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(European distribution?)

Glow2B | N° 64010 | 1:200

Boxart Yamato 64010 Glow2B


Yamato (European distribution?)
Maquette complète
2022 Nouvelle boîte
Boîte rigide (ouverture par le haut)
Battleship Yamato-class » Cuirassés (Navires)

Contenu de la boîte

1440x170x460 mm (56.7x6.7x18.1 inch)

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Gallery Models
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La revue Nigel’s Modelling Bench
La revue Nigel’s Modelling Bench

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It's moulded by Trumpeter and should be the same with this: Yamato (MonoChrome 64010, 1:200)

10 May 2022, 09:58
Robin (WhiteGlint)
Just curious, how do you guys know if a kit is made with a new tool or if it's a rebox of another kit?
10 May 2022, 10:18
thank you! + fixed
10 May 2022, 10:21
@WhiteGlint I don' know other kit but this one is a special case: Trumpeter could not commercialize this kit due to political reason, so they have to ask their partners to do it. All these brands, Monochrome, Glow2B, I love kit, etc, are all known partners with Trumpeter.
11 May 2022, 08:09
Boris Alexandrov
@WhiteGlint China does crazy ass stuff to any kits related to IJN. A friend of mine bought a Tamiya 78025 Yamato from AliExpress and found out that all the IJN Sunrise flags and national flags on the decal tampered with black marker pen. Even the flag on the boxart was crossed out.
12 May 2022, 10:36
Finally! I have been waiting ages for a new-tool Yamato in this scale to appear...
1 7 May 2022, 18:46
I wonder though, how accurate models are. One thing that annoy me, is seeing a 3d modeler apparently not knowing how to make circular holes at the side of a ship's hull, because the circle shape is not projected directly onto the surface, but at an angle, leading to an oval shape, where it should be circular.
7 May 2022, 19:11
playtime 222
Ah. You are familiar with Trumpeters work then... 😂
7 May 2022, 20:08

>> leading to an oval shape, where it should be circular.
What kit are you referring to?

I assume the Trumpeter/Hobby Boss/I Love Kit/... mafia are behind this kit as well. There are several examples which show that sometimes, their design teams possess only a minimum of knowledge regarding their subjects. I am hoping for the best here, but will wait for reviews before committing my money.

>> I wonder though, how accurate models are.
Not accurate at all, I am afraid. For starters, practically all of them seem to be much smaller than their respective originals. 😉
7 May 2022, 23:03
Probably with Trumpeter kits, but I would have to check. Maybe also Hobby Boss. Their Dora kit is 90% bullshit, ofc, that is not a ship kit.

I know better than to call out brands, but it seems it is all a bit random, as if maybe kit makers use more or less random people to design their new moulds.

I do like the idea of new mould kits, but I am also a little skeptical, like with Hobby Boss' Guam kit in 1:350 scale, with a lot of obvious flaws. 🙁 Two of the propellers are designed backwards, as if they didn't think at all when working with the propellers in 3d.

But seriously, any kit maker in the past that makes non-circular port openings at the side of a ship, don't know what they are doing. And I've worked a lot with 3d models in the past so I would know.

I am ofc fiddling with another new model, the Revell Colombo Express, and ofc.. there are obvious flaws. It is as if they don't have time to do the simplest of things like checking with photos. Otherwise Colombo Express is a fun little 1:700 kit imo, nice and simple.
8 May 2022, 05:18

Battleship Yamato-class

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