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Thread started by Dutch

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29. November 2017, 20:53
Ali Kay
Do you still have this book for sale?
30. November 2019, 15:13
Ali, I do have all four SMS titles for CF-100 Canuck, CF-101 Voodoo, CF-104 Starfighter and CF-5. I was hoping to sell them as a set of four for $90 USD. Are you interested in all four, or just two? Cheers, Dutch
30. November 2019, 17:35
Ali Kay
I live in Toronto, Canada. How much is shipping for all 4 books? Are you flexible on the price a bit?
30. November 2019, 22:07
Ali Kay
I have the CF-100 but I can take all 4 books for $80 CDN, shipping included. I would really appreciate if you would agree as I am a student with limited budget. I can pay you via PayPal immediately. Please let me know. Thank you, Dutch.
30. November 2019, 22:13
Hmm, CDN80 = USD 60, when I spent $100 USD, so sorry, no. I was willing to go 10% off, maybe %15 but not 40%. Let me think about it. R/ Dutch
1. December 2019, 02:51
Ali Kay
I understand. I would love to take them all but if you are not sure, then how about $50 CDN for 2 of them, CF-101 and CF-104?
1. December 2019, 03:31
Ali Kay
I would appreciate if you would. I can send you money now and you can kindly ship the books tomorrow if possible. I need them for a project I am doing here in Toronto.
1. December 2019, 18:59
Ali Kay, $60 CDN for CF-104 & CF-101 titles, inlcuding postage and the paypal fees. Please send funds to as goods and services. I will wrap them in plastic and place them in a flat cardboard container for shipping tomorrow. BTW, I will need your mailing address also. K/r, Dutch
1. December 2019, 21:15
Ali Kay
Ok then. Will send you the money with mailing address shortly. Thank you for accommodating.
1. December 2019, 21:33
Ali Kay
Done! I just sent you $60 CDN. I also included my PayPal mailing address in my payment.
1. December 2019, 21:41
Ali Kay
Ali Kay
7155 Woodbine Ave.
Suite B-104
Markham, ON
L3R 1A3
1. December 2019, 21:42
Ali Kay
Please confirm you got the money. Thank you again.
1. December 2019, 21:45
Ali, Yes money received, but pending according to PayPal. I will ship books tomorrow and put the tracking info into PayPal for you. Thanks, Dutch
1. December 2019, 21:54
Ali Kay
Great! Thank you.
2. December 2019, 17:56
Ali, your tracking number is: LA308654280US. Pkg mailed today via USPS First Class Intl Package rate. K/r, Dutch
2. December 2019, 18:20
Ali Kay
Thanks for letting me know. I will let you know as soon as they arrive. 🙂
2. December 2019, 20:10
Ali Kay
Hey Dutch,

Just wanted to let you know that the books just arrived. Thank you so much for the sale and for the excellent packaging. All is good.

10. December 2019, 16:24
Ali, Good to know. Cheers! R/ Dutch
10. December 2019, 16:30

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