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Michael Stewart (Stewhead)

Scalemates Schwalbe Group build 2021

Revell's 1/32 Me 262 A-1


12 | 26. February, 14:23
nice 262
26. February, 14:42
Nice work - the pilot is particularly well painted.
26. February, 15:44
Rui S
I agree with you gorbygould. excellent figure painting 👍
26. February, 18:57
Roland Gunslinger
Beautiful Me262 👍 Congrats!
Cool stand, is it printed?
26. February, 19:25
Michael Stewart
Thanks folks! The resin figure was well cast and a joy to paint.
@Guns - yessir - own design and printed on my "ancient" Flashforge. Helps save shelf space ????.
27. February, 01:26
Roland Gunslinger
Own design?! WOW 👍
11. March, 22:51
Hi Michael, i guess the four question marks were some form of emoticon.... Tim is investigating why that is happening. maybe you can comment en how you enter that, in the following thread. the more examples Tim has, more chances to fix it SCM Newsfeed
12. March, 10:08
Michael Stewart
Hi Spanjaard, I posted using my mobile but can't remember which emoticons I used. If I recall, will report here. Thx.
12. March, 20:23
12. March, 23:28
Jim J
Excellent! Outstanding all around but I particularly like your pilot. Really nice.
13. March, 00:05
Juergen Klinglhuber
Beautiful Me262 - and it caught my attention as well --> the paint job on the pilot. Great work!
13. March, 08:17
Michael Stewart
Thank you. The pilot was a real joy to paint and the quality of casting was sublime. Cheers!
13. March, 15:52
Beautiful Me-262. 👍
I really like what you did with the liquid mask on the tail. The sharp edges are a nice contrast to the softer ones on the rest of the aircraft.
10. April, 18:05
Michael Stewart
Thank you WhiteGlint - I was experimenting with ABT's liquid mask to see if I could mimic what I saw in old pictures etc. - and was pleasantly surprised! Cheers!
10. April, 18:44
Jim J
Well done! I really like that you depicted it in flight. Looks great. Congrats.
11. April, 21:58


1:32 Me262 A-1/A-2 (Revell 03875)1:32 German Luftwaffe Pilot with seat for Me 262A - Hasegawa / Revell / Trumpeter - (Aerobonus 320 119)1:32 Me 262A (Eduard JX244)
Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a
3R Military WkNr. 130017
Erprob.Kdo 262
1944 World War 2 - Lechfeld

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