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I think I just learned that, when thinning Vallejo Air paint in a paint mixer cup, using a brush = bubbles. So bubbles = bad, as the damn tiny bubbles don't seem to vanish, when I try to smoothen out a cavity by adding a rich amount of say white Vallejo Air paint.

Trick is to mix the paint with a round stick, to avoid making bubbles.

I've previously managed to get rid of bubbles by simply blowing a short burst of air onto the surface but this won't work well in some situations where you risk the paint blowing/moving away.
16 June, 08:47

June 14, 2024

Hm, I just noticed. This Trumpeter track links kit (the box I got anyway) comes with some resin parts, like for the main sprocket wheel pulling the tracks.
However, I can't identify this sprocket design on Abrams tanks on photos. I do see the sprocket wheel in a modern Leopard photo. Weird? Or, do both tanks use the same sprocket design maybe?
How old is this sprocket design anyway? Anybody know? (Seen in the photo of the leo in the link just below.) (image upload)
T156 Track Track Links (workable) for K1/M1/M1A1
Trumpeter 1:35
11 June, 07:16
Steven Van Dyck
Here I found a comparative review with the Trumpeter sprocket in it: . It says Trumpeter includes a retaining ring part that was discontinued in all but the USMC tanks. Is it still in your track set?
11 June, 08:08
The kit box came with several resin parts and the retaining ring was included.
This retainer ring, ofc, isn't what I had in mind, just for clarification.
Btw, the track links kit, afaik comes in two versions. I have the one linked above.
There were six resin parts in the box: two front roller wheels, two drive sprockets, and also two retaining rings.

I guess what I found weird, is that the resin drive sprokets, doesn't look like the ones in the Trumper tank kit you linked to.
14 June, 16:10

June 10, 2024

I learned recently, that if one wanted to use syringe tips for shiny metal parts, like shiny rods in landing gear parts, there is also plain (non sharp) syringes to buy. Difficulty might be to find some that sell a pack of various diameters but I did find one package. Heh, never got around/dared to ask around at the pharmacy for such parts. Such syringe tips must be a lot easier to work with, than solid steel parts I think.
1 10 June, 18:31

June 8, 2024

These are some imo really nice bottles to have. Bought from Temu.
Though, I am not quite sure if the drops coming off these are smaller than other drops, like from a Vallejo 17ml bottle. It sort of looks like it maybe, not entirely sure, which would mess up the mixing ratio I think. Still I prefer these to the larger awkward Vallejo bottles.
One is filled with airbrush cleaning liquid (30ml?), the other a thinner mix (50ml).
The plastic bottle material is moderately soft, neither hard, nor soft, and so the bottle can easily be squeezed.

7 June, 06:54
Now that I think about it, a solution to making accurate mixing ratios, might be to use the combination of a small jar + small digital scale weight, that way at least, it doesn't matter how large or small the drops are, as long as the amount of paint and thinner sums up to whatever amount you want. 🙂 Obviously a digital kitchen scale weight wouldn't be accurate I think, but there are cheap tiny digital scale weights that should work ok I think. These small digital scale weights has a max weight of 100g iirc.

Using my digital kitchen scale weight, an empty small 5ml jar is about 5g. It just says "5g", with no decimal places.
Filling the jar up to 4 ml, adds 3g using water.
So total weight of a small jar would be around 10g at max.
A small digital scale weight apparently can show 3g as 3.01g, which would help alot to get a more accurate measurement.
8 June, 05:56
George Williams
You're making it much too complicated.
8 June, 12:34
I have a fun time airbrushing on Vallejo primer paint now using a thinner mix, but the added retarder medium makes it more difficult to thin by eye like I was used to when preparing a mix with Vallejo Air paint (not primer paint), and so I think using a scale weight will simplify things for me, the graduated jars isn't very useful as the lines are too few and so too crude, and somehow the paint creeps up along the glass wall as well heh in a small measuring jar. And counting lots of drops, is starting to irritate me when mixing paint.
8 June, 16:29
Haaah. I ordered a 1:24 Dodge 70 Challenger kit off Revell's store on
...and some hours later I realize that the kit will be shipped in December.
I was not aware of that when I placed the order.
This is bizarre. Not a word about it being a pre-order on Amazon.
23 May, 22:37
Update: Apparently, is working on something.
I sent a complaint/comment at some point, and then after a while it said delivery in June, then it said June-December, and now today it says June again. Seems like progress maybe. 😄
Still not shipped though..
8 June, 08:50

June 5, 2024

a ajouté un nouvel album photo.
23 images
Dragon's Ohio Class SSGN (or SSBN) in 1:350 scaleView album, image #23
I took the time to prepare a HMS Invincible kit that someone was kind enough to give me some years ago, and airbrushed t...
1:350 U.S.S. Florida SSGN-728 (Dragon 1056)
All comments (14) » 29 13 January 2021, 13:31
John Ballman
Hope your having fun doing this. You are correcting a lot of the issues that most don't.
18 May, 18:32
Bob Hall
Sweet 👍 !
24 May, 17:37

June 3, 2024

Q: Where are the headlights on a 1968 Dodge Challenger? 🙂 Sort of looks like that car has no headlights, seems dangerous. 😄
3 June, 13:34

June 2, 2024

a ajouté un nouveau projet
2 2 June, 12:25

May 29, 2024

possède cet article
'70 Dodge Challenger Detail Set Revell
The Model Car Garage 1:24
29 May, 20:12
I am very happy with this cross locking tweezer, bought off Temu. I have 5 more on the way. 🙂 1mm thick metal. Two versions, I think I ordered the smallest one.

