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Sebastian Meyner (SMey)

Scalemates Messerschmitt Bf 109 Group Build 2020


23 | 18. October 2020, 04:15
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Erik Leijdens
Welcome Sebastian!
18. October 2020, 08:02
Jos Jansen
That's a very special livery, good to have you here...!
19. October 2020, 21:27
Sebastian Meyner
@Eric: With 26 unbuild 109s in my stash I couldn't resist to join 😉

@Jos: I think there are enough 109s in German colours already, plus a 109 with a shark's mouth is nothing you see every day 😄 I have some more 'non mainstream 109s' planned in the future (post war Romanian, post war Finnish and very late war Italian).
I think work on the 'Alpine shark' will hopefully start within the next couple of days 👍
20. October 2020, 08:07
Michael Hickey
Hey Smiley welcome aboard.🙂
20. October 2020, 08:30
Erik Leijdens
Very nice to see Swiss Emil. Didn't they have different cowlings than the standard Emil?
20. October 2020, 10:00
Sebastian Meyner
Well I do know that they were equipped with different MGs. How much impact that had on the shape of the cowling I honestly don't know....yet 😉 I'll check my references 👍
20. October 2020, 13:17
Sergej I
Nice shark! Taking a seat 👍
20. October 2020, 15:36
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome Sergej 👍
20. October 2020, 15:58
Nathan Dempsey
Great markings. Can't wait to see it completed.
23. October 2020, 03:59
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome Nathan!

So I now officially join the GB by simply starting the build today. First step: preparing the cockpit with my 'beloved' seatbelts from Fine Molds. Those things are top notch and IMHO just this little bit better than PE could be 🙂 ...still not as good as fabric seatbelts but for thoses I' m def. too old 😄
23. October 2020, 19:25
Michael Phillips
Count me in! Love the subject choice here, I am doing a non-Luftwaffe 109 as well.
25. October 2020, 19:10
Nathan Dempsey
Those Fine Molds seatbelts look very interesting. I may have to order some. 🙂
25. October 2020, 20:21
Björn Svedberg
Another 109 to watch, I agree with Nathan, those seatbelts look really nice. 👍
25. October 2020, 21:01
Stefan Schacht
very nice so far. I take a seat.
25. October 2020, 21:23
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome gents! 🙂

Indeed Fine Molds seatbelts are great to look at and above all easy to work with (you can bend and twist them and they can be glued using Tamiya ET or comparable glues). Another big plus is that they are detailed on the backside as well...great if you actually do twist them or bend them over backwards 👍

The only down side: they're not exactly cheap. A set of four usually ranges from 13,- to 18,- €.....
26. October 2020, 09:22
Erik Leijdens
They are looking great indeed. What kind of material is it? To be honest I never heard of Fine Molds seatbelts
26. October 2020, 09:31
Sebastian Meyner
I would say it's basically the same plastic as ejection moulded kits....maybe a tiny bit softer though

WWII German Aircraft Seatbelt Set (FineMolds NC1, 1:48)

1:48 WWII German Aircraft Seatbelt Set (FineMolds NC1)
26. October 2020, 09:51
Daniel Klink
Hi Sebastian, Late but i am in too 👍
26. October 2020, 10:17
Sebastian Meyner
Willkommen Daniel, nimm' dir'n Stuhl 😄
26. October 2020, 10:40
Nathan Dempsey
For the modern jet crowd there's also a series of Fine-Molds seatbelts for ejection seats too. I'm going to try out several styles. Thanks for showing us this Sebastian!
26. October 2020, 11:47
Sebastian Meyner
You're welcome Nathan, glad I could help 😉
26. October 2020, 12:17
Sebastian Meyner
After a "short" break I'm back on the bench....trying to make the dead line for this GB 👍 😄
13. December 2020, 18:48
Sebastian Meyner
The basic paintjob in the cockpit is done....incl. a little artistic freedom concerning some of the detail painting 😉
Tomorrow I'll apply a clear coat and some mild weathering.
14. December 2020, 19:20
Thomas Bischoff
Great to see a Swiss 109 in the making!
The main difference in the cowling is that Swiss MGs were used with smaller bulges for the syncronizing gear.
18. December 2020, 16:56
Sebastian Meyner
Welcome Thomas! I'm still looking for an elegant (=easy) way to reproduce those bulges.... Still not sure about their exact location even tough.
19. December 2020, 16:44
Thomas Bischoff
looks very Swiss to me 👍
29. December 2020, 20:31
Erik Leijdens
Looking forward to the paint job!
29. December 2020, 21:33
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks guys 👍

I think by now it's save to say that I will not make the dead line for this GB 😉
30. December 2020, 14:00
Sebastian Meyner
Clear coat is done. Tomorrow decals....maybe 😉
1. January, 20:02
Sebastian Meyner
I call this one done! 🙂
7. January, 19:33
Roland Gunslinger
Very cool scheme! Beautiful build 👍 Congrats!
The „sharkmouth" decal looks tricky!?
7. January, 19:37
Nathan Dempsey
Very nice Sebastian! Love the markings 🙂
7. January, 19:38
Sebastian Meyner
Thanks mates! 😄
@Roland: Das Sharkmouth war eigentlich das einfachste Motive auf dem ganzen Decalbogen...nur ordentlich in Markfit Strong einweichen 👍 Die Tragflächenmarkierungen dagegen waren recht störrisch. Im Nachhinein hätte ich die besser auflackiert.
@Nathan: thank u! I thought there are enough Galland & co. 109Es out there already😉
7. January, 19:47
7. January, 20:07
Hanno Kleinecke
Very cool livery, beautiful Toblerone Schmittchen !
7. January, 20:16
Thomas Bischoff
Very cool indeed! Don't want to spoil the party but ... the wing crosses are too big and should not cover the aileron. I consider your solution however as a visual improvement 👍
7. January, 20:49
Sergej I
A nice, clean build. Love it 👍
7. January, 21:37
Sebastian Meyner
Thank you Tim, Hanno, Thomas and Sergej! Much appreciated 🙂

@Thomas: No worries, you are not spoiling the party 😉 I actually realized after two clear coats, that the wing markings look somewhat odd.... I checked in G.Hoch's book on the Swiss 109s and saw it.... In hindsight I should have masked and painted the markings myself. Sadly it was to late (= I was to lazy to change it). But that you Thomas for your support during this project!!! 👍
8. January, 08:02


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Scalemates Messerschmitt Bf 109 Group Build 2020
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