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Thread started by LooseSeal

Stephen G
What is going on..? You wait so many years for a new tool AH-64 in a decent scale, then suddenly they're popping up left, right and centre.

I may need one of each.
Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow
Meng Model 1:35
QS-004 2022* New tool
4 31 October, 12:55
Daniel Campos
Me too. Oh my poor wallet.
31 October, 16:03
rumor says snowman stole Meng's file but miss out the folding blade... So we should see meng's folding blade and snowman is fixed.
31 October, 20:28
Top Agent PGG jr.
There goes my storage space if I get this one as I already have at least 6 helicopters in 1/35 scale I need to build and that is not counting those in 1/48 scale and ground vehicles in 1/35 scale.
31 October, 23:49
As a matter of fact Wolfpack is also working on 1/35 AH-64E, it'll be released in Academy brand.
1 November, 06:45
Joe Bama
Takom's kit is from Snowman, who supposedly stole the half completed designs from Meng.
16 November, 01:04
Do you have a source for that?
17 November, 07:38

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