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Greg Baker (strobez)

Ghibli: Porco Rosso (Savoia S.21)



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1:72 Savoia S.21 (FineMolds FJ1)1:72 Macchi M.52R (Vintage Models VM 72003)1:72 Curtiss R3C-0 (FineMolds FJ2)
Savoia S.21
IT Military Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force 1935-1943)


25. August 2017, 17:15
Jay Dubya
Got to be watching this beauty too!
26. August 2017, 04:20
Greg Baker
Yeah, well let's just hope I don't screw it up. This was in my "to tackle once I'm good enough" stash... and for some reason, I'm now cocky enough to believe I am... I'm just waiting to quickly and inevitably be proved wrong. :)

So I bought the Curtiss R3C-0 as well today..l just in case.

If it REALLY goes to hell, I'll just say I always wanted to build the Savioa S.21F instead... and that one will go in my "when I'm good enough" stash... ;)
26. August 2017, 12:23
Jay Dubya
Just put on some of your favourite French/Italian crooning to listen to, sip on a glass of Chianti and let your undoubted mojo flow Greg ... but don't forget the odd photo for us mortals observe your progress and for Choppa suggest improvements !!!
27. August 2017, 02:35
Choppa Nutta
Popular plane to model recently I've noticed :)
27. August 2017, 07:41
John Coverley
Hi Greg. I built the 1/48 S21 and Curtiss a few years ago. I built the S21F a few months ago. (See my album)The build process for the 1/72 seems to be totally different from the 1/48. In 1/48th the cockpit is assembled and fitted to the floor. Then both items are fitted up into the 1 piece fuselage section. The hardest part was painting the figure of Fio.
11. November 2017, 04:35
Greg Baker
You're right, John. The build process is completely different. I've also notice that some of the paint callouts for the 1/72 are a bit different as well, so I've been following the 1/48 instructions as closely as possible instead. I had some arbitrary rule that I should only buy 1 version of the Savoia, so I chose the S.21... mainly 'cause I took one look at that Fio figure and panicked. :)

Anyway, I've got the fuselage all done up now and am i trying to figure out what's next. The wings, pontoons and most of the engine are assembled, but i'm debating the order of painting. Basically Red first? Or red after? There's a lot of red. ;)
13. November 2017, 00:42
John Coverley
In 1/48th, the wings,floats, and engine cowling fitted so well they could all be painted before assembly. I painted the red, white and green tricolori bits instead of using the decals.
13. November 2017, 14:21
Greg Baker
Scratchbuilt the canopy and added the rigging. All in all though, i'm pretty happy with the result.
15. January 2018, 14:36
Just out standing work
26. January 2018, 14:27
very nice Greg
26. January 2018, 15:25

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