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1:48 Merkava (Zhengdefu DF515)
Merkava Israeli main battle tnak. Motorized
Zhengdefu 1:48
1:48 T-72M1 (Zhengdefu DF522)
T-72M1 The World Famous Tank Series - motorized
Zhengdefu 1:48
DF522 199x | New tool
1:48 Type 74 Tank (Zhengdefu DF513)
Type 74 Tank Remocon Medium Tank
Zhengdefu 1:48
DF513 199x | New tool
1:48 Marder (Zhengdefu DF514A)
Zhengdefu 1:48
DF514A 201x | Changed ???
1:48 M2 Bradley (Zhengdefu )
M2 Bradley (motorized)
Zhengdefu 1:48
199x | New tool

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1:300 Dingyuan (Zhengdefu DF017)
Beiyang Fleet Flagship
Zhengdefu 1:300
1:72 Mil-24 Hind F (Zhengdefu 08M-M354)
Mil-24 Hind F Heavy Helicopter Gunship
Zhengdefu 1:72
08M-M354 199x | New tool
1:48 M3 (Zhengdefu DF517)
M3 U.S. M3 Bradley Cavalry Vehicle - motorized
Zhengdefu 1:48
DF517 199x | Changed parts


T-72 1:48
Zhengdefu 1:48

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Zhengdefu started their plastic scale modeling journey in the Eighties of the previous century. Based on our records the first release by Zhengdefu was roughly 34 years ago in the year 1987.

75 products from Zhengdefu have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.