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Name:Wood Hunter
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1:700 Chitose (Wood Hunter M760002)
IJN Aircraft carrier
Chitose for Aoshima 009512
Wood Hunter 1:700
1:700 Chiyoda (Wood Hunter M700121)
IJN Aircraft carrier
Chiyoda for Aoshima 009512
Wood Hunter 1:700
1:700 Chiyoda (Wood Hunter M700120)
IJN Aircraft carrier
Chiyoda for Aoshima 009536
Wood Hunter 1:700
1:700 Isuzu 1944 (Wood Hunter M700083)
IJN Light Cruiser
Isuzu 1944 for Fujimi 410647
Wood Hunter 1:700
1:700 Yukikaze (Wood Hunter M700065)
IJN Destroyer
Yukikaze for Fujimi 400969
Wood Hunter 1:700
1:700 RYUJYO (Wood Hunter W70140)
IJN Aircraft carrier
RYUJYO Wooden deck for Fujimi 430896
Wood Hunter 1:700

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Based on our records the first release by Wood Hunter was roughly 9 years ago in the year 2012.

174 products from Wood Hunter have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.