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Sebastian Meyner (SMey)

Scalemates Mig-21 Group Build 2021


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Patrick Hagelstein
Are we having a new group build??? Let me gear up with my Friday evening purchase! 😄
21. April, 04:26
Sebastian Meyner
Hey there's always a GB going on 😉
21. April, 06:13
Łukasz Gliński
It is indeed, following
21. April, 10:05
21. April, 13:41
Sebastian Meyner
Let it begin then 🙂 I started to assemble the cockpit tonight. I did decided however to not use the PE parts for the side consoles because I always find it very hard to match my paint job with the pre-coloured PE parts. Besides the plastic parts that come with the kit are beautifully detailed a should come out quiet nice with some careful painting and an oil wash 👍
22. April, 19:10
James C
Following 😉
22. April, 19:23
Bernhard Pethe
But that really interests me now, after all, I worked on the original for three years.
Why not paint the cockpit first and then use the painted joystick?
22. April, 20:56
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome James and Bernhard 👍

@Bernhard: Interesant! 🙂 Warst du techn. Personal an der SPS allgemein oder speziell an der '473'? Ich stelle das Cockpit immer soweit wie möglich fertig bevor ich lackiere....hab' immer etwas Bammel, daß ich mir mit zu viel Kleber die Lackierung versaue 😉
23. April, 06:41
Sergej I
In 🙂 👍
23. April, 09:57
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome Sergej 🙂
23. April, 10:41
Jan Peters
Another 72nd scale Sebastian? 🙂
Following this one too.
23. April, 19:54
Sebastian Meyner
Well Jan...I honestly don't know what's wrong with me either 😛

Quiet frankly the thre main reasons are: I'm slowly running out of shelf space, I'm also a bit low on paints and this kind of thing ( re-supply in Botswana is not a easy task....) and the major reason: 1:72 came a long way since I last was into this scale some 25 years ago. Back then you would have only dreamed of this little Mig's detail in 1:48 or even 1:32 👍
24. April, 06:21
Bernhard Pethe
Hallo Sebastian, yes I was a technician on the "481" in JG1 Cottbus. But it was a few years ago, 1971/74 🙂
24. April, 10:01
Sebastian Meyner
Very interesting Bernhard 👍 You can expect a personal message with a couple of questions shortly, if you don't mind!? 🙂
24. April, 10:13
Bernhard Pethe
Kein Problem.
24. April, 16:37
Ben M
24. April, 16:40
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome Ben!
26. April, 10:10
Jan Peters
Shelf space is my main reason for building 72nd scale too Sebastian. Having just about re-decorated the hobbyroom I found out just how much stuff is in there...
26. April, 17:33
Sebastian Meyner
Tell me about it Jan 😉 SCM helps to keep track of things though. However when I check my stash here and see a medium range four digit number, I start thinking "perhaps I should build more than I buy?!" 😛
27. April, 13:43
Sebastian Meyner
....and maybe I'll build even more 72nd scale in the process 😉
27. April, 13:50
Sergej I
In 👍. Good start!
16. May, 19:43


Group Build

Scalemates Mig-21 Group Build 2021 in Spijkenisse
Scalemates Mig-21 Group Build 2021
NL 15. Mars til 31. Desember 2021

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