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1:35 Houses

Timeline for MiniArt (35024) Ukrainian Village House

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City Residence (Ceramic/Resin) (Verlinden Productions 1880) Ruined Fachwerkhaus (Verlinden Productions 2782) Ruined Mansion (Verlinden Productions MDA35013) Italian style House (PlusModel 099) Log cottage (PlusModel 181) House Ruin (Kursk) (Royal Model 004) House Ruin (Ardennes) (Royal Model 007) Sicilian House Ruin (Royal Model 487) House Corner (Vallejo SC112) House corner base (Black Dog D35043) House corner base N°2 (Black Dog D35057) House corner base N°3 (Black Dog D35058) Ruined Pharmacy/Cobbler Vignette (ToRo Model 35A03) Middle East House Ruin #1 (MAiM MAIM35009) French House Corner (Add On parts 35-0076) Tropical Hut #1 (Custom Dioramics CD 8025) Russian Hut (Custom Dioramics CD-144) Brick House (MMK RZ72060) North African House (Reality in Scale 35247) French House (Reality in Scale 35255) House Corner (RT-Diorama 35076) "Country House" (RT-Diorama 35154) City Residenz (RT-Diorama 35190) Old City House (RT-Diorama 35191) House Corner (RT-Diorama 35194) Brick House Ruin (RT-Diorama 35202) The old Mansion (RT-Diorama 35227) The Old Manor (RT-Diorama 35242) Cityhouse Corner (RT-Diorama 35253) Steps House Vignette (Great North Roads GNR 020) Italian House Ruin ´Catania` (DioDump DD013) Dutch Corner House ´Oosterbeek´ (DioDump DD073) Russian Farm House 'Oryol' (DioDump DD084) Hell's highway - ruin no. 1 (Helmuth's Strongholds 35-012) HOUSE CORNER (Italeri 413) HOUSE CORNER (Italeri 413) HOUSE CORNER (Italeri 413) Russian Dwelling #1 (Custom Dioramics CD 8029) Maison en ruines (Heller 133) European House Ruin 1940 (Verlinden Productions 1026) Verlinden Metropolitan City House Corner (Verlinden Productions 1385) City House Front (Verlinden Productions 1404) City House Corner II (Verlinden Productions 1425) Middle East /Afghanistan House Ruin (Verlinden Productions 1577) Civilian Row House (Verlinden Productions 1857) European Country House (Ceramic & Resin) (Verlinden Productions 1859) Old German City Residence (Verlinden Productions 2192) Old German City Corner House (Verlinden Productions 2209) Italian House Front (Verlinden Productions 2260) House Ruin Italian Style (Verlinden Productions 2264) Battle Damaged Residence Iraq (Verlinden Productions 2293) European Housefront (Verlinden Productions 2347) Country Side Mansion (Verlinden Productions 2394) House Ruin Iraq (Verlinden Productions 2400) Country House w/Front Yard (Verlinden Productions 2402) Battle Damaged Villa (Verlinden Productions 2417) German City Residental Ruin WWII (Verlinden Productions 2443) City House Ruin Resin (Verlinden Productions 2827) City House Ruin (Verlinden Productions MDA 35005) Civic House Facing (PlusModel 017) German framed House (PlusModel 047) House with an Arcade (PlusModel 050) Block of Flats (PlusModel 176) House with Shop (PlusModel 190) Town House (PlusModel 320) Israelian Villa Ruin (Royal Model 013) Internal House Ruin (Royal Model 014) Israeli House Ruin (Royal Model 501) Norman House (MK35 B001) Norman house with Yard (MK35 B002) Middle East sheperd House (MK35 B005) Gatekeeper's House (MK35 B009) Italian House (MK35 B010) French Wash-House (MK35 B015) French House WW II (MK35 B017) Norman street (MK35 B020) Middle East / Afghanistan House Ruin (Trophy Models 20020) House base (Black Dog D35025) House ruin wall base (Black Dog D35040) Ruined house base (Black Dog D35066) House corner (Black Dog D35074) House (Africa) base (Black Dog D35078) House corner N°5 base (Black Dog D35101) Urinal (Resicast 35.2402) Half Timbered House (Firestorm Models FS35002) Normandy House Ruin (Firestorm Models FS35026) Middle East House Ruin (Firestorm Models FS35132) French House Ruin (Firestorm Models FS35190) French House Diorama (Firestorm Models FS35194) French House & Gate (Firestorm Models FS35201) French Mondeville House (Custom Dioramics CD 1139) European Cottage 1:35 (Masterpiece Models MMET02) 1900 Style Art Nouveau House Section Set No.1 - First Floor (U-Models UM 369) 1900 Style Art Nouveau House Section Set No.2 - Second Floor (U-Models UM 370) Russian Wooden House Decorated Section with One Window Type No.2 (U-Models UM 419) French house (Reality in Scale 25255) Ruined City Villa (Reality in Scale 35022) North African Housefront (Reality in Scale 35023) House Ruin Section (Reality in Scale 35097) Fachwerk House #1 (Reality in Scale 35132) Large Fachwerk House with Gate (Reality in Scale 35186) Ruined Fachwerk House (Reality in Scale 35203) North African House (Reality in Scale 35207) Ruined African House (Reality in Scale 35223) House Iraq #1 (ProduitsMP MP3510) Bombed out Houses (RT-Diorama 35223) Old Mansion (RT-Diorama 35228) Old Manor House (RT-Diorama 35241) European Housefront (RT-Diorama 35248) City House Corner (RT-Diorama 35257K) European House Door B (Cobaanii FS-014) European House Door C (Cobaanii FS-015) European House Door D (Cobaanii FS-016) European House Door E (Cobaanii FS-017) European House Window C (Cobaanii FS-020) Corner House Ruin (R2 13308) Russian Isba (R2 13309) Ruin Village House (R2 13315) Ruined Large 3-Story Brick Apartment Building (12"x8"x11") (Dioramas Plus DP12) Juno 2-Story Beach House w/Base (8"x10.5") (Dioramas Plus DP17) Maison D'AFN AVEC DOME (JMP PRODUCTIONS 35074) House Ruin (Great North Roads GNR 039) The German House Diorama (Great North Roads GNR 138) German House Ruin (Great North Roads MW 3502) French House Ruin (Great North Roads MW 3504) City House Ruin (Great North Roads MW 3510) Town House Ruin (Great North Roads MW 3513) Russian Country House ´Zubkov` (DioDump DD045) 1/35 Scale WW2 Caen Ruined house (Fields of Glory FOG5046) 1/35 Scale Normandy Farm House Ruin (Fields of Glory FoG5250) Dutch House (Battle Stores BD7) battle for Arnhem ruined house no. 1 (Helmuth's Strongholds 35-007) battle for Arnhem ruined house no. 2 (Helmuth's Strongholds 35-008) Battle for Arnhem - Ruined House no. 3 (Helmuth's Strongholds 35-010) large ruined house (TM models 3501) Small House (TM models 3502) Apartment Block Ruin (Rue35 Models R3523) European House Partial (Fityle CJ0201)

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