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New releases

1:72 Raven Raptor (Kotobukiya ZD109)
Raven Raptor
Kotobukiya 1:72
ZD109 (HMM 052) 2021 | Changed parts
1:72 A.I.S Vega (Kotobukiya KP539)
Phantasy Star Online 2
A.I.S Vega
Kotobukiya 1:72
KP539 2021 | Changed parts
1:1 Little Red (Kotobukiya KP614)
Megami Device Chaos & Pretty
Little Red
Kotobukiya 1:1
KP614 2022* | New tool

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1:72 Raven Raptor (Kotobukiya ZD109)
Raven Raptor
Kotobukiya 1:72
ZD109 (HMM 052) 2021 | Changed parts
No Shiranui (Kotobukiya KP610)
Shiranui Imperial Japanese Army Full Option set
KP610 2021 | Changed parts

Hot kits

The 15 most wanted products from Kotobukiya at this moment are:

1:144 X-02S (Kotobukiya KP491)
Ace Combat 7
X-02S (For Modelers Edition)
Kotobukiya 1:144
KP491 2019 | New tool
1:35 Tachikoma (Kotobukiya KP294)
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
Tachikoma with Kusanagi Motoko & Batou
Kotobukiya 1:35
KP294 2014 | New tool
1:12 Reverse Trike (Kotobukiya KP514)
Death Stranding
Reverse Trike
Kotobukiya 1:12
KP514 2021 | New tool
1:144 ADFX-11F (Kotobukiya KP500)
Ace Combat 7
Kotobukiya 1:144
KP500 2020 | New tool
1:144 ADFX-10F (Kotobukiya KP513)
Ace Combat 7
Kotobukiya 1:144
KP513 2020 | Changed parts
1:24 High Trager (Kotobukiya HG056)
Hexa Gear
High Trager
Kotobukiya 1:24
HG056 2020 | New tool
1:144 X-02S <Osea> (Kotobukiya KP559)
Ace Combat 7
X-02S <Osea> pre-painted
Kotobukiya 1:144
KP559 2020 | Changed parts
1:72 Jigabachi AV (Kotobukiya KP-292)
Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd GIG
Jigabachi AV
Kotobukiya 1:72
KP-292 2013 | Changed parts
1:144 X-02S (Kotobukiya KP492)
Ace Combat 7
X-02S Pre-painted
Kotobukiya 1:144
KP492 2019 | Changed box


Gernsback 1:144
Kotobukiya 1:144
by Tieren on scalemodels.ru

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Release history

A histogram showing the amount and spread of releases:


Kotobukiya started their scale modeling journey in the previous century. Based on our records the first release by Kotobukiya was roughly 24 years ago in the year 1997.

171 products from Kotobukiya have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.