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1:48 4 Ford Cars (Renwal 1495-356)
4 Ford Cars
Renwal 1:48
1495-356 196x | Model set Multi-topic (4)
1:1200 U.S. Navy Task Force (Renwal 6300A)
U.S. Navy Task Force 6 Miniature Replicas of Famous U.S. Navy Ships
Renwal 1:1200
6300A 195x | New tool Multi-topic (6)
1:500 USS Ticonderoga (Renwal 611)
USS Ticonderoga Angled Deck Aircraft Carrier
Renwal 1:500
611 196x | Changed box
1:500 U.S.S. Dewey (Renwal S610)
Destroyer Leader
U.S.S. Dewey With "Terrier" Guided Missiles
Renwal 1:500
S610 1961 | Changed parts

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The 15 most wanted products from Renwal at this moment are:

1:4 The Visible V8 (Renwal 802-1095)
The Visible V8 Transparent Motorized Operating Auto Engine
Renwal 1:4
802-1095 1960 | New tool
1:500 USS Pasadena (Renwal 5612-129)
One of the Scrappiest Cruisers of W.W. II
USS Pasadena with "Terrier" guided missiles
Renwal 1:500
5612-129 1959 | New tool
1:200 Andrew Jackson (Renwal 654)
Polaris Launching Nuclear Sub
Andrew Jackson
Renwal 1:200
654 1961 | New tool
1:500 U.S.S. King DDG-10 (Renwal 603:129)
U.S.S. King DDG-10 Destroyer Leader with "Terrier" Guided Missiles
Renwal 1:500
603:129 1959 | New tool


Renwal (Renwal )
Renwal Classics of the Hobby Industry


Nike Ajax 1:32
Nike Ajax
Renwal 1:32

by Scott Van Aken on Modelingmadness

Bleriot XI 1:72
Bleriot XI
Renwal 1:72

by Jürgen Wagenknecht on Modellversium

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Renwal is was one of the early plastic scale modeling companies. Based on our records the first release by Renwal was roughly 66 years ago in the year 1955.

38 products from Renwal have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.