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Raphael Bernecole (R_A_P_H)

Hardened Aircraft Shelter Diorama - Andravida AB

A Daily Routine in Andravida AB - Greece

F4E AUP Phantom II

I present to you my photos of my diorama on a scale of 1/72nd of the airbase of Andravida located in the Peloponeses (Greece).
This diorama allows me to stage my Hasegawa kit of the F-4E AUP Phantom II build just before. Hope you like this exciting project


63 | 20. September, 07:54
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Great modelling. 👍
20. September, 08:10
Villiers de Vos
A very nice diorama.
20. September, 08:39
excellent dio
20. September, 08:40
Raphael Bernecole
Thanks a lot guys ! 😉
20. September, 10:05
Charles-Henri Titelion
Fantastic work! Well done Raph
20. September, 10:12
Tas Smith
Well worth the time to zoom in and have a peek at the details. Very nice diorama.
20. September, 10:47
Top work in every aspect!
20. September, 10:58
Harry Eder
Very nice dio! 👍
20. September, 11:07
Raphael Bernecole
Thank you very much Tas, Neuling and Harry 🙂
I will soon add some pictures of details before the installation on the diorama and the assembly steps 😉
20. September, 13:05
John Thomas
Nery nice work
20. September, 13:50
Erik De Smet
Chapeau! Très belle présentation!
20. September, 16:29
Rui S
Great Dio 👍
20. September, 18:48
Oleg Smilyk
Great Job!
20. September, 19:06
Awesome dio, but man, the weathering and paint job on your phantom is one of the best I have seen in this scale, impressive👏🏻
20. September, 19:53
Raphael Bernecole
Thank you very much Oleg and Daniel , It gives me great pleasure to see you like my models 🙂
21. September, 08:09
Piotr Sarniński-Górecki
Wow - what a great dio !!! Congrats Raphael !!!
21. September, 08:28
Very nice dio! 👍
21. September, 08:38
Konrad Limmer
Awesome work👍!
21. September, 09:53
21. September, 09:54
Łukasz Gliński
Beautiful. The weathering is grand and the dio even better. Love the way you recreated typical Greek nature 👍 👍 👍
21. September, 10:23
Stephan H.
great work. all the details. very vivid! 👍
21. September, 11:22
Raphael Bernecole
Thank you all a lot for your comments ! 😉
21. September, 13:44
Mark Broughton
Love this, the weathering on the Phantom is just perfect, the Has and figures give you a reference for the huge size of the aircraft. Outstanding work.
21. September, 15:03
Raphael Bernecole
Oh thank you so much Mark! it makes me very happy. 🙂🙂

I had a great time through the weathering of this Greek Phantom.
I love this plane and the Hellenic Air Force.
It had been a long time since i wanted to realize this project and i took me one year to do it entirely but it was very exciting and enriching for the techniques of painting and the realization of the diorama 😉
22. September, 07:00
Simon Nagorsnik
A really nice dio with a lot of details
The phantom is just an eye catcher!!
22. September, 07:48
Raphael Bernecole
Thank you Simon Nagorsnik ! 🙂 I really like your 1: 72nd scale Merkava 😉
22. September, 14:06
Oliver Zwiener
Great work !!!
22. September, 16:08
Alex Rodionov
Superb. No words. 👍
22. September, 18:15
Raphael Bernecole
Thank you a lot Oliver and Alex ! 🙂
23. September, 06:56
Bernd Grün
Bravo!!! Outstanding Job.
23. September, 08:21
Raphael Bernecole
Thanks you a lot Bernd ! 🙂
29. September, 08:43
Dominik Weitzer
great work! a lot of things to see.
29. September, 10:57
Marius T.
Very very nice!
1. October, 10:36
Guy Rump
Very impressive modelling and dio 👍
1. October, 14:11


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1:72 F-4E Phantom II 'Indiana ANG Special' (Hasegawa 00895)1:72 Hellenic Air Force Jets Part 2 (Icarus Productions 72002)1:72 F-4E, EJ, F, G, J, S Phantom II Exhaust Nozzles (Aires 7128)1+

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