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1:72 T-72

Timeline for Zeus Model () Russian T-72B3 2016

with 4S24 Soft Case ERA

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PZA Loara SPAAG (Modelkrak MkT-7255) PT-91M Pendekar (Armo 72155) BMPT (Cromwell Models 72027) T72 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage (UM  469) T-90A 5th Guards "Tamanskaya" Motor Rifle Brigade, No.613, Moscow, April 2010 (Modelcollect AS72001) T-90A 19th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade no.138, Vladikavkaz, North Caucasus, September 2010 (Modelcollect AS72002) T-90A 20th Independent Guards Motor Rifle Brigade (Modelcollect AS72003) T-90A 27th Guards Rifle "Sevastopol' Brigade (Modelcollect AS72004) T-90 5th "Don - Budapest" Army Guards Tank Division Omsk ,June 2005 (Modelcollect AS72005) T-90 (Modelcollect AS72006) T-90 Army "shooter" Weapons professional training center, No.104 Moscow (Modelcollect AS72007) T-90 38th Army armored vehicle R & D and test institute "Commonwealth", No.111 , March 2010 (Modelcollect AS72008) TOS-1A Heavy Flame Thrower System (Diecast) (Modelcollect AS72009) T-72A (Modelcollect AS72010) T-90MS Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72011) T-72B (Modelcollect AS72012) TOS-1 Heavy Flamethrower System (Diecast) (Modelcollect AS72013) T-72M1 (Modelcollect AS72014) T-72B (Modelcollect AS72015) TOS-1A (Diecast) (Modelcollect AS72016) T-72 BA (BM) (Modelcollect AS72020) T-72B with ERA (Modelcollect AS72027) T-72B3 Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72028) T-72B (Modelcollect AS72030) T-90MS Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72033) T-72B3M Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72034) TOS-1A Heavy Flame Thrower (Diecast) (Modelcollect AS72035) T-72M1 (Modelcollect AS72036) T-72M1 (Modelcollect AS72037) T-72AV (Modelcollect AS72042) T-90 Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72048) T-72B with ERA Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72049) T-72B with Kontankt-1 (Modelcollect AS72050) T-90A MBT (Modelcollect AS72052) T-90A MBT (Modelcollect AS72053) T-72BM with Kontankt-1 (Modelcollect AS72054) TOS-1 Heavy Flamethrower System (Diecast) (Modelcollect AS72055) T-90MS Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72056) T-72BM Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72059) T-90MS Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72060) T-72BM Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72061) T-72B3 Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72084) T-72AV MBT (Modelcollect AS72089) T-90A Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72092) T-72B3 Main Battle Tank (Modelcollect AS72103) T-72B (Modelcollect AS72119) T-72A (Modelcollect AS72120) T-72A (Modelcollect AS72122) T-72B2 (Modelcollect AS72127) T90A MBT 20th Guards Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade (Modelcollect AS72129) T-90 (Modelcollect AS72137) T-90 (Modelcollect AS72138) BREM-1 (Tankograd ) T-72M1 (War Master TK0025)

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