I am tempted to buy a cheap pipette tool for lab use to better mix paint, as I don't trust my measuring jar when mixing thinner and primer paint and sitting there counting 50 drops of thinner and another 50 drops of paint is getting annoying. The drop sizes doesn't even look the same size. Bought some gloves size L for camping, but seemed just a little too small and so regret that purchase. Was able to find some larger paint mixing balls in steel, and also found some other stuff like mini funnels. Will buy some uv glue to use with my new uv light (protection googles required). Apparently they also sell those tiny sifts you can put inside an airbrush cup (unlisted U-Star product I think). Whatever you do, don't buy plastic scale model kits off Temu, it really seems like a ripoff, and I think I can blame it on the ONE seller there. 🙂
29 May, 11:52

May 23, 2024

possède cet article
'70 Dodge Challenger T/A 2'n1 Street Burner
Revell 1:24
85-2596 2016 Nouvelle boîte
23 May, 16:20

May 21, 2024

Are there any aftermarket parts for round clear parts? Anybody know?
I'm sure I've seen something like that mentioned on youtube some time ago.
21 May, 11:54
maybe you can try home made thermomolding , basically take the shape you need and press a clear sheet against it. you can make a hole in a piece of thin wood staple the plastic, warm it up on top of a toaster,and press on top of the created rounded shape.
21 May, 12:05
i did that ages ago and made a clear and thin cockpit for a mig29, and the dome of an R2D2 that I was scratching
today you can also get one like Vacuum Forming Machine (Micro-Mark 85756, No)

21 May, 12:08

May 16, 2024

I ordered some "soft raw brass" wire in a variety of thicknesses, and I hope I didn't make a mistake doing that.
I had some copper wiring at home that I tried to use, but found it hard to bend the wire, and so it was annoying to use.
1 16 May, 13:57
Brass is harder then copper.
You can try to glow the copper wire in a candle flame. It will be soft and you got a used look 😉
16 May, 14:07
What do you think they meant with "raw" though? Curious about that. I guess I'll find out. 😛 Ordered off Temu.

I'll consider ordering some aluminum wiring, but didn't find thinner ones and just went with what I ordered today.

The brass wiring I ordered is anywhere inbetween 0.1 and 1.0 mm in a variety of thicknesses.
16 May, 14:33
I don't know about raw. There are different brass alloys, may be related to that.

I cannot recommend aluminum. It is very brittle and can hardly be bent in small diameters.

Try glowing of the copper, which can be made with brass too.
For modeling purpose (like pipes and wiring for aircraft for example) lead wire is still a method of choice:
SCM Search: lead wire
16 May, 14:44
Btw, I used some solder wire earlier, which was ok, but really really soft. Only had one thickness of it in my stash.
16 May, 15:22

May 13, 2024

Re. 1:24 car kits. Has anyone tried scratch building the clear parts for cars? I imagine the glass surfaces are just a little bent and isn't curved, and so one could imagine just putting in place some flexing clear styrene sheet in place, maybe heat treat it to remove the tendency to flex back into a flat surface.
13 May, 19:44

May 6, 2024

Edit: Oh, wait!! ZTZ-96 vs ZTZ-99, how could I have not noticed the two different tank model numbers.
I bought the wrong track links kit. 🙁

HB kit does NOT fit the Bronco track links kit found here. Not even close: 🙁
ZTZ-99 Steel Type (Bronco AB3530, 1:35)


Sure, Scalemates doesn't show the two being a match, but I thought, all the other HB ZTZ-99's listed there, but somehow this one kit I had, did not match, for reasons unknown.
Chinese PLA
ZTZ 96A Main Battle Tank
HobbyBoss 1:35
82464 2010 Nouvelles pièces
6 May, 20:03
I am having so much more fun now airbrushing on Vallejo primer, now using my 0.5 Iwata HP-CS Eclipse (modded airbrush). Standard size is 0.35 but the paint flow is limited, and with the 0.5 setup, the paint flow is a lot more.

Anyway, using the thinner-mix of 70% Vallejo flow enhancer + 30% Vallejo thinner + another 10% retarder medium, I am having so much fun airbrushing on primer paint, all relaxing at 20 psi, and the resulting finish is reall smooth. 🙂 No tip dry to speak of. Thinner mix, mixed with primer at a ration of 50:50.

Vallejo primer is ofc sifted, before mixed in a small jar. I also started stirring the paint, not using bristle on a big brush, but instead the hard wooden tip of the handle, no bubbles.
6 May, 17:35

May 5, 2024

Q: I've seen this type of airbrush cleaning tool, that looks like an ice pick sort of, that cleans the airbrush nozzle. Though, I wonder, must not this kind of tool be matched in size with a same "sized" nozzle to avoid damage?
30 April, 11:47
Alec K
Yes it does. I use it when dried paint accumulates in the nozzle tip, works well.
4 May, 12:11
What did you mean though? Will any such tool work ok, or does one risk damaging the nozzle, if one buys the wrong sized cleaning tool like that kind of "ice pick"?

I mean, I can at least imagine that there might be a 0.5 tool for a 0.5 nozzle, and a 0.35 tool for a 0.35 nozzle.

I later noticed that this tool, is missing some metal at the tip, which makes it scrape off paint more easily I think inside a nozzle, so the tip isn't just a pointy tip I noticed.
4 May, 13:12
Alec K
I think you need a cleaning tool matched to the nozzle, the tool I bought was for the Infinity CR Plus .15mm nozzle. I think it's steel so potentially it could damage the interior of the nozzle if you do not insert it carefully (it does have a pointed tip). I do use it regularly during deep-clean of my airbrush parts and had no problem so far. It essentially works like a reamer.

