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Choppa Nutta
Choppa Nutta (Choppa Nutta)


Fradge Isle - Flying Island Mk 1

Fradge Isle, a place of delicate sensibilities ! :)
.. a flight of fancy if you will . . . .
A three day build made from things you would throw away and stuff found in the garden as a birthday gift for a neighbour and as a test bed for a few ideas..
some of which didn't work . . . but it has been educational ! :)

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16. May, 13:15
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Gareth Windsor
That is such a fun and effective idea. I have a few models I could use this to display them.
16. May, 14:27
Chris Greathouse
That looks awesome!
16. May, 14:42
Choppa Nutta
Cheers Gareth ! :)
Glad you like it, I've uploaded some more pics including a couple with my scratch built hover bike on it,
I couldn't resist !! :D
16. May, 14:54
Choppa Nutta
Cheers Chris ! :)
16. May, 15:02
Choppa Nutta
I am made this as a birthday gift for a neighbour and I gave it to them today :)
And they loved it which was nice :)
Glad I took lots of photos though, tempted to make a few more, maybe make a hanging mobile perhaps....
16. May, 17:36
Extra bonus points for originality AND generosity!
16. May, 18:08
Choppa Nutta
Cheers JD, glad you like it :)
I must confess though this was something of a test bed for a few things :)
16. May, 19:12
Bernhard Schrock
What a great and cool idea! Top.
16. May, 19:14
Alec K
So cool
16. May, 19:22
Excellent Choppa
16. May, 19:28
Choppa Nutta
Thanks chaps, you are most kind !! :)
16. May, 20:37
Greg Baker
How did I miss this? That is AWESOME! At first I thought... did Choppa get out a spade, carve out a bit of his back garden and call it a model? It looks very authentic, and I can think of a bunch of things I might try like this. Thanks so much for sharing.
17. May, 00:43
Torsten Wendt
A big WOW from me 8)
17. May, 06:53
Choppa Nutta
Thank you kindly Greg and Torsten :)
Greg I look forward to what you come up with :)
17. May, 10:26
Kerry COX
As always, a most fertile mind and imagination. !
Most fascinating indeed. :)
17. May, 11:04
Choppa Nutta
Nice of you to drop by Kerry, it's been a while :)
Glad you like it m'dude :)
17. May, 14:46
Mike Kryza
Nice idea... and well done. :)
17. May, 16:02
Dominik Weitzer
thats awesome!
17. May, 16:05
Choppa Nutta
Thanks Mike and Dominik, it pleases me that it pleases thee !! :)
17. May, 18:04
Dieter Bihlmaier
Looks great Choppa! Cool idea. :)
17. May, 22:09
Kerry COX
Guys. Just take a tour through Choppa's albums he has posted here and remember to not let your lower jaw hit the floor too hard, as what you will see truly is mind blowing. :) :) :)
17. May, 22:24
Donald Dickson II
You never fail to entertain and awe with your work sir. :)
18. May, 03:07
Choppa Nutta
Kerry, you are making me blush !!!!!

Dieter and Don, Thanks !! for not making me blush :D :D :D
18. May, 09:09
Kerry COX
I have always been entertained by what you brain has going on. :)
18. May, 10:00
Choppa Nutta
Ha, crazy is as crazy does ;) :D
18. May, 16:00
Scott Hastings
This is excellent...out of the box to use the cliché. Love the painting backdrop, would humbly suggest finishing the cardboard edge with a small frame or wrap the blue around the edge just to finish it. Truly this is an art piece
18. May, 16:30
Choppa Nutta
Cheers Scott, appreciated and I am glad you said that as I totally agree, it really needs framing,
in some way at least ... I thought about it the time but I had a really tight deadline as this was a gift for a neighbours birthday last Saturday but yes, on future builds of this nature that is something I will attend to :)

One variation on this theme I have been thinking about is to use a clear piece of perspex and paint the backdrop with semi transparent paints and either mount it on a light box or put it in a window so you don't shadows from the tree on the sky which kind of looks weird to me, another one is to make a hanging mobile of a few of them together :)
18. May, 18:49
Scott Hastings
Very cool idea, love your train of thought. OCD and I hang up on something silly like an edge
19. May, 04:41
Choppa Nutta
Haha, edges are important for they are what defines the shapes of things and in anything resembling an artistic endeavor nothing could be more important ;) :D :D :D
19. May, 09:36
Choppa Nutta
My liked one of the photos so much she wants to print it out and and frame it for her wall so I said let me make a proper poster of it and use photoshop to edit out the background which turned out to be a very fiddly job to do and took all day !!
Sods law she prefers the original photo still... ah well, so I thought I might as well add the poster here :)

Btw, that's me at 2200 feet above a local flying site in the background, twas a good day :)
19. May, 10:14
Greg Baker
Ok... new suggestion. Build another one, but this time get a magnetic base and really have it free floating. I tried to scrimp on the cost and bought a "all assembly required" kit that I'm still fighting with (we're on a truce), but the concept is sound... ;)
19. May, 11:34
Choppa Nutta
haha, well if we're going all in let's go for one of those cryogenicaly cooled super conductive magnets that lock in place in the air !! :D
I do have a chunky magnet though from a Revell kit of 1/72 of a Fokker Triplane that floated using a magnet inside but it need thin guiding wires and not hugely stable but that might be able to do it if the island was light enough ......

