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August 10, 2020

Eddie Mann@SCM Data
Can we have consensus on the naming of Eastern Bloc\Russian\Chinese equipment?
SCM Topic: RS-12M Topol Russian (number & name)
SCM Topic: S-300 Russian (number only) & NATO
SCM Topic: S-400 Triumf Russian (number only)
SCM Topic: SA-22 Greyhound NATO
SCM Topic: FROG 2 missile carrier NATO (upper case)
SCM Topic: Frog 1 missile carrier NATO (lower case which moves it away from the above)

I would suggest: Original number & name (NATO)

Also, some topics are the missile while some are the carrier.
SCM Topic: MZKT 7930 (Carrier with different mounts)
SCM Topic: SA-22 Greyhound (Missile with different carriers)
SCM Topic: KAMAZ-6560 (Carrier with different mounts)
10. August, 20:52
"S-400 Triumf" as the topic....NATO Name as the SYNONYM (visible one)

eg. SCM Search: S-400 Triumf
10. August, 21:09
Eddie Mann
Yes, that looks better and will help searches.
10. August, 21:12
Starbase101@SCM Data
Is "Bulldog Adhesion Promoter" something that should be added to the database (and if so, then where), or no not really?
10. August, 20:52
if you use it and have it in your stash = yes
10. August, 20:53
Just arrived today. It's supposed to aid with paint adhesion on "difficult" surfaces, such as vinyl figure kits. Dupli-Color also makes an adhesion promoter that I'm planning to test as well. I'll create the new brand, but it's probably not worth creating a paint "range" for the one product, so I'll just add it as an independent product....
10. August, 20:58
The company who makes it is "W.M. Barr & Co., Inc.", the "range" per se apparently is "Klean-Strip", where "Bulldog Adhesion Promoter" is one of the products. (I had first thought "Bulldog" was the brand, but no.) How would you like this set up?
10. August, 21:03
Brand "Klean-Strip"
Product Title = Bulldog Adhesion Promoter
10. August, 21:04
Erik Leijdens aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
3 | 17. March 2018, 22:04
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14. January, 22:21
Christian Bruer
Congrats and well deserved
14. January, 22:23
arne vd burg
Super man
15. January, 21:23
Arjan Ouwendijk
Erik, a little late I know but you made a truly beautiful model....I also like this camouflage. There is however a small mistake in the kit and that is the nose gear leg. Kinetic supplied 2 nose gear legs but only the F-5A leg is correct for that type......the made up CF-5/NF-5 leg is incorrect. Originally the first generation F-5's used the leg that was installed vertical under the nose area and the fork section angles back a few degrees. On the CF-5A and NF-5A they installed a nose leg that had the fork in a straight line with the main leg body but the whole gear was angled forward. This leg was later installed on the second generation F-5 namely the F-5E/F. It had also the hike/de-hike provision built in. I still remember doing retraction tests of a hiked nose landing gear and we always had to watch the retraction sequence closely as sometimes the gear retracted before it was fully de-hiked.....which causes a big mess ofcourse :)
Another thing I'd like to point out is that the leading edge flaps only had 2 positions.......the manoeuvring flaps position was built in on the trailing edge flaps and had 3 positions. I don't know why everyone is always talking about the 3 position leading edge flaps but this is not correct.
Once again, a gorgeous model!!

Regards, Arjan
3. August, 19:48
Erik Leijdens
Hi Arjan! Thanks for your comment! And a nice on too, never noticed that the fork should be in a straight line! Something to keep in mind when building another NF-5A :)
10. August, 20:20
Anna-Elizabeth the Great
Great job on this model,a fitting representation of this lovely little jet.
10. August, 20:32
Erik Leijdens
Thanks Anna, it is indeed a lovely little jet. One of my favourite airframes, maybe THE favourite
10. August, 20:38
Anna-Elizabeth the Great
I just added one of these kits to my wishlist. Your fine work inspires me.
10. August, 20:54
Ricardo Reis aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
28 immagini
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Nuovo: 10. August, 20:47
6 | 3. July, 17:51
Rui S
Belo trabalho no cockpit, Ricardo
6. July, 21:20
Ricardo Reis
Obrigado, o Profipack fica lindo logo de caixa :)
6. July, 23:55
Nathan Dempsey
That is a great looking cockpit. Keep up the good work.
7. July, 02:29
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice sir.
7. July, 02:38
Ricardo Reis
Thanks mates. I love these kits although I was surprised this time by the gaps between wings upper half and fuselage...
7. July, 11:26
Guillaume Blanchet
Looking good!
25. July, 02:44
Ricardo Reis
Thanks, let's see if the paint scheme does it justice :)
25. July, 07:56
Ricardo Reis
Is it me, or the decals from Eduard are not great?...
10. August, 20:50
Sparky Rogers aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
10 immagini
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Nuovo: 10. August, 20:39
10. August, 20:36
Marcelo Paiva aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
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Nuovo: 10. August, 17:48
4 | 10. August, 17:48
10. August, 20:36
OldFart at Play@SCM Data
I am about to mount an effort to input a fair number of Kitbuilders issues, and figured while I was at it, I'd also populate the extant ones with TOCs. I just began the process, and immediately hit a few things that I need to ask questions about.

