japanese Navy 'cut away'.

There was a kit from Tamiya of the I-400 that featured a transparent section allowing you to see the three float planed in the hangar. But as that model is impossible to get, I decided to do my version of what is stored in the hangar.


24 18 May, 17:22
James C
Nice work Kerry. Opening up the aircraft hangar is a nice touch along with the wooden decking, but the icing on the cake is the shaping and installation of all the hand-rails and overhead aerial wiring. I attempted something similar earlier this year on a larger 1/144 scale build of a Type VIIC, but it turned out to be a total shite-show as my hand/eye coordination wasn't up to the task, which makes this work even more impressive 👍
18 May, 17:53
Daniel Klink
Most impressive detail work Kerry 👍
That look inside the Hangar is a fantastic gimmick. Very well implemented Sir!! Congrats 👍
18 May, 17:56
Kerry COX
I had a lot of fun painting the 'Rising Sun' on the base too. 🙂 👍
This is my third I-400 and my last. But I did have a great time shooting for a result I can be happy with.
Thank you both for your most welcome and positive comments. 👍 😉
18 May, 18:07
Kerry COX
The drills I used here are from this company in japan.
19 May, 06:07
Submarine kits in 1:350 can be weird. The WW2 stuff can be tiny, while the modern submarines models in the same scale can be rather large.

Q: How long is this Japanese submarine in 1:350?
19 May, 06:23
Kyle DeHart
This is a very cool build of a most interesting class of sub. Very nicely done Kerry!
19 May, 06:34
Robin (WhiteGlint)
👀 👍
19 May, 06:37
Kerry COX
Treeman. The length of the fully finished kit is..........................wait for it. !!!!!!! 350mm. 🙂
19 May, 07:13
Kerry COX
Thanks lads for your 👍 and 👀.
Just what I needed. 🙂
19 May, 07:14
Rui S
Another Beauty Mate 👍
21 May, 19:23
Top notch! Now waiting for them streaks ......
23 May, 06:27
Kerry COX
The rust will have to be very subtle, as they were not in service for very long before they were captured by the US navy. . But it will appear. 🙂
23 May, 07:35
Gareth Windsor
Outstanding work as always Kerry.
25 May, 17:42
Kerry COX
Cheers Gareth. 🙂 It was a real fun kit to tackle. Especially all the PE. !!!
25 May, 22:49
Gareth Windsor
PE, extra fun for those of us with sausage fingers!
25 May, 23:22
Kerry COX
Yup. We are all lucky to still have them. hehehehe
26 May, 01:27
Roland Revolvermann
Really nice 👍
Looks very practical: if you don't feel like seasickness anymore, you just get the plane out of the garage and do a few laps.
29 May, 16:36
Kerry COX
Great way of looking at getting out of a sardine can for a while. 🙂 🙂 🙂
29 May, 17:33
Villiers de Vos
Very nice.
30 May, 06:46
Peter Hardy
Wow! Fantastic work Kezz! So many lessons for me in one build. The insulators look 100% perfect. Incredible work on the PE too. Great idea with the railing preparation as well. Kudos to Yoda!
31 May, 23:15

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