Could always go for the helium balloon version instead ? :D
19. May, 12:12
Dominik Weitzer
that picture is fabulous!
19. May, 13:18
Dieter Bihlmaier
The last pic looks really awesome! It reminds me of one of the paintings by Roger Dean / Magnetic Storm...
19. May, 13:57
Greg Baker
I was thinking more something like this:

Youtube Video

19. May, 15:44
Choppa Nutta
Cheers Dominik and Dieter :)

Dieter funny you should mention Roger Dean as he was an early inspiration of mine, had a few of his books, It was a cross between his work and Studio Ghibli that I had in the back of my mind when I conceived this model :)

Greg that is very cool indeed !!!
How is it so stable ?
How do I make one ?
Can I make one that doesn't need plugging in ?
I am going to have to do some research as I need to make one !! :D
19. May, 18:48
Greg Baker
You have to have it plugged in. It uses a sensor array that detects magnetic fields (x,y,z axis) and then sends a current to an electromagnet to compensate. There's a law of magnets that means it's physically impossible to place an object in stasis, but this set up is basically pulling and pushing the magnets too subtly for us to notice, giving the illusion of stability.

You can, apparently, build one yourself (check out, but you can order all the parts off eBay for about $25 as a diy Kit. I haven't been able to get mine to work yet, but the battle isn't over. It's just resting on the shelf waiting for me to work up the energy for round two. ;)

The problem is I know it SHOULD work... ;)
19. May, 22:22
there is one kit of an F18 in 1/144 with the magnet included... i think it simply has a couple of strings to keep it in place
F/A-18 D Hornet (Revell 09101, 1:144)
somebody has the build here, actually
F-18 D der VMFA(AW)-225 VIKINGS | Album by Tacklebarry (1:144)

1:144 F/A-18 D Hornet (Revell 09101)
19. May, 22:25
Choppa Nutta
Greg, gotta say I realllllly want one ........ that works, not sure I can be asked with the kit version though, a lot of faff but if I can get hold of one that works with a few of those discs so I float several models etc. :)

Spanjaard I've already got one of those big magnets from the Fokker Dr1 version of that kit all I need now is the magnet to go in the plane, I was intending use it on a snow speeder and disguise the magnet as a foot from an ATAT :)
20. May, 17:07
that will be really cool Choppa. a hard one to pull off, but worth any effort :)
20. May, 18:10
Choppa Nutta
Yeah apparently these Revell Magnetic models are quite tricky to get the line lengths just right as there are three to do but if I can find the a magnet strong enough to put in the Snow Speeder it shouldn't be too bad, there's a fair bit of room in the 1/50th Revell version, might need to scrape off some weight and thin the walls some but not impossible :)
20. May, 20:32
Kerry COX
Now you know the principal of how UFO's work. ! ;)
20. May, 21:29
Dominik Weitzer
awesome! thats crazy :)
20. May, 21:52
Chaz Gordon
Needs an Ekraan and a Na'vi Warrior, Oma t'kaya would surely approve
21. May, 01:36
Frank Krüger
Absolutely amazing .... and really super cool !!!!! A fantastic idea perfectly implemented! This is a work of art !!!! :)
21. May, 15:18
Choppa, if you want magnet, i suggest you visit they seem to have all possible sizes up to some insane ones...
21. May, 17:24
Choppa Nutta
Spanjaard, cheers for the link, one to peruse when I am ready for the Snowspeeder !! :D

Frank and Dominik, thanks kindly !! :)

Chaz I really don't who or what Ekraan, Na'vi Warrior or Oma t'kaya are ! :)
but they do have interesting names ;)

Kerry, I think the principals behind how UFO's works is the Hand Wavium principal. . .
otherwise known as creative license by most writers of fiction :D :D :D
21. May, 20:06
Chaz Gordon
Figured perhaps Avatar was an influence on your floating island:
21. May, 20:11
Choppa Nutta
ah yes of course, I enjoyed the movie but I couldn't remember any of the characters names ! :)
I think my influences were from the artworks of Roger Dean and Studio Ghibli :)
21. May, 20:19
Looking forward to the Snowspeeder build...Maybe I'll build mine too!
21. May, 21:08
Choppa Nutta
It needs building but I am feeling that I really ought to work my through my current crop of neglected kits and builds first :) :D
22. May, 09:05
22. May, 10:24
Choppa Nutta
Cheers Es, much appreciated :)
anyhow, how's things ?
still making those excellent custom PE sets ? :)
22. May, 17:07
Es-haq Khosravi
Thank you so much Choppa! Not at the best condition, but still alive! Haha
How are you?
I still make PE's and even decals! :D
See my website: :)
22. May, 17:40
Daniel Klink
Heavenly.....georgeous, beautiful, and absolute unique.. Like it a lot Choppa
22. May, 17:49
Choppa Nutta
Thanks a lot Daniel, glad you like it ! :)

Es,glad to hear you're still doing ok :)
23. May, 10:44

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