Soaking the nozzle in thinner before using the cleaning tool seems a good idea, to soften the paint deposits imho.
5 May, 12:54
Harder and Steinbeck have a cleaning kit that works- Harder & Steenbeck Professional Airbrush Service Kit [217500]

I needed that because you need the tool to replace some of the seals. The nozzle cleaner is generic and can work across all nozzle sizes. It doesn't seem to press against the nozzle tip itself for the 0.4mm - so I don't worry about it breaking that part
5 May, 23:40
I find the lack of 'reviews' on this item disturbing. I only see "previews" listed. 🙂 I would have assumed that this would be a very popular kit being from Tamiya and given the 1:32 scale (though somewhat expensive).
F-16CJ [Block 50] Fighting Falcon
Tamiya 1:32
60315 2004 Nouvel outillage
All comments (5) » 1 5 September 2019, 15:48
Andrew Rice
I have built this model, and it came up a dream.
23 September 2019, 15:53
Tommy Anderson-Brown
Youtube Video
Full build and review
5 May, 06:48

May 2, 2024

UV cured resin for sandable clear parts? Anyone tried that?
2 May, 11:50

April 30, 2024

veut cet article
McDonnel Douglas MD-90
CRM (Counting Rivets Models) 1:144
CR144-906 2024 Nouveaux décalcomanies
30 April, 06:56
Hrm, no longer want this. Apparently this is a rerun of some Eastern Express kit, also doesn't come with decals. Maybe it is ok and interesting on its own one never knows for sure until you see it, I just never saw EE having modern molding machines or whatever.
30 April, 11:48

April 26, 2024

Does an airbrush with a 0.5 mm needle put out more paint compared to a 0.35 mm needle setup, with both at the same psi?
26 April, 08:56
Ahaha. I can answer this myself now.
I filled some battery water into my two airbrushes (Iwata HP-CS Eclipse) one standard 0.35 and one modded 0.5 needle size. I also bought two paint limiter handles for both, which isn't standard when buying such an airbrush afaik.

It seems like the 0.5 airbrush put out a LOT more paint, or in this case, water from the airbrush.
I've always used the 0.35 needle for airbrushing on color, but I think I should try the 0.5 one.
I guess I worry now that the 0.5 needle isn't ideal for lower psi, thinking the paint doesn't properly atomize, but maybe I am wrong thinking like that.
26 April, 09:29
At 15 psi, the 0.5 setup does doesn't atomize as well, it does spray on but not nicely enough I think, so I think I should try 20 psi minimum when using the 0.5 needle airbrush setup. Doesn't matter if airbrushing on thinned Vallejo primer or thinne Vallejo Air I think.

At 15 psi, the 0.35 setup might work ok, for both airbrushing on thinned Vallejo primer and thinned Vallejo Air paint.

Hm, I wonder, if the drops from my thinner bottle are the same size as the drops from Vallejo's 17ml paint bottles, unsure.

50:50 Thinner mix to Vallejo Air ratio seems wrong, too thin. Maybe 40:60 would be a lot better.
50:50 Thinner mix to Vallejo primer ratio, seems good.

I like how the Vallejo Air paint lies on the surface, perfectly smooth.
26 April, 11:09

April 25, 2024

I had the nicest airbrushing session. I used in total some 300 drops of paint with this thinner mix and it went all on very well.

I already knew I get good results with Vallejo black primer (matte), but I think everything was so much nicer this time around using this new mix I heard about on youtube. It is a premixed thinner solution with mostly flow enhancer liquid.
70% Vallejo flow enhancer
30% Vallejo Thinner
then add on top of all that 10% Vallejo retarder medium

Retarder medium is hard to mix, don't go out as droplets, think of a way to add this easily, or be frustrated.
Instead of trying to counting slimy large drops of retarder medium, I filled a small jar to 10%, easier to measure, a tiny jar with measuring lines.

Trick is to mix all of that in a small bottle, then pour a liquified solution, into some bottle with a small opening. Not possible to add retarder medium into a bottle with a small neck, just won't go in. So, I get to have a bottle of this mix for airbrushing. Shaking the bottle with a couple of steel balls creates lots of bubbles, but the bubbles go away after a while.

Then, mixed 50:50 with primer paint on demand. So nice. 🙂 Psi set to 20, airbrushing at 4-5 cm distance.
23 April, 12:33
Hrm. I so I previously had a very nice airbrushing session airbrushing Vallejo primer, but today, airbrushing on Vallejo Air Dark Yellow, I had a bad time. Might be because I tried for once to mix "thinner" and paint inside the cup, which I don't really do anymore. Also, I noticed the air hole in the paint cup cap was starting to clog up from a previous session. I wonder if the mix of thinner must be shaken every day before airbrushing, or, I must somehow add more liquid. Anyway, it sort of seems like my paint wasn't thinned enough, which I found bizarre. Not sure what I did wrong today.
25 April, 10:40
a ajouté un nouvel album photo.
32 images
Revell's (ICM's) Henschel 33 D German WW2 TruckView album, image #32
I added some of the other photos to the album, prior to this one which I moved to the end, yet again. It is humbling fo...
1:35 Henschel Typ 33 D 1 (Revell 03098)
All comments (18) » 30 5 January, 15:15
Villiers de Vos
Very nice work.
23 April, 22:36
Very nice result.
25 April, 09:13

April 24, 2024

Bought a lot of cheap stuff online.
A pack of 100 "xacto" blades size 11. Metal and plastic mini funnels. 10x 100ml and some 30ml mixing bottles w. metal tip and cap for dispensing precise drops. An UV flashlight 365nm, must remember to buy uv goggles for protection later. Some drill bits. Found some Dspiae sanding sponges to my surprise.
24 April, 18:30

