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New releases

28mm Ghost Ark (Games Workshop 49-11)
Ghost Ark 1 Miniature
Games Workshop 28mm
49-11 2020 | Changed box
28mm Gladiator (Games Workshop 48-37)
Space Marines
Gladiator 1 Miniature
Games Workshop 28mm
48-37 2020 | Changed parts
28mm Monolith (Games Workshop 49-09)
Monolith 1 Miniature
Games Workshop 28mm
49-09 2020 | New tool

New entries in the database

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28mm Aberrants (Games Workshop 51-60)
Genestealer Cults
Aberrants 5 Citadel Miniatures
Games Workshop 28mm
51-60 2019 | New tool
28mm Grave Guard (Games Workshop 91-11)
Grave Guard 10 Citadel Miniatures
Games Workshop 28mm
91-11 2017 | New tool
28mm Piety and Pain (Games Workshop PP-60)
Piety and Pain Zealous Bloodshed in the 41st Millennium
Games Workshop 28mm
PP-60 2021 | Model set

Hot kits

The 15 most wanted products from Games Workshop at this moment are:

28mm CANIS REX (Games Workshop 54-15)
Imperial Knights Knight Preceptor
Games Workshop 28mm
54-15 2018 | Changed parts
28mm Arkanaut Ironclad (Games Workshop 84-40)
Kharadron Overlords
Arkanaut Ironclad 1 Citadel Miniature
Games Workshop 28mm
84-40 2018 | New tool
28mm Wraithknight (Games Workshop 46-26)
Games Workshop 28mm
46-26 2017 | New tool
28mm Seraphim Squad (Games Workshop 52-27)
Adepta Sororitas
Seraphim Squad 5 Citadel Miniatures
Games Workshop 28mm
52-27 2020 | New tool
8mm Avenger Strike Fighter (Games Workshop 500-34)
Imperial Navy
Avenger Strike Fighter 4x Citadel Miniatures for Aeronautica Imperialis
Games Workshop 8mm
500-34 2020 | New tool
28mm Indomitus (Games Workshop 40-01)
Games Workshop 28mm
40-01 2020 | New tool


Imperial Armour (Games Workshop )
Imperial Armour Imperial Vehicles for Warhammer 40,000
Warwick Kinrade

Warhammer 40,000


Sauron 28mm
Games Workshop 28mm

by Matthias Pohl on Modellversium

Winged Nazgul 25mm
Winged Nazgul
Games Workshop 25mm

by Walter Gagawczuk on Modellversium

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Paint ranges

Games Workshop has following paint ranges in their program:

332 colors

Release history

A histogram showing the amount and spread of releases:


Games Workshop started their plastic scale modeling journey in the Eighties of the previous century. Based on our records the first release by Games Workshop was roughly 33 years ago in the year 1988.

104 products from Games Workshop have no clear release year and are not shown in the above statistics.