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Grumman A-6A Intruder

Trumpeter | N° 01640 | 1:72

Boxart A-6A Intruder 01640 Trumpeter


Grumman A-6A Intruder
Maquette complète
2023 Nouvel outillage
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9580208016405 (EAN)
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Grumman A-6 Intruder

Grumman A-6A Intruder
US US Navy (1794-now)

Contenu de la boîte

Grappes de plastique (Clear), Grappes de plastique, Décalcomanie (à l'eau)

360x240x80 mm (14.2x9.4x3.1 inch)

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TR01640 | TU01640 | TRU01640 | TRU1640 | TRMP-01640 | TRUM01640

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(Airfix Model World Issue 160)
Airfix Model World | Issue 160
English (TOC: 26 lines)
March 2024


The forward main landing gear doors and compartment are missing! Some kit of the year!
All comments (8) » 4 12 February, 17:32
Ah, I see. I guess they just molded the other door shut.
1 April, 10:40
Oleg Bogolei
yes, but they made a flat wall between front and rear section, so it is impossible to modify to make it looks more or less real, only cut and make a absolutely new bay
1 April, 11:11
Casey Beckett
Great new kit, a few wee issues - scales out darn near perfectly.

Seen several reviews complaining about fin cap shape - it is darn near spot-on. I worked on A-6s for over ten years, know this airframe intimately.

Couple small things I've caught as I contemplate my build -

- Big complaint from many, but not quite correct - some A-6A WERE IN fact retrofitted with MB GRU-7 seats, so this should not be a huge issue - anyone doesn't believe you, get this book - Intruder: The Operational History of Grumman's A-6 by Mark Morgan
- the 'slime lights' on the wing tips and fuselage above and forward of the speed brakes are wrong for an A-6A. A-6A did have a small formation light on the fuselage.
- Pitot tube is far too thick and too long
- 'v' shaped tabs on rear of radome are far too thick, in real life this very thin steel straps
- A-6A had one anti collision beacon on the nose door, not one one each intake belly as the kit has. So; one, not three as the kit has.
- Cockpit got the B/N lower and to the rear of the pilot pretty well.
-Instrument panel as molded would be a great depiction of a KA-6D tanker for starters, as the B/N had very little in front of him.
-Engine face is way too far forward - real aircraft the fan face was almost below the main wing root leading edge.
- Canopy is crystal clear and I think nailed the slight 'bulge' of each side of the canopy.
- several small vents are wrong for the -A, but correct for an -E or Tram model.

I won't complain about ordnance, they do all look pretty sketchy! (Fuel tanks look ok)

Overall, I am very happy to have a new mold, and will be getting the Tram version too
3 17 March, 02:28

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