1. Issue numbers. Let's say a cover says "Issue #3 Nov. 1991". I would think the number to enter is just a plain "3" as the date has its own field. However, there are issues in the DB already with things like "Fall 1996 Issue 20" where the cover said "Fall 1996 Issue #20". Should I prefer the long form to maintain some sort of consistency? Should I leave the "#" out of these new entries or insert it into the old ones?

2. The titles of articles in the TOC are in a number of occasions shortened or abbreviated forms of what appears on the article itself, where there also sometimes appears a subtitle. I have chosen to use the versions from the article page because they are more descriptive. Is this the right thing to do?

3. I have author names with spelling variants in the same issue. Should I enter them exactly as written in each place? Should I use the longest one (e.g. with a middle initial) everywhere that person appears?

4. If the best cover image I can snarf off the net is smallish and keystoned, should I use it anyway, so that the issue has at least some kind of visual representation until somebody hopefully eventually manages to improve it?

5. How do I categorize an article that is in interview form? Is it news? Is it editorial? Seems to me it isn't really either thing, but there are no better choices available.

6. There are features where they showcase work by a modeler or set of modelers, but those people clearly did not write the feature, based on the way it is worded. But there is no actual author explicitly listed. Should I leave the author field blank or should I enter the names of the featured modelers as though they were the authors?
10. August, 20:32
Guy Rump aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
3 | 10. June, 19:34
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Guy Rump
The bit that caused me the angst was ensuring that the groove was big enough for the instrument panel (thanks to yourself and Carlos for suggesting this work around) :)
8. August, 14:09
Andy Ball
Yes it's far too shallow, and you nearly cut through to the outside (unless you pare down the panel itself?)
8. August, 15:26
Carlos Martin
Guy, looking good. I remember all the tinkering to put the two halves together. I had last minute trouble with the bottom part of the cage: I had to reglue it after I glued the two halves, I am hoping it is still where it should when I remove the masking from the canopy.
8. August, 19:57
Guy Rump
Thanks for the encouragement and tips Carlos :)
The body, wings and tail plane are finally together! Fuselage went together well, a bit of to-ing and fro-ing to get the wing part attached. The tail plane went together quite well. :)
9. August, 17:25
Andy Ball
yours seems viceless in construction!
10. August, 16:45
Guy Rump
I don't think it would have gone together as well without the tips from yourself and Carlos! :)
10. August, 18:28
Łukasz Gliński
I have to ask both of the experts here: is my planned Yahu dashboard going to complicate the fuselage assembly or make it easier?
10. August, 20:13
Andy Ball
I can't say Ł: the plastic plate part 1, I think was too wide - or perhaps it was the PE?, whatever I guess I'd check the Yahu profile against the Arma one and then decide?, otherwise it's a gentle routing of the locating groove- nearly all the way through the fuselage wall!
10. August, 20:23
Thomas Kolb aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
8 immagini
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Progetto: Hangar
1:72 Hangar (GPM H72-01)1:72 Soviet PAG-14 Airfield Plates (ICM 72214)No Green Grass Small Roll (63.5 cm x 83.8 cm) (Woodland Scenics RG5172)
2 | 8. August, 16:25
Wow... the hangar inspired by Łukasz! :P
9. August, 18:23
Thomas Kolb
Indeed! Hadn't it been for Łukasz, I would never have found this kit. But it is a brilliant design by GPM: just a few sheets of thick cardboard and clear acetate, and it looks absolutely beautiful straight OOTB. I am thinking of adding LED lights in the ceiling, we'll see if it works.
10. August, 04:23
Łukasz Gliński
I have to watch this :D
10. August, 08:58
Bart Goesaert
I'm in too
10. August, 09:07
Andy Ball
May I 'hang' around?.....
10. August, 16:43
Thinking adding LED lights in the ceiling?? Good news!!
This may be promising :)
10. August, 18:52
Erik De Smet
Following too. I thought it was no longer available.
10. August, 19:27
Thomas Kolb
The LED lighting is still just an idea ... I would need to scratch build a few parallel "boxes" in the roof to hide the wiring, but I am still not sure how to do it yet....
10. August, 19:39
Łukasz Gliński
@Cuajete: GPM used to provide it via their own website all the time. Not sure about other sources.
10. August, 20:11
Johne 69 aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
2 | 9. August, 11:06
Chris Greathouse
Good work so far! :D Watching!
9. August, 12:23
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Cool! I love Delorean :) The wires look great. Why is the project called part two, but the box from part 3?
9. August, 19:02
Hallo Johne, a Good Start for the second.
10. August, 20:11
Bernhard Schrock aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
25 | 8. June, 18:06
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Bernhard Schrock
With great enthusiasm I mixed the RAL 6014 again and airbrushed yesterday the entire fuselage. While doing this I made a stupid mistake: I didn't check if the color matches what I already painted (boom). So the fuselage is greener than the rest :(
Fortunately I managed to fix this easily. As soon I was finished I discovered after removing the window masks a further problem: obviously I mest the masking of the windows openings and so both middle and both upper windows are full of airbrushing dust (inner side :(). It took me about one hour of cleaning up with micro brushes and acid. :)
10. August, 14:32
looking good with the green!
10. August, 14:34
Slavo Hazucha
This build just can't stop throwing them issues at you...

