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Painting School Makett Klub

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Budapest HU
Организационный Клуб:
Painting School Makett Klub


Competition rules

We are expecting entries for the competition that did not receive any recognition in any previous PSMK Model Cups. A work can only be entered under the name of its creator.

Organizers have the right to disqualify any work that offends against any ethnic or racial group or that is in bad taste.

The authoritarian symbols on the models are not intended to represent the organizers' political affiliation, but are part of a faithful display.

Classification of models

The Competition announced in the following age groups:

Children 0-12 (2007-present)
Adolescent 13-15 (2004-2006)
Junior 16-18 (2001-2003)

Participants who have received gold, silver or bronze medals in any of the previous PSMK Model Cups in the Adult Standard category of the main category (Aircraft, Fighter, Ship, Civil, Sci-fi, Figurine, Other) or received gold, silver or bronze medals in Master categories must select Master categories for their models.

(The above limitation applies to the main categories, eg if you have a Ship Gold award you can start freely in any of the hobby Aircraft categories)

The organizers reserve the right to make further breakdowns or possible mergers of the pre-announced categories, as appropriate. In the event that no entry is made to a particular category, the category will be deleted from the competition.

In addition, the organizers reserve the right to reclassify any entry in the wrong category into the appropriate category.


All categories of the competition will be judged by a panel of judges.

In each category, a jury of 3 will decide on the order of the medals and placements, at least one member of which will be a member of the PSMK Club, and the other members will be invited external jury members.

The jury proceeding is open, ie the jury members do not leave the competition area.

Members of the jury shall not enter the category to which the jury is invited in order to ensure that the principle of impartiality is not prejudiced. In the event that any of the selected entries come from the club from which the jury member is delegated to that jury, the jury member must indicate this to the other two members.


1 to 1 gold, silver, bronze per category and 4 to 6 places depending on the number of entrants can be issued.

In a category, a participant can only get one placement, and if more than one job is selected, he / she will be receive the one which is ranked higher.

Disputes, protests

It is possible to protest until the models are returned, as soon as the results for that category have become available on competition.ipms-hungary.org. Protest claims must be directed to the jury president, who will appoint a 3-member extra jury, one of which will be from the jury president or organizer responsible for that particular category, one from the original jury and one from the organizing club. The committee will review the validity of the protest and, if the protest is deemed legitimate, the category will be re-evaluated, but now by an extra jury.

Return of models

Models may be returned at pre-announced times prior to the announcement of results, subject to the receipt of vouchers received at the entry.

In the event that someone loses their voucher, they can only take over their model after it has been identified by the organizers and all other models have been returned.
У мероприятия есть конкурс


26. Июнь 2021

Место нахождения

1045 Budapest
Berni út 1.
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