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Thread started by TaigaWutz

TaigaWutz marked this item as tradeable/sellable
3. April 2019, 07:08
Adam Hall
Hey there - how much are you asking for the Lancaster in action book?
25. April 2019, 13:37
Hey, ich want 7 Euro for the Lancaster Action book.
26. April 2019, 04:58
Adam Hall
Ok - what is the cheapest shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada - postal code B2W 4E6?
26. April 2019, 23:20
Hi Adam, sorry for the late answer. The shipping to Canada is 3,70 Euro.
28. April 2019, 08:12
Adam Hall
Hey that's ok. Actually just noticed you have another In Action book "Mosquito" which I'd like. Can you do both books for 13 Euro and would shipping still be 3,70? Also what condition are the books in? Are they in english?
29. April 2019, 17:26
Hi Adam, at first, excuse my very bad english. the conditions for both books are the same, 3,70 for shipping and both books in english.

Best regards
30. April 2019, 06:09
Adam Hall
Ok 16,70 Euro total? Do you have paypal?
30. April 2019, 15:21
The price is ok. Paypal to
30. April 2019, 21:17
Adam Hall
Ok I will send 16,70 Euro total by paypal for the two books. My address is:

Adam Hall
102 Collins Grove
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
2. May 2019, 01:41
Hi Adam, tomorrow , at Friday, the books go on her way to canada.
2. May 2019, 05:54
Adam Hall
Great! If there is tracking number please let me know. Thanks and will let you know when it arrives!
2. May 2019, 23:23
Hi, für postage called "Maxibrief"and there is no tracking number. The Books since yesterday on the way.
4. May 2019, 05:55
Adam Hall
The books arrived here in Canada, they look great, thanks again!
13. May 2019, 11:30

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