A wilful & difficult child to raise indeed, but watching from some distance, I can tell you there is an exceptional gem growing in your cradle... ;)
10. August, 16:01
David Taylor
From a cygnet to a swan Bernhard.
10. August, 18:23
Bernhard Schrock
Thx Mates. I'm happy to see that you like the Teppichklopfer :). Decals are now in place.
10. August, 19:33
decals look really good indeed
10. August, 19:43
Michael Phillips
10. August, 20:05
I want to press the "Like!" button three times in addition
10. August, 20:10
Roland Sachsenhofer aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #26
Nuovo: 10. August, 15:10
Progetto: Bf 108
1:48 Bf 108 (Eduard 8078)
7 | 28. July, 11:04
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Slavo Hazucha
Roland that´s looking seriously great, love the post-produced pictures And a well done finish too - no spectacular surface show-off, and the right amount of depth and lining let the eye glide along the revolutionary 108 shape and the model to appear really life-like, good job!

Did you blur the propeller in a software or used a translucent piece simulating a spinning prop? In any case, the effect looks really good on those pics
10. August, 16:39
Roland Sachsenhofer
Slavo, a feedback like this from a modeller like you makes me especially happy - but also the vivid imagery of your language makes me happy, if I may say so!
For the approach to the sight of a moving propeller, I used very thin clear film, which was carefully airbrushed. I would like to show you three pictures of samples taken from different angles, which prove how beautiful they look in front of a suitable background - and the blue of my photo board is one such - the contours of the clear film dissolve. It is important not to leave any "edges" at the edges of the foils.

No, no photo post-processing, as I may say proudly and in any case delighted! :)
10. August, 17:19
Nathan Dempsey
Very nice work :)
10. August, 17:59
10. August, 18:08
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thank you mates! :)
10. August, 19:22
Choppa Nutta
The teaser shot looks superb !!
must have been quite awkward to blow on the prop and a take a photo at the same time ;) :D
10. August, 19:40
The present is a triple? That will be interesting, because the first one i really great already
10. August, 19:41
Roland Sachsenhofer
Thanks a lot! Oh, I must have said it wrong; one of the three Taifuns is a present for my brother, the other two show correct - but also quite exciting - Luftwaffe markings. Yes, and then there's a Taifun in 1:32, so it is a quartet to be honest. :)
10. August, 20:03
Robert Espenschied aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #21
Nuovo: 10. August, 19:50
3 | 7. August, 15:54
Robert Espenschied
A friend ask me to build the civil version of the Haunebu II for him and I agreed. Shortly after he send me the Squadron kit Haunebu II German Flying Saucer civil (Squadron SQM0002, 1:72) First thing I noticed where the missing instruction booklet. But since it is not rocket science to build this kit I started anyway. Half in the build I noticed that also 4 Resin parts where missing. Three weeks ago I got in touch with Squadron and they offered to send the missing items (still waiting).
Here we go.... Interesting is that you could use the lower hull part as wheel cap :)

1:72 Haunebu II German Flying Saucer civil (Squadron SQM0002)
7. August, 16:04
Looks nice with the big tyres I think.
8. August, 07:07
8. August, 09:01
Torsten Wendt
Great build, looking forward to more and will watching :)
9. August, 08:24
Robert Espenschied
Thank you Torsten...
9. August, 08:49
Dave Norman aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
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Nuovo: 10. August, 19:43
2 | 25. July, 16:38
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Clifford Keesler
Looking awesome sir.
30. July, 21:46
Dave Norman
Cockpit is complete and assembled. A few shots before it is installed and most of it is hidden from view. It may be worth adding the gunsight after installation as mine is slightly off centre.
31. July, 20:46
Clifford Keesler
Very nice cockpit.
1. August, 02:04
Dave Norman
Thanks Clifford. The kit cockpit is good as it is but is definitely enhanced with Eduard sets.
1. August, 07:12
Andrew Walker
Beautiful work there Dave... Extra details standing out.
1. August, 16:49
Dave Norman
A few photos showing the cockpit test fitted into the fuselage. If using the Aerocraft gunsight then I'd recommend gluing it in place whilst the cockpit is in the fuselage to ensure it is central.....unlike mine which is slightly off centre.
2. August, 19:52
Dave Norman
Cockpit installed in the fuselage. Excellent fit.
3. August, 19:25
Dave Norman
After a week away from the bench here are a few shots of the undercarriage bay. First one shows it before detailing and painting. Second shows it all done awaiting a coat of matt varnish.
10. August, 19:45
Jakub Chlodek aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
11 | 9. August, 08:31
Rui S
Great work, beautiful model Excellent.
9. August, 20:15
Jakub Chlodek
thank you!
9. August, 21:43
Those Hobby Boss Me 262s are great builds, and you've done yours proud.
9. August, 22:11
Nathan Dempsey
Great build.
9. August, 22:26
Mike Grant
Very nice
10. August, 01:41
Jakub Chlodek
Thank you gentlemans!
10. August, 03:57
just a wonderful plane
10. August, 04:08
Top notch! Great paintwork.
10. August, 12:56
wow, that is great looking 262!
would be great to see a WIP album :)
10. August, 13:49
Jakub Chlodek
so little time to do WIP documentation...with 2 little kids on the back?impossible ;)
10. August, 19:25
thanks for taking time to make pictures of finished product then :)
10. August, 19:44
Sparky Rogers aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.

This album does not contain any images.

