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1:72 TSR.2 - Set 1 (SAM Publications M720506017)
TSR.2 - Set 1 Nosewheel Leg; External Bombs
SAM Publications 1:72
1:72 Hurricane Mk IV 'RP' (SAM Publications M721005014)
Hurricane Mk IV 'RP' RP Blast Plates (2); Rocket Rails (8); Armoured Radiator (1)
SAM Publications 1:72
1:72 TSR.2 - Set 2 (SAM Publications M720506018)
TSR.2 - Set 2 In-flight Refuelling
SAM Publications 1:72
1:72 TSR.2 - Set 5 (SAM Publications M720806021)
TSR.2 - Set 5 Reconnaissance Pack
SAM Publications 1:72


EE Lightning (SAM Publications Issue 5)
EE Lightning The EE Lightning 50th Anniversary
Nr. Issue 5
N, A
BAC TSR.2 (SAM Publications )
BAC TSR.2 Lost Tomorrows of an Eagle
Paul Lucas, Andy Evans



Airkraft Modelling Guide

Aviation Guide

Mosquito FB.VI (SAM Publications 2)
Mosquito FB.VI Airframe, systems and RAF wartime usage
Aviation Guide Nr. 2

Classic Plastic Series

Airfix Build & Convert (SAM Publications 7)
Airfix Build & Convert Classic Warplanes The Airfix Spitfire and Friends
Classic Plastic Series Nr. 7
Alec Smith

Combat Edge

Combat Edge - War Fighters in Detail

Combat Edge Warfighters In Details

January 2002


MDF Modellers Data File

The Sepecat Jaguar (SAM Publications 27)
The Sepecat Jaguar British, French & International Versions
MDF Modellers Data File Nr. 27
Andy Evans
the Hawker Hurricane (SAM Publications 22)
the Hawker Hurricane a Comprehensive Guide (Second Edition)
MDF Modellers Data File Nr. 22
Richard A. Franks
The Hawker Hunter (SAM Publications 16)
The Hawker Hunter A comprehensive guide
MDF Modellers Data File Nr. 16
Paul Bradley
The Gloster & AW Meteor (SAM Publications 8)
The Gloster & AW Meteor A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller
MDF Modellers Data File Nr. 8
Richard J. Caruana, Richard A. Franks
The Bristol Beaufighter (SAM Publications 6)
The Bristol Beaufighter A Comprehensive Guide For The Modeller
MDF Modellers Data File Nr. 6
Richard A. Franks
The Hawker Hurricane (SAM Publications 2)
The Hawker Hurricane A comprehensive guide for the modeller
MDF Modellers Data File Nr. 2
Richard A. Franks

MDF Modellers Datafile

MDF Scaled Down

The Blackburn Buccaneer (SAM Publications 6)
The Blackburn Buccaneer Royal Navy, RAF & South African Air Force S.Mk 1, S.Mk 2 & S...
MDF Scaled Down Nr. 6
Andy Evans
TOP GUN (SAM Publications 1)
TOP GUN US Air force, Navy & Marine Corps Aggressors
MDF Scaled Down Nr. 1
Andy Evans, Gary Hatcher

Modellers Datafile

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SAM Publications started their plastic scale modeling journey in the Eighties of the previous century. Based on our records the first release by SAM Publications was roughly 35 years ago in the year 1986.

20 products from SAM Publications have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.