April 21, 2024

possède cet article
T156 Track Track Links (workable) for K1/M1/M1A1
Trumpeter 1:35
21 April, 18:55
possède cet article
M1A1 Bustle Rack Extension (for Tamiya)
Eduard 1:35
35598 2003 Nouvel outillage
21 April, 18:54
possède cet article
US M1A1/A2 Abrams Photo-Etched Parts Set (for Tamiya)
Tamiya 1:35
35273 2004 Nouvel outillage
21 April, 18:54
I cleaned out one item off my metaphorical shelf-of-doom, and felt a little better about myself 🙂
1 21 April, 11:07

April 20, 2024

I quickly tested a mix recipe by someone on youtube. Some Vallejo Air paint mixed with this "thinner" solution, and some Vallejo Primer paint mixed 50:50 or so, with this "thinner" solution. And just quickly using a paint brush on a spare part, I see the paint is drying ok, so usable at least.

Thinner solution: 70% Vallejo Flow Enhancer + 30% Vallejo Thinner + 10% gooey Retarder medium (somehow this is over100%)
So I prepared this solution in a small nifty squeeze bottle with a metal pipe/tip that dispences nice clean drops, unlike the large Vallejo bottles that spill drops of cleaner/thinner/paint all too easily.

Will try this out later with an airbrush.
20 April, 07:52

April 17, 2024

Does anyone know why there are such a part for the drive sprocket for the US M1A1 tank?
I bought an aftermarket kit for tracks including extra drive sprockets, but these other ones look like the one in the drawing.
I haven't been able to find any photo showing any tank use this "round" disc on the drive sprocket wheel.

Image below is some random image off the internet that looks like the aftermarket part I have.

Hm, I did come across some variant of the Abrams that have these on the box art: (a kit review)

Hmm, seems like there were some Abrams variants before the M1A1, and that the M1ip was in between M1E1 and M1A1? I had no idea there were other earlier variants.
17 April, 17:30

April 10, 2024

Aaah. Fixed my DAB radio's wonky button. Imagine turning the volume knob, and volume goes to 100% even if you try to turn the volume down. I unscrewed the whole thing, un-bent the four metal pins that held half the potentiometer (or whatever it is called) onto the other half inside the volume knob and wiped the contact surface with airbrush cleaner, as I didn't have anything other than maybe cleaning alcohol. And some dirt (oxidation?) came off and it worked. 🙂
10 April, 18:57

April 9, 2024

Anyone tried airbrushing a mix of Vallejo polyeurethane primer with Pledge?

I am willing to try this out, but I thought maybe his comment about the paint going "rock hard" after 15 minutes, was a little worrying re. cleaning the airbrush afterwards:
Youtube Video

I have some Pledge around, but never use it.
9 April, 07:42

April 7, 2024

What are these round things seen on a modern warship?
I thought they might be for storing a fire hose, but these are empty, and they look a little different from each other as well these two.
On a kit model, I would have thought that one glued these "rollers" on, but then had to add some wire/tread to replicate a fire hose, but maybe these are for something else?

7 April, 06:50

April 4, 2024

Re. the hard metal lever/knob/trigger on the airbrush (Iwata Eclipse HP-CS):
Any trick to change the texture of the hard metal surface?
I was thinking of maybe there was a way to add some soft rubber onto the airbrush trigger, but I am not sure what might even work.

I find my index finger getting sore sort of, and I find it annoying when airbrushing.
I know I can use my thumb, but it seems a little clumsy.
4 April, 20:36
John Hughes
You can get thin foam sheets. I used them for masking bomb bays and wheel wells, etc. You could cut some to the shape of the trigger quite easily. I think I found mine on Amazon.
4 April, 22:22

April 1, 2024

possède cet article
Trumpeter 1:35
05580 2016 Nouvelles pièces
1 April, 18:37
I had to get this one, as this vehicle is featured in the multiplayer game Squad (a game on Steam platform). 🙂
1 April, 18:40
possède cet article
48N6E of 5P85S TEL S-300PMU SA-10 Grumble
Trumpeter 1:35
01038 2017 Nouvelles pièces Multi sujets (1!!)
1 April, 18:36
Found this one at a nice discount (none left).
1 April, 18:38
possède cet article
BRDM-2 (Early)
Trumpeter 1:35
05511 2012 Nouvel outillage
1 April, 18:37
possède cet article
BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launcher Early
Trumpeter 1:35
01013 2013 Nouvel outillage
1 April, 18:37
possède cet article
M109 A2/A3/G
Italeri 1:35
6589 2022 Nouvelle boîte
1 April, 18:37
possède cet article
F-16 Fighting Falcon Detail Up Parts
Tamiya 1:48
12621 2008 Nouvel outillage
1 April, 18:36
possède cet article
Detail Up Parts Series
Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 16 MCV Metal Gun Barrel
Tamiya 1:35
12686 2018 Nouvel outillage
1 April, 18:36

March 27, 2024

Hmm, there's unfortunately a local hobby store (Oslo) that is closing down, but I think I can't/won't spend money on this for the discounted items, bad timing. 🙁
27 March, 08:34

March 25, 2024

Re. Rivet decals..
Q: Do rivet decals add physical raised details? (i.e adding small bumps to the flat plastic)
Q: Do rivet decals just add colored details, without raised details? (i.e airbrushed paint removes the effect of the rivet decals?)
25 March, 08:38
They add physical raised detail.
25 March, 08:42

March 24, 2024

Nice. What are the track links like?
M-SHORAD Bradley
M2A4 IFV 3-in-1
Magic Factory 1:35
2004 2023 Nouvel outillage
24 March, 08:56

March 22, 2024

Hrm, are the flamboyant decals here the only option?
A photo show a mostly plain gray one, is that an option as well in the paint guide?
F/A-18C Hornet `VFA-94 Mighty Shrikes´
Hasegawa 1:48
09849 2009 Nouveaux décalcomanies
22 March, 08:39

March 21, 2024

Does anyone have this for sale anywhere? 🙁 I ask because this thing isn't even available at Hobby Link Japan, in Japan.
21 March, 11:02

February 20, 2024

I found some new metal file tools: (square) (flat) (round)

Another round file: Super fine.