10. August, 19:44
Rando Dude aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 19:39
10. August, 19:36
bughunter aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
10 | 23. May, 13:38
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Next things done :)
Which wheels should I use, option D with some "fabric"?
9. August, 18:27
The spoke wheel looks really nice.
9. August, 19:03
David Taylor
coming along nicely Bughunter.
9. August, 19:54
Slavo Hazucha
The marking and weathering looks perfect - all coming together beautifully - in a build where everything replacable has actually been replaced by your master-crafted scratch creations, I guess option D is the only one in the room ;)

But really seriously, I'd go for B - the mold is very nice & crisp & I am somewhat skeptical towards too strong letterings... Looking forward to see your pick & this thing going final!
9. August, 20:35
Thank you mates! Slavo, the B's are black primed and painted. I found unused decals from my Nightfighter project for the lettering ;)
10. August, 17:10
Urban Gardini
I for one hope that you'll go with the spoke wheels!
10. August, 17:50
Sorry Urban - one day I will use them, but not on this bird.
10. August, 19:38
Sorry Urban - one day I will use them, but not on this bird.
10. August, 19:39
Kerry COX aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 16:45
3 | 8. August, 10:06
Slavo Hazucha
Cheers Kerry - carching up on Pere's project? :D

There's a lot to marvel at in the detail department, the brake discs with all the cooling deserving a honorable mention, but the paint-job really carries the day... Absolutely flawless, like crown jewel diamond - hope the decals don't just slide down by force of gravity on a surface like this! ;)
8. August, 13:11
Kerry COX
Slavo. Thank you for your attention to detail mate. :)
This is my second C9, having detailed my first with what I could find and no dedicated after market items.
But building this one is because I have got into the habit of buying two of every model I build now.
And now I have mastered the art of using Tamiya enamels and the Iwata 'eclipse' air brush, it is so much easier to get great results.
The 'finish' one can get with a paint job is, as you say, the crowning glory in one's attempt to produce the very best you can.
Now I have a few extra days tucked under my belt. I am becoming a little more daring in what I do and how I want my work to be seen.
As for the decals, they will be the fun part really, as this livery scheme is visually, just spectacular and so worth the time involved.
8. August, 17:11
James C
Another "master class" in your detailing Kerry, and the finish that you've achieved on that black paint is incredible!
8. August, 18:23
Just beautiful to look at, an amazing job of detail & finish. Even the AN fuel fittings are perfect, I'm in awe ;)
8. August, 19:03
Kerry COX
Monkeyman and James. Thank you many times over for your kind words on my work. :)
I am always out to improve all I do, and the finer the detail, the happier I am.
Painting is what will be my cross to bare, as that is what drives me crazy when I see a paint job that has so many flaws.
Oh well. that's modelling I guess. hehehehehe :)
8. August, 23:41
Slavo Hazucha
A flying start on the decals :) I thought enamels need much more time to totally dry (I vaguely remember someone recommending giving them a week in some youtube video...) - is that a hoax or did you just posted the pictures after everything was safe & dry?
10. August, 17:01
Kerry COX
Tamiya paints you can call 'dry' 30 minutes after spraying.
That is why I love working with the Tamiya paints, as they are dependable and consistent in pigment and finish.
Humbrol leave me cold, as they take days and sometimes weeks before you can get on with any sort of decal application.
This build was posted as it happened. Not something that has been weeks on the brew, but as I finish one step, I am on to the next.
Tamiya suites my impatience.
Caution is something some people are good at, but I am always in a groove and find it hard to rest and be patient.
But mostly, all I do seems to work out ok. :)
I have nothing else in my day except being isolated and staying out of the way of the Corona19 virus and what it's doing to us all.
I can't think of a nicer way of being forced to be out of the way of the world.
Building models. Yahoo. !
10. August, 17:29
Rui S
That paint job is from another planet it shines like a Mirror. Very Well done Mate. . As to the details, it's your standard work, great as usual.
10. August, 19:30
Yeowoong Yoon aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
10. August, 19:22
Michael Phillips aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #16
Nuovo: 10. August, 18:31
2 | 28. June 2019, 03:37
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Nathan Dempsey
Screenshot saved, printed and thrown in the F-14D box...
7. August, 01:25
Slavo Hazucha
Great to see some life flowing back into this project again! With some formidable finishes, the GB needs to be kept alive so that we humble non-participants get nice things to watch ;)

I´m looking forward to seeing the Hasegawa-variety kit and particularly your take on it!
7. August, 13:03
Patrick Hagelstein
Thanks for that explanation Michael! I might recover my Hasegawa Tomcat from the Shelf of Doom one day now....
7. August, 18:38
Michael, all those tricks are exclusive of the Hasegawa 1/48 tomcat, or do they all apply to the 1/72 ones (got two on my stash....)
7. August, 18:57
Patrick Hagelstein
Good question Spanjaard! :D
7. August, 22:39
Michael Phillips
From what I understand, the engineering of the two kits is very similar, if not identical, so I would think perhaps what works on the 1/48 will work on the 1/72 Hasegawa.

