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Saab 39 Gripen

Alt du trenger å vite om Saab 39 Gripen fra en skalamodellbyggers perspektiv.


Kategori:Aircraft - Jets
Fly - Jet
Også kjent som:
Brukt fra:1997–Nå
Brukt av:Military
Produsent:SE Saab
Modell:39 Gripen

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Jos Jansen la til et nytt prosjekt
6 | 25. February, 21:23
Mark D
Very nice scheme, really looking forward to this one!
27. February, 20:08
Jos Jansen
Me too Mark, one drawback, the model is really a "Shitty" Hawk kit. 😄
27. February, 20:30
I love the paint scheme.. will watch and hope 😄
27. February, 20:31
Mark D
There is something with that black and grey combination that looks always attractive, I was busy with a JA-37 with that double Black V and a picture of a horse at the underside, but couldn't handle the 1/48 Viggen of Esci, put it on hold halfway, stil have the decals. Anyway, good luck with the K Hawk kit
28. February, 14:31
Looking forward once you start this, with the paint scheme it is bound to be a looker.
25. April, 21:23
Robin Falkenhem la til et nytt fotoalbum
4 bilder
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: Gripen C
1:48 Gripen (Kitty Hawk KH80117)
9 | 29. January, 12:02
Konrad Limmer
Nice Grippen and also very nice painted camo.
29. January, 12:55
Agree, like it very much as well, clean build and paintjob! 👍
25. April, 21:20
Jamie Pearson la til et nytt fotoalbum
33 bilder
View album, image #33
7 | 8. March, 15:23
31. March, 18:03
Clifford Keesler la til et nytt fotoalbum
29 | 16. March, 23:13
Se hele tråden (22 Kommentarer)
Rui S
Great model 👍
27. March, 11:43
Somehow missed the final reveal of the "tamed griffin".
Great work, basically no visible seamlines or remants of filling where one would expect them given Kitty Hawks reputation! 👍 I like the paintjob and the gradual transitions between the two colours as well. 👍
27. March, 14:21
Nathan Dempsey
Every time this one comes up in the feed, I go fish my Gripen out of the stash and look at it 😄
27. March, 14:58
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much Alexander for your kind words. I am glad you like it. It was a challange, but well worth it in the end I think. @ Nathan, go for it man. I was digging in the stash today and found the PE detail set, a resin cockpit and resin external details set for the Iterali JAS-39, So guess I will have to buy the kit. I guess I bought all the goodies intendening to buy the kit, then never did. LOL.
28. March, 00:22
Clifford Keesler
You guys keep up with the nice comments, I am going to have to build another one. LOL.
29. March, 01:03
Clifford Keesler la til et nytt fotoalbum
View album, image #1
Decals finished.
Prosjekt: Kitty Hawk JAS-39B/D Gripen.
18 | 19. February, 22:11
Se hele tråden (42 Kommentarer)
Clifford Keesler
I took the wash off today, and added all the weapons, and odds and sods. Only need to add the wheels, then do final weathering and matt coat.
14. March, 02:43
David Taylor
Looks like you have tamed the beast.
14. March, 08:47
Clifford Keesler
It's getting there. Added the wheels today and the metal pitot tubes and AOA sensors. Just need to add the nav lights and the last weapon and it will be done.
15. March, 01:14
Slavo Hazucha
Bold little bird evolving very nicely - those canards really add personality 👍 - and as a side-effect, provide a surprisingly well working camouflage effect against your grey-white mat! 👍
15. March, 08:49
Clifford Keesler
Thank you very much Slavo.
16. March, 01:28
Jamie Pearson la til et nytt prosjekt
1:72 SAAB JAS 39 Gripen (Airfix 04043)
Saab JAS 39A Gripen
SE Military Svenska Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force 1926-now)
F 7 20
1996 - Såtenäs
8. March, 15:23
Søren Thuesen la til et nytt prosjekt
1:48 Gripen (Kitty Hawk KH80117)1:48 JAS-39C Gripen Electronic Bay (Aires 4623)1:48 JAS-39 Gripen S. A. - Kitty Hawk - (Eduard 49656)15+
Saab JAS 39C Gripen
ZA Military South African Air Force (1920-now)
2. March, 00:57
Søren Thuesen la til et nytt prosjekt
1:48 JAS 39 A Gripen (Italeri 2638)1:48 JAS 39 C Gripen Wheels (CMK Q48014)1:48 JAS-39 Gripen (Eduard 49300)8+
Saab JAS 39C Gripen
CZ Military Vzdušné síly Armády České republiky (Czech Air Force 1993-now)
Two-tone grey
2. March, 00:45
Clifford Keesler la til et nytt prosjekt
5 | 13. February, 22:02
Se hele tråden (13 Kommentarer)
Clifford Keesler
Welcome James and Konrad. This thing is going to make the Jaguar look like a walk in the park. LOL. Aft fuselage halves are warped very badly. I think it is a result of the way the kit was packaged. Mostly straight now after marathon session with hot water. Now it has stress marks in the left rear fuselage, but hopefully will be ok once painted. I will not be defeated, you guys know I will never give up on a kit. LOL.
18. February, 02:05
Sergej I
In 🙂
18. February, 07:07
Donald Dickson II
Also could have been stored in non temp controlled area. Thats not necessarily a KH thing.
18. February, 14:23
Slavo Hazucha
joining in for the show! 🙂
18. February, 18:57
Clifford Keesler
Welcome Sergej and Slavo. Q Donald, yea it probally is, it could even be where I had it stuck in the stash. Quick update, forward fuselage closed up. What a nightmare that was. I had to cut all the locating tabs off and widen nose gear bay opening to get the nose gear bay to fit. So wound up joining fuselage halves then shoved the cockpit in from the rear to get it to fit. Anyway the front end is done. I WILL NOT GIVE UP. LOL.
19. February, 15:04
Geewiz la til et nytt prosjekt
1:48 Gripen (Kitty Hawk KH80118)1:48 1/48 JAS-39 Gripen early wheels w/ weighted tires (Armory AW48503)1:48 Jas-39C Gripen exhaust nozzle opened - Kitty Hawk (Aires 4608)4+
Saab JAS 39B Gripen
SE Military Svenska Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force 1926-now)
13. February, 22:42