Sort of looks like this is higher quality, or, finer grit compared to some cheap ones I've been buying.
This tool also looks like it would fit into smaller openings.
20 February, 08:18
Oh, wow, finally some more civilian scale model kits. 🙂
Ideally, I would like to see more of the digger machines seen in Europe, and not the Asian ones.
Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-130NL/N Crevo Mini G4
Hasegawa 1:35
66008 (WM08) 2024 Nouvel outillage
2 20 February, 08:04

February 19, 2024

I have invested into a proper office chair, though I guess I can't have it all. So it is an all-too-expensive chair, but it is ergonomic and is suitable for a standing desk, so taller than usual. Downside is that, it wasn't designed to be a comfy chair. I have yet to try out the chair, but I like finally getting something else other than the squeaky low cost chairs I've been using for all these years. Funnily enough, I also have a designer chair already, a replica of a Corbusier chaiser lounge 4 or somesuch. Relaxing, but definitely not a comfy chair. I now found a way to use this other chair to watch youtube and will keep it next to the office chair by my computer. 🙂
1 19 February, 13:38
Urban Gardini
As long as it's ergonomic and suits your body it'll be comfortable for you, just like firm car seats is better than soft ones for a longer drive. I've got a top of the line office chair that I got for free from a company that was about to chuck several in the bin due to extensive wear on the cover fabric on the seats. Perfectly good to sit in and I got one for my lady as well at the same time.
19 February, 13:43

February 11, 2024

Still waiting for this to be released. :
German Submarine Type IX C/40 (U190)
Revell 1:144
05167 2024 Nouvel outillage
1 11 February, 12:05

February 2, 2024

Q: Is it possible to get an ultra matte surface with Vallejo Matte varnish, or must one look for other brands?
2 February, 19:19

January 31, 2024

In order to try preserve my sheets of 'bare metal foil', I finally got around to fill an industry big plastic container for chocolate, filled it mostly with bubble wrap plastic,and then I cut the unopened sheets of foil into, and stacked the foil. Hopefully this airtight container will help preserved the metal foil that has this adhesive on it. I've noticed that the adhesive on the foil seem to have gone harder to deal with I think (unsure), the bare metal foil were previously just lying in a drawer.
31 January, 10:43

January 30, 2024

veut cet article
MD 035546
2U175 Topol-M detail set
Microdesign 1:35
MD 035546 2024 Nouvel outillage
30 January, 05:31

January 22, 2024

possède cet article
M-978 exterior Italeri 298
Eduard 1:35
35651 2004 Nouvel outillage
22 January, 19:35
Found a new product: 'MIG Ammo' chrome tape.. I guess a competitor to the Bare Metal Foil product. I wonder if this might look nice for canopy work on the exterior, if overlapping strands of chrome tape, and how thick it all is.

Youtube Video
1 22 January, 09:24

January 15, 2024

a ajouté un nouvel album photo.
22 images
MyAlbumView album, image #22
My attempt at getting to a "haze gray": Using Vallejo Air: 3-4 drops of flow enhancer 40 drops of USAF Light Gray 10 dr...
1:700 USS Nimitz CVN-68 (Eduard 17029)1:700 USS Nimitz CVN-68 (Trumpeter 05714)1:700 USN Radar Set (Post WWII) (Five Star Model FS700139)1+
All comments (21) » 30 21 March 2023, 11:21
Stalking this thread - really love the careful work you put into it so far!
15 January, 16:02
Thank you. It IS fun working with projects slowly, when everything one do, is at least something one can build upon.
I lost my mojo over a tiny thing re. the propeller shaft, trivial stuff, but it is a little tedious, yet trivial, I'll certainly do it a little later.

Adding the photo etch is rewarding. Not perfect, but still ok I think.

Project was initially very annoying, as the two large hull pieces did not glue together well, and cracked up after I had airbrushed on the primer and made everything smooth, that happened at least two times.

Might be the last time I try to fiddle with nameplates of this sort, just dumb design, poor molding and super inconvenient to make it look nice. All they had to do, was add a nameplate in photo etch, and with raised lettering. Then I can just sand the metal off and leave a shiny finish on all the letters. This doesn't work with plastic, too soft and prone to error when I tried, the molding too shallow and the plastic letters too soft being plastic.
15 January, 16:26
Tip: If you use Vallejo's Airbrush Cleaner bottle, that can be quite messy in my experience. I have so much more fun and control using a smaller bottle.

15 January, 12:13
Tamiya's 1:35 doesn't come with clear parts for the headlights, so I thought I'd try scratch build them. First problem is removing the plastic. I also had to add plastic at the backside, 'sprue goo', otherwise there wouldnt' be enough plastic to create the cavity.

After the longest time, I learned, heh, to put the near spherical grinder bit onto an XACTO handle. The grinder is spherical, except for the tip, where it is flat unfortunately, though one can just tilt the bit 90 deg and you get to grind with a nice spherical shape.

14 January, 17:25
Voila. This was quick and a lot of fun. Not quite sure how to best glue on this dry fitted custom clear part. I made some scratches on the backside with a blade, and inserted a chrome rod into the center of the cavity.