So I got her primed last night, and I found a couple of areas that need attention, but overall not too shabby. Will fix those areas tonight and if I have time will do the blackbase pre-shading. It's kinda cool to come back to an already started project, it feels like I have a jump start and moving at lightning pace on this one with the cockpit already done and the subsequent steps moving along quickly. This is the first time I have ever suspended a project and gone back to it.
10. August, 18:38
Is this some kind of metallic primer you are using?
10. August, 19:18
Michael Phillips
It's actually just Mr Surfacer Black 1500. Probably because of harsh lighting and the smooth surface this primer gives that gives it a bit of a metallic look. The intake area is pre-painted so that I don't have to get close to the intake interior demarcation lines with primer and paint going forward.
10. August, 20:08
Yeowoong Yoon aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 19:15
Progetto: 2014 BMW Z4 GT3
1:24 BMW Z4 GT3 2012 DX (Fujimi 12577)1:24 BMW Z4 GT3 (Hobby Design HD02-0194)1:24 BMW Z4 GT3 NorthWest (Racing Decals 43 RDE24-006)
10. August, 19:15
Yeowoong Yoon aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 19:07
1 | 10. August, 19:07
Gary Kitchen
Totally 80s. Let's fire up the Quattro.
Youtube Video

10. August, 19:14
Chris Villars aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #27
Nuovo: 10. August, 18:55
4 | 27. July, 18:39
I like the truck kits with lots of wheel on them. Somehow they don't seem to be making the new trucks with interesting arrangements of wheels and utility stuff like a dumper it seems.
10. August, 19:03
Jakub Krzysztofiak aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
22 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 19:00
Progetto: BTR-70
1:35 BTR-70 APC (Trumpeter 01590)1:35 BTR-70 APC Early version (Voyager Model PE35538)1:35 BTR-70 with add-on armor and side skirts (SP Designs 306)
4 | 3. June, 11:33
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Jakub Krzysztofiak
Thx Alex, trying new techniques 'n practice some already know :)
19. July, 19:46
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Looks great! I love interior models
20. July, 18:13
Jakub Krzysztofiak
thanks Victor...its not the best, its not the worst. getting in. dont have much experience with interior. some with sdkfz234 only. I could mayby use chipping fluid next time for better effect. I'm not 100% happy with "floor surface". next time, next time :)
21. July, 10:45
Victor Scale Hamster YT
I like it. I don't like models that are too scratched
27. July, 12:25
Jakub Krzysztofiak
agree, scratching and chipping mayby looks cool, but very often give to object unnatural look. 4 example imagine jagdtiger described '45 covered by rust, chipping looks like spent 10 years at Golan Hights lol
27. July, 16:08
Victor Scale Hamster YT
yes, some models lose touch with reality)
27. July, 18:57
Rui S
Steady it is coming, and to look great, I'm sure.
I agree with you Jakub the floor could be more used, but not the other surfaces.
I prefer chipped and used models rather than nice clean factory ones. It's just a question of balance not always easy to achieve.
P.S. A trip in that back seat must be tough :S 8)
31. July, 17:54
Jakub Krzysztofiak
yeah Rui. with no reason i skiped liquid floor chipping. dunno why. i used that technique with maultier and was not that bad. anyway will scrach some more paint with next interior project
1. August, 20:00
Yeowoong Yoon aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
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Nuovo: 10. August, 19:00
10. August, 19:00
Rv aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #21
Nuovo: 10. August, 18:59
5 | 5. July, 13:55
Nathan Dempsey
Watching this one :)
11. July, 17:11
Jos Jansen too Nathan, I am in!
16. July, 05:20
Nathan Dempsey
Nice work on the landing gear.
9. August, 13:11
Lenny Li aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
9 | 3. July 2019, 03:59
Visualizza la discussione completa (21 Commenti)
Lenny Li
This project is a first time to me. Coming in 1/35 scale the size is tremendous comparing with the usual AFVs I've been building. Bit tricky just trying to handle such a big model longer than 40cm on my desk. Big salute to the Ship Gang!

One of the challenges met in the process is to get familiar with the maritime environment, which is quite distinctive from the land AFV's. Did quite a lot of research on the net to find pics of different things, such as seawalls, docks, landing ramps from ferries etc. Even learned how to tie sailor knots! Quite an interesting process and I have to admit that I've been enjoying that process.

Anyway, started next project now and let's see how it goes.
28. July 2019, 23:55
Rui S
I think the rope of the lowring loading bay, should show more strait tension. IMHO. Photo 24 Left side... 8)
29. July 2019, 19:41
Lenny Li
Just added the M4 halftrack to the LCM today. The LCM was completed 12 months ago. It's quite interesting to compare my own work 12 months ago - I'd definitely repaint the LCM sometime in future with the same technique applied on the M4 today.
10. August, 01:49
Lee Fogel
What a FABULOUS pair of builds!
10. August, 03:07
Quite an achievement ... Well done !
10. August, 10:33
I agree with Olivier.
10. August, 12:44
Rui S
Very Nice duo
10. August, 14:01
James C
Outstanding job on the chipping and weathering. Very convincing looking builds.
10. August, 18:51
bossy122 aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
1 | 2. July, 06:47
Fly By Jan
uhhh a bit late to this one, but following! looks very clean so far, nice job.
26. July, 18:50
Coming along slowly. I finally had to slap myself and narrow my focus to 2 builds and clean up the pig sty.
26. July, 23:12
steve Lintott aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
4 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 13:58
Progetto: Big Eagle
10. August, 13:57
Here's your first follower. You might want to link the Moebius kit to your project/album, I don't think this really is "Scratchbuilt".
10. August, 15:26
Oh yes! Oh YES! Definitely following this one!
I'm a big fan of Space 1999. might be my favorite Sci-fi series of all time.
Go for it Steve!
10. August, 18:34
Christopher Bartholomew aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 13:10
1 | 10. August, 12:54
Nice paint scheme. It is original, or per instructions?
10. August, 13:04
Christopher Bartholomew
Thanks much. Paint is per the box and instruction images (I added a picture of box art). Took a swag at the colors, they turned out decently, methinks.

