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1:35 Anti-Tank Obstacles

Timeline for Neo Models (DA0001) Tank Obstacle


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Verlinden Productions
Accurate Armour
Metallic Details
MSD Micro Scale Design
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Tetrahedra Anti-Tank Obstacles (10 Pcs.) (Accurate Armour FF35002) Jack Type Anti-Tank Obstacles (10 Pcs.) (Accurate Armour FF35005) Nussknackermine I/II (Accurate Armour FF35007) Girder Tetrahedra Obstacles (8 Pcs.) (Accurate Armour FF35015) British Anti-Tank Cylinders (3 Varieties; 4 of each) (Accurate Armour FF35017) British Anti-Tank Cubes 3.6' (1.09m) Type (6 Pcs.) (Accurate Armour FF35018) British Anti-Tank Cubes 5' (1.52m) Type (2 Pcs.) (Accurate Armour FF35019) Anti Tank Barriers (PlusModel 019) Barricades (GP) (Voyager Model TE044) Italian Anti-Tank Barrages WWII (6 Pcs.) (Model Victoria 4051) Anti-Tank Barriers North Africa (3 Pcs.) (Model Victoria 4099) Tank Traps (Wespe Models WES 35111) Dragon's Teeth Tank Traps (8 Pcs.) (Hauler HLU35096) Anti-Tank Barriers (2 Pcs.) (Hauler HLU35097) Siegfried Line Dragon Teeth (5 Pcs.) (MK35 A012) Tall Concrete Tetrahedres (2 Pcs.) (MK35 A099) Tank Traps (Tank Workshop TTWD1018) Concrete Dragon Teeth (6 Pcs.) (Tank Workshop TWS1018) Panzersperre. Höckerhindernis Typ 38 Gateway (Add On parts 35-0033) Höckerhindernis Typ 38 (Add On parts 35-0034) Höckerhindernis Typ 39 (Add On parts 35-0042) Höckerhindernis Typ 39 Diorama Set (Add On parts 35-0049) Höckerhindernis Typ 38, Left Side Diorama Set (Add On parts 35-0050) Höckerhindernis Typ 38, Right Side Diorama Set (Add On parts 35-0051) Tank Obstacle (Neo Models DA0001) Panzersperre P1 (3 Pcs.) (Juweela 23252) Modular Dragon Teeth Line (Verlinden Productions 2652) Dragon's Teeth (Squadron SQAA35011) Steel Barricade - Stahl Barrikade (1pcs) (MAiM MAIM35472) Czech Hedgehog with Barbed Wire (3 pcs) (Hobby Planet 35321) Anti-Tank Obstacle - Barrier "P1" (Material: Ceramic) 6pcs (Juweela 23253) Anti-Tank Obstacle - Barrier "P1" (Material: Ceramic) 9pcs (Juweela 23254) Dragon's Teeth (Dutton Enterprises dm-29)

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