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Razor Crest

The Mandalorian

Revell | No. 06781 | 1:72

Boxart Razor Crest 06781 Revell


Título:Razor Crest The Mandalorian
Tipo:Kit completo
Publicado:2021 | Lanzamiento inicial - nuevos moldes
Código de barras:4009803067810 (EAN)
Tema:Razor Crest » Star Wars (Ciencia ficción)

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GBUSD 68.70
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RV-06781 | RVL06781 | RV06781

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1:72 Razor Crest (Revell 06781)
1:72 Razor Crest (Revell 06781)


Irving González
wow, this will be a nice sell for Revell, now at leat 200 in wishlist.
2 | 12. January, 19:00
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Живко Джаков
This is the way! And let the power be with you. 330 🙂
26. January, 08:36
Irving González
386 this is the way
10. February, 07:57
Gareth Burge
Hmm wondering if I should get my pre-order done now....just in case! :-D
11. February, 11:56
Irving González
419 this is the way
21. February, 21:52
Irving González
461 whislist, this is the way.
24. March, 21:34
1:72 scale, are people at Revell feeling ok? 🙂 I thought all their Star Wars stuff was made at all weird random scales all the time.
3 | 11. March, 09:23
Johnny B
And who knows, maybe after this kit is a huge success, we'll finally get a styrene kit of a Jawa Sandcrawler as well!!!
5 | 21. February, 05:39

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Razor Crest

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