15 January, 10:45

January 12, 2024

Oh, wow, look at this. A sanding tool (Adhesive discs) that can "vertically" sand flat the cavity inside a round pit in the plastic.

As one can imagine, no need to put these on an electrical device, just stick it onto a stick or something for manual sanding power.
Hm, the round sanding discs only come in two diameters it seems, 5 mm and 10 mm, so nothing smaller.

Not familiar with this website myself, just something I found just now.
12 January, 09:36

January 10, 2024

Italeri's HEMTT tanker vehicle kit, the tank shape cleaned up. Edges sanding sharp with a metal file, and added putty to better round off the plastic.

Getting better at this, really helps having metal files and lots of Infini sanding sticks. 800 grit seems to bite into the Vallejo putty just about right, also works sanding wet with the dried Vallejo putty.

Tank details cleaned up and sharpened, as the tank shape has some rounded detailing on the main shapes.

10 January, 17:15

January 7, 2024

Tip: This kit has some fun wheels that can look very nice if you use a 0.9 mm drill bit, and drill out the holes (all through the first layer of plastic) around each wheel on the side. Just be careful not to scratch/carve into the wheel rim close by. Hm, maybe best result if drilling the holes, BEFORE you glue all the wheel parts together I think. I did it aftewards, but should have done it at the very start. Hm, kit doesn't seem to include clear parts for the two headlights, it's just solid plastic.
M151A2 Ford Mutt
Tamiya 1:35
35123 (123) 1988 Nouvelle boîte
7 January, 10:31

January 6, 2024

Q: What is this product good for? What does 'flat finish' mean here? Painted surface? Plastic?
GTool Series
Mr.Melamine Foam Sheet for Flat Finish
Mr. Hobby
GT105 2017 Nouvel outillage
5 October 2020, 10:42
Martin Oostrom
It looks like some sort of sanding sponge, to dull the paintwork
5 October 2020, 14:14
The link is dead, this one seem to work :

" this is a thin melamine foam sheet for flat finish that makes the best use of a model's original color and finishes naturally.
The special compressing system makes the foam sheet 4 times durabler than normal ones.
Two types are available. ;The sheet type for file, sponge, and water resisting paper/The separeted type with a stick."

After years of polishing paint, now it's time to dull it ^_^
6 January, 09:21

January 5, 2024

a ajouté un nouveau projet
5 January, 15:14

January 4, 2024

In this tutorial, Genesis Models show how you can paint the air intakes easily, leaving a smooth and a very nice finish. Might require two sessions, leaving some time for the first layer to dry. It is VERY important to tape the end well, it isn't necessary to use more than one layer of masking tape, BUT, it is important that the one layer of tape, is entirely flush with the plastic to aovid paint leaking out. The tape is removed afterwards, before letting the paint dry, and then one has to dry drip the remaining paint out the back side where the masking tape was applied.

Trying this out for myself a few times, I just learned a trick to any remove air bubbles (do not try pop any air bubbles with a brush). Just blow air with your mouth, one powerful gust of air will pop the airbubbles, large and small. 🙂 Note, the color used here, is the 17ml Vallejo Air bottle, not a Vallejo primer paint bottle, presumably the primer would/might perhaps have been harder if not impossible to work with.

Youtube Video
4 January, 15:43
Q: If a German WW2 truck was painted desert yellow'ish on the outside, what paint would be inside the cabin? Gray, or desert yellow'ish?

Hm, I guess, there might possibly be a difference, between trucks painted at the factory (then maybe painted desert yellow'ish all over), and maybe and I don't know if they did this, German WW2 trucks were painted desert yellow'ish on location but then only on the outside.
4 January, 13:52

December 28, 2023

Dustproffing one's Ikea Delolf glass cabinet really works, using anti draft tape. No trace of dust inside the cabinet on the glass palates not even after a couple of years with no cleaning the inside of the cabinet.

Turns out the neighboring cabinet, a two door solution, with no tape, was filled with dust in some respect. Because of the other cabinet having two glass doors, that other cabinet I think, will never be dust proof, or I must tape the glass door as well, which would look weird.
28 December 2023, 17:10
Looking at the box art, not much that hints hints it might be norwegian airforce. I remember reading that norwegian pilots flying the Spitfire, was not allowed by British regulations to decorate their own planes with norwegian coloring. Afaik the norwegian spitfire pilots few planes with RAF markings on them I think.
N-3PB "No.330 (Norwegian) Squadron"
Special Hobby 1:72
SH72250 2015 Nouvel outillage
1 28 December 2023, 05:44

December 27, 2023

I am pleasantly surprised by how nice Vallejo primer paint goes on plastic. Especially this one bottle with a darker gray. Only exception are larger surface areas, then the surface finish obvisuly looks like it was made with brush, but smaller parts look nice and smooth, an ok alternative for a quick paint job for areas that doesn't need to be airbrushed to look ok.
27 December 2023, 12:28
Sam S
Agree, and a big bonus is the larger 200ml bottles. Still have to get me the darker gray, currently holding the light gray and black versions.
27 December 2023, 13:00
I think as long as the paint goes on wet-in-wet on a smaller part, the result seems really smooth, assuming ofc, one had shaken the primer paint bottle well in advance.

I don't know why, but I have a large (largest) bottle of Vallejo light gray primer, that is so fluid, it seems like a terrible bottle of paint, and I have an agitator in the bottle as well, and so I don't know what is wrong with it. I haven't added anything to the big (largest) bottle of light gray primer, but I did move some of the content over to a smaller bottle, but I am sure I mixed the big bottle before pouring some of the paint over into a smaller bottle. That light pray primer paint seems so weird airbrushing with it as well. I should maybe just toss it.
27 December 2023, 14:13
Sam S
Shaking really well is a must before using. The only issue in my opinion is that the paint dries quite fast at the nozle, you have to remember to wipe it from time to time. It's convinient to be able to use the paint without using any thinner.