10. August, 13:12
Torsten Wendt
Nice built and paint job 8)
10. August, 15:54
10. August, 15:58
Well done. Nice to see an alternate paint scheme for the X-wing
10. August, 18:34
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
Is there any way to show multi-nation development & manufacture, eg:
SCM Topic: FH 70
Germany/UK joint venture
10. August, 18:30
Guy Rump aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
4 | 28. May, 14:20
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Daniel Klink
Keep up the good work Guy ..looks very nice
16. July, 14:44
Andy Ball
super Sky underside with shading....hope the rest of the kit goes well....
16. July, 14:55
Guy Rump
Many thanks Daniel & Andy, your encouragement is greatly appreciated :)
16. July, 16:49
Guy Rump
After a bit of hassle, the undercarriage is in :)
3. August, 20:15
Andy Ball
You're on a role Guy!!!....
3. August, 21:42
Guy Rump
Props on and now ready for a gloss varnish :)
9. August, 17:53
Andy Ball
Purposeful in that dark grey!
10. August, 16:44
Guy Rump
Thanks Andy, it has been an enjoyable far! :)
10. August, 18:29
Mike Bastmaster aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
13 immagini
View album, image #3
Progetto: Jeep Willys MB
1:35 Jeep Willys MB (Tamiya 35219)1:35 Officers at field briefing (MiniArt 35027)
5 | 7. August, 19:58
Rui S
Great figure painting Nice weathering too
7. August, 22:39
really good looking Jeep and great figure painting. fantastic vignette.
8. August, 01:21
I agree with Rui and Spanjaard.
9. August, 08:43
Mike Bastmaster
Many thanks!
10. August, 18:17
class built and painted,looks great
10. August, 18:26
NarpJay aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
2 immagini
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Nuovo: 10. August, 18:20
24. July, 19:58
Temple Dragon aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
10. August, 18:13
Gustavo Sarmento aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
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Nuovo: 10. August, 18:15
1 | 10. August, 18:14
Michael Phillips aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
25 | 31. July, 00:45
Visualizza la discussione completa (33 Commenti)
as always, fantastic
5. August, 08:18
Michał Karczewski
Awesome model
5. August, 09:14
Rui S
I agree with all above It has an exquisite patina. Very well done all around
5. August, 10:47
Michael Phillips
Thanks Andy, Spanjaard, Michal, and Rui! I appreciate you all taking the time to comment on my project!
5. August, 18:48
Andy W.
Hi Michael,
your projects are always worth all the taken time. Especially because I've started this beast by myself months ago, but more than open up the meshes and applying the corresponding photoetch-parts isn't done by now. Your builds are always very inspirational
9. August, 09:05
Bernhard Schrock
Micheal; you done an excellent work. Very realistic finish and in each picture one can see the pure power of this Heli. Chapeau.
9. August, 14:26
I suspect someone likes the dutch angle. :)
9. August, 15:52
Michael Phillips
Thanks Andy and Bernhard, I am truly humbled by your kind words. Inspiring others through my work is the best compliment one can receive.

Treehugger, I actually had to look up "Dutch Angle" because I did not recognize the term, and sure enough, yep, looks like someone (me LOL) does like using the Dutch Angle. LOL
10. August, 18:14
HammerMax aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #41
Nuovo: 10. August, 03:43
5 | 24. June, 18:13
Łukasz Gliński
I can see some serious detailing happening here ;)
24. June, 18:26
Dave Flitton
I have to watch this, I have a similar model in the stash
24. June, 20:21
@Łukasz Gliński I wanted to open hatches as usual. But after a while it became 'to let the Cent sitting proudly in my post war tank parade between the sharply molded Comet and Chief from Vespid and Takom. Anyway, I'm glad you like it. :D
25. June, 16:08
@Dave Flitton No problem, actually I had some issues about the kit assembly. For now, the most critical one probably is the turret jamming, from both the engine deck cover and the driver's hatch, somehow. So, I would strongly recommand you to try fit the three pieces upper hull with EXTREME care if you haven't started yet.
25. June, 16:46
What kind of intermediate tool are you using for drilling with that tiny drill bit?
10. August, 07:41
@Treehugger None is needed if you'd order a handful load of PCB drill bits. Not much to complain about if you could embrace its fragility and price.
But I still prefer my crudely made ones with the drill bit slided and glued inside a section of bronze tube using Loctit, which could result in outrageous vibrations, sure. But they could hold on to the world's end and costs almost nothing.
10. August, 18:03
Starbase101@SCM Data
Fellow Star Trek enthusiasts, I would like to take on the task of cleaning up the Star Trek category regarding proper/correct data populated under Decal Options (poor name, since it encompasses more than just decals). The existing template doesn't quite work cleanly for Star Trek subjects:

1. Topic
2. Type
3. Usage
4. Country
5. Organisation
6. Unit/Team
7. Number
8. Nickname
9. Color schema
10. Pilot/Driver
11. Year
12. Month
13. Event
14. Location
15. Country (yes, repeated)
16. Result

