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1:35 M2 Browning

Timeline for FC Model Trend (35539) M2 browning MG with Blank fire adaptor.

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FC Model Trend
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.50 Cal Machine Guns (VLS - Trakz TX 0032) MG Cal. 50 mit Dreibeinlaffette und Munitionskiste (J. Peddinghaus Zinnfiguren EPHS 024) M2A1 QCB HMG on M3 Tripod (Legend Productions LF3D035) M3D Dragon HMG Body Replacement Set (Legend Productions LF3D058) M3D Dragon HMG on Universal HG Pedestal Mount (Legend Productions LF3D064) .50 Cal. Machine Gun (Royal Model 211) M3D/Dragon M-50 .50 Caliber Machine Gun (Live Resin LRE-35140) M2HB Browning .50 Caliber on Tripod (Live Resin LRE-35247) M2HB Browning .50 Caliber on Tripod II (Live Resin LRE-35248) Browning M2 50cal, Infantry, early Version (Tank TA182) Browning M2 50cal, Infantry, late Version (Tank TA183) Browning M2 MG (ASUKA Model 35-L24) M2 .50 Machine Gun with tripod (ASUKA Model 35-L8) BROWNING M2 Machine Gun Set B w/ cradle (ASUKA Model 35-L9)

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