Would assume that your light gray is a bad batch or it has gone too thick when you have removed paint from it.
27 December 2023, 14:41

December 23, 2023

Re. Tamiya's 1:35 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 16. I don't recall having seen anything like this, in this scale:
Youtube Video
23 December 2023, 19:37
Tip to Evergreen styrene owners:
I just realized, having multiple packs of the same dimensions for the styrene rods and such, I might as well collect the content of all packs with same type and dimension, and then move them all over into the same one bag, which should clear up a lot of mess in my drawers I think. 🙂
23 December 2023, 11:51
I finally found a nice way to sand off the stubs off very long and very thing pieces of plastic. Not only is it necessary to cut these fragile parts off, using a photo etch saw, I used to try sand the resulting stubs with a metal file of sorts but with mixed results.

And so, what really seems like a nice tool for cleaning up the stubs, on these fragile parts, are these DSPIAE thin metal tools that one can attach self-adhesive sanding paper on. With #400 grit sanding paper on these thin flexing sanding tools, the risk of snapping a fragile part in two is greatly reduced. 😄

Having said this, a better option, might be to cut off the thin plastic rod, and replace with a styrene rod.
23 December 2023, 11:37

December 22, 2023

Q: Might there be a preferred way to create natural looking tanks sagging down by its own weight, but when using vinyl tank tracks?

I suspect heat might be involved, but to my annoyance I couldn't find any tutorial for it online. I could ofc try using superglue and glue the track onto the roller wheels, but I don't want to have to do that.
22 December 2023, 09:47
Superglue doesn´t work every time so this guy (scale model club 2) has another solution: Youtube Video he drills out holes and sticks some wire through it to hold the tracks down. The only problem is to hide them.
22 December 2023, 10:41
possède cet article
Japan Ground Self Defense Force
Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle
Tamiya 1:35
35361 2018 Nouvel outillage
22 December 2023, 06:19
possède cet article
U.S. Medium Tank
M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight" Korean war
Tamiya 1:35
35359 2018 Nouvelles pièces
22 December 2023, 06:19

December 20, 2023

Q: Does anyone know if the small wheel at the rear on a Spitfire plane is controlled by the pilot, or just turn by itself as the plane is moving?
20 December 2023, 05:47

December 19, 2023

I got this recently, and I can't recommend it, as the steel (iirc) edges in lots of places are unevel as if not smoothed out. The main long edge is smooth, but on mine I can feel the rough edge of metal burr along other edges (the many smaller curved sides) on this big metal shape on top of the large bottom plate. Might not matter much, but it doesn't look like great quality to be honest thinking of the burr I can feel with my finger tip in places.

The reason I got this, is for the rare piece of photo etch that would require bending along a great length. I also have a smaller one from before from DSPIAE in aluminium.
Piranha 300 300 mm long photo-etched part bending tool.
RP Toolz
PIR-300 2015 Nouvel outillage
19 December 2023, 15:07

December 11, 2023

If one can ignore the obnoxious music: Seems like there is a 1:72 kit model of this Oshkosh MMRS recovery vehicle, but none in 1:35. Would be nice to have this in 1:35 I think.
Youtube Video
11 December 2023, 09:22

December 7, 2023

Caution: Build guide seem to indicate how to glue on the pairs of tyres, photo of real truck show this to be correct, however it is possible to glue on the inner second tyre the opposite way, removing the spacing, which apparenlty would be wrong. I see photos online of people having glued on the inner tyre, the wrong way facing outwards, which removes the gap between the two tyres and that should be there.
Henschel Typ 33 D 1
Revell 1:35
03098 (80-3098) 2012 Nouveaux décalcomanies
7 December 2023, 13:20

December 6, 2023

possède cet article
Junkers Ju 87B-1 Stuka
Airfix 1:72
A03087 2015 Nouvel outillage
6 December 2023, 13:38
possède cet article
Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t (Sd.Kfz.9) Famo
Tamiya 1:35
35239 1999 Nouvel outillage
6 December 2023, 13:01
Abit expensive, bought at a discount. Would go nice along for towing a flak 88mm model I have.
6 December 2023, 13:37
possède cet article
Piranha 300 300 mm long photo-etched part bending tool.
RP Toolz
PIR-300 2015 Nouvel outillage
6 December 2023, 13:06
I already have such a tool, a smaller one, but I found this at a nice discount (local store going out of business in norway), and I know that some odd kits have too long photo etch parts that shouldn't be cut in half. So I got this one to keep around.
6 December 2023, 13:35
possède cet article
Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkraftrad (Mid-production)
Tamiya 1:35
35377 2021 Nouvel outillage
6 December 2023, 13:04
possède cet article
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb
Tamiya 1:48
61033 1994 Nouvelles pièces
6 December 2023, 13:02

December 5, 2023

Hrm, I was surprised by how expensive this kit is. Though it has movable front steering, and looks like maybe working tracks.
Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t (Sd.Kfz.9) Famo
Tamiya 1:35
35239 1999 Nouvel outillage
5 December 2023, 13:47

November 29, 2023

possède cet article
Lockheed Martin
F-16CJ [Block 50] Fighting Falcon
Tamiya 1:48
61098 2007 Nouvel outillage
29 November 2023, 15:27

November 28, 2023

Scale Model Workshop recrntly put up a new video:
Youtube Video
28 November 2023, 14:02
Hrm, I quickly deleted a recent comment of mine.
I thought at first that I saw someone having made a platform model of the 'Byford Dolpin' in a series of photos from a scale modeling show, however on a closer look, the nametag said 'Bredford Dolphin', not the same one. The Byford Dolphin platform was the location of a terrible diving bell accident above sea level many years ago.
28 November 2023, 10:23

November 20, 2023

Re. the A-1H Skyraider plane, who according to Tamiya build manual can carry two 1000 lbs bombs, instead of two outer fuel tanks:

Q: Might it be plausible, that you could keep the two outer fuel tanks, and instead have a single 1000 lbs bomb at the center, instead of the third center fuel tank?