1. Topic is self-explanitory, that must be populated for each topic in a multi-topic product.
2. Type should probably be the same value as Topic, since that is what gets displayed as headers under "Markings" when viewing a product. Also for starship classes, it makes sense that this would be the type of starship, which typically is the topic anyway - such as "Starship Constitution-class"...that is the vessel's type.
3. Probably "Civil" for Starfleet vessels and "Military" for Cardassian, Klingon, Romulan?
4. There are no "countries" in the Star Trek time period, so maybe this field could be used for the planet name? For example, UESPA (United Earth Space Probe Agency) means there is a United Earth rather than separate countries, so maybe values like Earth, Kronos, Romulus, etc. Open to suggestions, or leave it blank.
5. Could be "United Federation of Planets", but Earth's spaceships are registered with "Starfleet". (Similar situation with Klingon, Romulan, etc.)
6. Seems this would be left blank...
7. At least for Starfleet vessels, the ship's registration number, such as "NCC-1701".
8. Although not a "nickname", this is probably the best field for entering the *Name* of a vessel, such as "U.S.S. Enterprise".
9. Probably left blank.
10. I doubt we want starship pilots entered here (helm officers). It's probably more useful to populate this with a ship's commanding officer. When a ship had multiple captains, such as the Enterprise (Pike and Kirk), probably enter the latest/last captain?
11. Some database entries have this field populated, but I don't think this is meant to be the commission year or decommission year - it looks like this is meant to be the date (and month) of an Event for the subject.
13. Only should be populated if the subject is associated with one (and ONLY one) specific event, otherwise left blank.
14. Location where the Event occurred, usually will be blank.
15. Country where the Event occurred (this will surely be blank for everything in Star Trek).
16. Result of the Event, again probably left blank.

Any comments/suggestions before I start on this?
10. August, 13:53
Visualizza la discussione completa (14 Commenti)
Torsten Wendt
I'm a fan since 50 years, too ;)
10. August, 15:51
Torsten, then you can appreciate the task of trying to fit a square peg (Star Trek data values) into a round hole (Decal Options template). :)
10. August, 15:58
We already have a TOPIC field, why bother repeating the same info as the default rule... does not make sense

Please use Type for the vessel name! (consistent with how it should be done for ships)

- Grumman F-14 Tomcat
Grumman F-14A Tomcat
Grumman F-14A+ Tomcat
Grumman F-14B Tomcat
Grumman F-14D Tomcat

- Aircraft carrier Nimitz-class
USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)
USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)
USS Nimitz (CVN-68)
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)

10. August, 16:26
"Type" and "Name" are not synonymous. "Type" should be the TYPE of vessel, "Name" should be the vessel's NAME. There could be multiple types of the same topic as in your Grumman example (and if they were individually-named then where would you put the names of each vessel type?), and there could easily be multiple names of the same type as in your Nimitz-class example (and definitely multiple starship names within the same vessel class). Shoving them both into "Type" doesn't read well.

Also, TOPIC is not shown in the Markings section when viewing a product, whether it be single-topic (makes sense, it's above in the Facts section) or multi-topic (no topics shown anywhere at all on the product page). In the absence of topics being shown for multi-topic items, then there is no reference anywhere in the Markings (or the whole page) for a vessel's type (i.e. the starship classification). So a product having multiple decal markings for vessels within multiple topics has no association of the vessels with their topics (visually, when viewing the product).

I'm not trying to be argumentative - I would just like this to make sense for sci-fi subjects and trying to get the best "fit" for Star Trek data values in the Decal Options template.
10. August, 16:34
David Jung
Although I like Star Trek and watched TOS when originally aired, I don't have a dog in this hunt. :)

My only observation is some of the decal/markings/etc in a kit are for a number of different named ships. Do you intend to go with the name on the box art/wording?
10. August, 17:33
David, when you say "name", are you referring to the class name or vessel name? As I've been trying to explain, these are two different things. For the class name, that is well-documented in the TV shows and movies, various Star Trek reference books, and online Trek reference sites such as Memory Alpha. For the vessel name(s), obviously those should come directly from the actual decal markings, regardless of what's printed on the product packaging, since that is what's inside the box and intended for applying to the model. (After-market decals don't count because they are entirely different products and thus will have their own separate database entries.)
10. August, 17:49
David Jung
Vessel name...
10. August, 17:51
Since they are "Decal Options", vessel names would come from the decals included with the product. Sometimes that will be only one name, other times it will be multiple names (requiring separate Decal Options entries for each marking). Kits that include "generic" markings allowing you to create your own unique NCC number and vessel name obviously cannot be represented in the Decal Options, unless Tim has a recommended (and logical) convention for generic custom markings included with a model kit.
10. August, 18:00
David Jung@SCM Data
Can you mark the topic "AFV"
SCM Topic: AFV
as do-not-use?

I also found the topic with all lower-case, e.g. "afv".

I thought I had cleared the topic out the other day, but found some more items in it a while ago.
10. August, 17:54
Marcelo Paiva aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 17:43
3 | 10. August, 17:42
Roland Gunslinger
Looks great
10. August, 17:45
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
Repeating myself.
10. August, 17:39
Paul Choudhury aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #7
Nuovo: 10. August, 17:37
2 | 19. July, 04:59
Paul Choudhury
Will post images as this project continues. Looking forward to challenge of engine, lots of detail and hopefully I'll do it justice.
19. July, 05:10
James C
3. August, 19:00
Rick Taylor aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
5 | 9. August, 18:54
Fascinating. :) Would look even nicer with a figure or a diorama.

