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Thread started by Viking93

If the boxart should shows the exact model they made the LEGUAN false. For that much money they should be able to make a correct model and not one where you have to scratchbuilt whole areas to get a correct model.
Leguan PSB-2-28(m)
HobbyBoss 1:35
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25 July 2022, 17:26
Paul Hennessy
I hope they sort it... A styrene Biber or Leguan have been on my want list for so long.
As you say Viking, don't want to spend that money and have to make major corrections. Fingers crossed .
7 August 2022, 08:53
Now there are photos from the completed model there are a few things false. One big thing is the missing of the heavy armour. The LEGUAN has the heaviest Leopard2A7 armour and the model only has the standard Leo armoured site skirts and the front doesn´t look correct too. Haven´t seen good pictures of the bridge, but the proportions could be wrong too. The back is a little bit strange, but i have to check this with our LEGUAN, maybe only the angle to watch the model is unconvinient.
31 December 2022, 16:45
Paul Hennessy
Mine arrived, and I picked up the Tankograd book. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out what needs sorting.
1 January, 15:48
Small things differ from vehicle to vehicle. They changed them under production from vehicle to vehicle, but the big things like the bridge, the armour and the bridge laying system are on all the same.
1 January, 15:58
Paul Hennessy
Thank you. All very helpful.
2 January, 09:35
Victor den Bak
Pictures indicate there seems to be a B sprue in the kit with the heavy armor side skirts and mine protection belly armor. That would remove the major visual differences between the box art and German / Dutch vehicles in service.
23 January, 21:26

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