Douglas A-1H Skyraider (Tamiya 61058, 1:48)

25 October 2023, 20:24
I found an answer. I found a photo of a Skyraider loaded up with bombs, and a 1000 lbs bomb on the center pylon. (Not shown in the Tamiya guide.) Then two fuel tanks on each side.
Ref: USS Constellation (CVA-64) (30 Oct 64)
20 November 2023, 18:07

November 15, 2023

Revell.. Please make a 1:144 scale T-Class British WW2 submarine kit. Thank you in advance.
15 November 2023, 15:14

November 7, 2023

Had great fun airbrushing aluminium barrels for the very first time.
The aftermarket flak barrels for the Takom's twin flat kit. Perfect result. 🙂 The alu barrels were cleaned with an alcohol cleaning wipe first.
So one airbrush on a very thin layer at first then come back and add more, always thin layers of paint so it doesn't get a chance to get runny or ending up with orange skin. Cleaning the needle tip frequently to avoid eventual paint splatter.
Airbrushed one half of the barrels with the first round of paint, then a few minutes later, finishing the other half, gently keeping them standing upright drying someplace for the next half hour.

I think a reason why I have more fun airbrushing on a darker primer color, is that the darker color is a lot more noticable on the plastic/metal, as opposed to the Vallejo gray primer.
6 November 2023, 13:46
I hope the paints will adhere to it. Aluminium is very special here, as it always has an oxide layer on the surface. In the painting of real aircraft an etch primer is used.
For models there are special primers for this like Gunze "Mr. Metal Primer". It is a clear coat and dries to a very thin layer. Tamiya has something comparable.
6 November 2023, 14:31
I think it will be ok, the Vallejo prime is like a plastic as I understand it, so it dries to being a rubbery surface. Ofc, I'll, heh keep an eye on it.

As for brass photo etch, I've had very mixed results. Seems like cleaning with alcohol is important if there's finger grease on the PE, otherwise the Vallejo primer paint seem to flake off when sanding edges. Not entirely sure how to get the best result with airbrushing PE, so I try to all cleanup of PE beforehand.
6 November 2023, 15:10
Ah, I see now the day after, paint did chip in a few places around the barrel (I think now I must have bumped the metal part into things a few time when holding it and putting it verical to let it dry), not just around the edges. After adding some more paint, I should very carefully put on a gloss coat and hope the stuff sticks.
7 November 2023, 13:25
Antony Merigot
I would recommend you using AK Xtreme Metal Primer, allows you to spray the whole model with any photo etch parts or other aftermarket products.
7 November 2023, 13:33

November 6, 2023

veut cet article
Boeing E-3G AEW&C Sentry/AWACS
Academy 1:144
12629 2023 Changé ?
6 November 2023, 21:05

November 4, 2023

If you ever buy some Eduard photo etch like for a ship, you can go to their website and download a pdf for the instructions, then one can easily print that out on A4 paper, and I think that is a nice solution. Maybe play around with a yellow marker.

My cheap laserprinter must be 20 years old or something I think, cheap and still running ok, on its second toner cassette.
4 November 2023, 13:17

November 2, 2023

This is the flimsiest carrier elevator structure I've ever seen, how is this even possible? The two supports sort of "dangle" in the air on the outside of the hull. USN Essex carrier. Hm, maybe there is some hidden wiring system from the top there someplace, that might make sense to me.
2 November 2023, 07:57

October 29, 2023

I keep seeing impressive 3d printed stuff, I wonder if there is some kind of industry standard for printing 3d parts for scale modeling.

Edit: Reason for wondering, is that maybe some stuff is noticeably less good looking.
If I had the bestest 3d printer, I would model the stuff myself and churn out parts as I needed them. 🙂
1 29 October 2023, 13:42

October 27, 2023

Youtube Video
4 27 October 2023, 22:01
I thought it was small with Z scale model trains (electric train set) when I saw that in a local hobby store the other day, but on youtube they tell about how there is T-gauge, which is electric 1:450 train sets. 😄 These things surely being a market for 3d printed stuff, if one has the metal/plastic carriage already.
27 October 2023, 10:19

October 26, 2023

This product from Trumpeter, seems like a scam product.
They could not bother to add all the six wheels for each of the two big cranes, only 8 big wheels in total, should be 12. Totally missing.
Kit build guide does not represent the kit parts correctly.
Trumpeter couldn't be bothered to pay someone to design this kit, but they want money for this.
USN Carrier Deck Equipment
Trumpeter 1:350
06645 2020
1 26 October 2023, 11:04

October 25, 2023

possède cet article
USS Los Angeles SSN-688
HobbyBoss 1:700
87014 2007 Nouvel outillage
25 October 2023, 15:54
possède cet article
Douglas A-1H Skyraider U.S. Navy
Tamiya 1:48
61058 1998 Nouvel outillage
25 October 2023, 15:50
possède cet article
USS Intrepid CV-11
Trumpeter 1:350
05618 2020 Nouvelle boîte
25 October 2023, 15:49


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