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Top Agent PGG jr.
Any idea which ship class this belongs to because a check with H class battleships only show 2 main guns per turret instead of 3.
H-Class Battleship
Trumpeter 1:350
05371 2023 New tool
20 December 2022, 09:53
It looks similar to "Grosser Kurfurst" from World of Warships. Maybe that was the inspiration?
20 December 2022, 15:04
Clair Greenwood
I'm thinking it's a miss-print and actually another battlecruiser but with only the box art in a somewhat forward view it's hard to tell for sure. Or, maybe wrong box art selected? Either way it'll wind up in my stash.
22 December 2022, 21:30
Top Agent PGG jr.
Regarding the boxart, it is taken from the official Trumpeter website.
25 December 2022, 06:28
I have inquired about it shortly after they announced the kit but their response was limited to "thank you for your input, we'll pass your inquiry to other departments".
However. They have since published some sprue photos on their website. It seems that main gun sprue comes with two variants - double and triple mount.
I'll still wait either for someone to do a kit review or for some online store to provide photos of the entire kit and construction guide.
24 March 2023, 09:45
Top Agent PGG jr.
Just checked the model leaflet. It does prove that the model can be built in either 2-gun or 3-gun mounts.
8 June 2023, 05:09
Yeah. One of the stores that had it in stock added photos of the assembly guide already. So we have two confirmations.
8 June 2023, 14:26
Clair Greenwood
Just in case someone missed it, Brandon at Squadron did a unboxing review recently:
Youtube Video
24 June 2023, 04:41

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