Did you use pigments on this model?
9. August, 18:58
Rui S
Yes, This single piece looks Great
9. August, 19:51
Rick Taylor
Thank you!

Yes, it would look better with a figure to give it scale. So far, I suck at painting figures. At some point, I am going to have to work at developing that skill.

I did use a bit of pigment on the firing base as this would be stepped on by the crew.

This was a fun little kit. Very quick to build and an interesting subject.

10. August, 17:34
David Jung@SCM Data
Did Barracuda Studio's change their product numbering at some point? I'm pretty sure all the "BC" prefixed product numbers that are not decals are duplicates. I can keep matching them up or might be easier to run a query to drop any "BC" that have a matching "BR" number prefix.
10. August, 17:33
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
I think these could be merged:
SCM Topic: 17pdr gun
SCM Topic: Ordnance QF 17 pounder
10. August, 17:33
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
Can you rename these please, my fault.
SCM Topic: Martin-Baker MK10 Ejection Seat
Martin-Baker MK10 Ejection Seat
SCM Topic: Martin-Baker MK2 Ejection Seat
Martin-Baker MK2 Ejection Seat
SCM Topic: Martin-Baker MK4 Ejection Seat
Martin-Baker MK4 Ejection Seat
SCM Topic: Martin-Baker MK6 Ejection Seat
Martin-Baker MK6 Ejection Seat
SCM Topic: Martin-Baker MK7 Ejection Seat
Martin-Baker Mk7 Ejection Seat

And this one to keep things together:
SCM Topic: Martin-Baker MK14 Ejection Seat
Martin-Baker Mk14 Ejection Seat
8. August, 16:52
10. August, 07:17
Eddie Mann
Thanks, glad you noticed my Mk7 typo.
10. August, 16:06
10. August, 16:19
David Jung
I like this better than having them scattered around over a few different aircraft types. We'll see if someone starts moving them back... :)
10. August, 17:30
David Jung@SCM Data
Did Barracuda Studio's change their product numbering at some point? I'm pretty sure all the "BC" prefixed product numbers that are not decals are duplicates. I can keep matching them up or might be easier to run a query to drop any "BC" that have a matching "BR" number prefix.
10. August, 17:27
Treehugger aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
3 | 10. May, 14:18
Visualizza la discussione completa (69 Commenti)
Ok, I have now cut off the ECM parts from the main fuselage near the air intakes.
5. August, 11:44
Re. the two triangluar canards on the F-14A. I did a search and found some info that might be correct. So the carnards aren't on the B's and the D's on the tomcats.

"A feature on the F-14A, which has, since been phased out of the B and D models is a pair of triangular vanes, which retracted into the leading edge of the wing gloves. These vanes deployed automatically at Mach 1.4, providing extra lift to the nose of the aircraft, unloading the tailplanes to some degree. As a result, they assisted the F-14 in pulling up to 7.5 g at Mach 2. The vanes were rendered inoperative if the angle of the wings were less than 35 degrees. Below that sweep angle, the effect of the vanes on the tailplanes led to pitch instability at the speeds associated with that angle of wing. With the B and D models these vanes were eliminated from the design in order to provide additional space for avionics in the wing-glove area."
5. August, 14:58
Patrick Hagelstein
Nice work on the light there! First practice round is there, now you can practice further on those other three. ;)
5. August, 17:12
I feel good about this. :) Doesn't look good with the glue and the protruding plastic, but when flush I think it will look very nice. We'll see. :) I finished the four custom clear parts, wasn't difficult at all. What made me think "ugh" was the prospect of doing something wrong, and having to re-make ONE such part lol.

Btw, it looks like some of me earlier comments on an earlier uploaded photo, is off by 1mm. I wanted at first widen the upper side of the air intakes by 1 + 0.5 (photo 32), but now I am certain it should be just + 0.5 mm added, on the insides. The width I think, should match the lower part of the air intake, so to make a square like cross section sort of.

Other things: The build manual says cut off this one round light on back behind the canopy. Done. Seems to match photos. Also, I noticed that the flappy things on the fuselage that lie down on the rotating wings, isn't correct so I'll try fix that.

The really big "ugh" will certainly be the entire canopy glass area, because I will have to add plastic with sprue goo and sand things into shape, very tedious. I've never done something like that convoluted before I think. So even if I am happy with the clear parts, I have to create a matching surface on the fuselage part.
5. August, 17:21
Patrick Hagelstein
Looks like you're definitely on a Galdhøpiggen learning curve then. Good luck!
5. August, 17:39
Clifford Keesler
You will get it, I have no doubt.
6. August, 00:29
Slavo Hazucha
I do not know much about the Galdhøpiggen learning curve and I am not sure I want to know more... :D

I see the kit is being reduced to a rough "guideline" for a Tomcat model. Hope all your intentions will bear fruit as you want them too, you´ve invested quite a bit of effort into this horse & it´d be a shame if it would suffer a critical incident now. Good luck with the canopy & looking forward to see the next steps!
10. August, 16:51
I do like try doing my best, but if it isn't as good as I hoped in the end, I got some needed practice. I am often humbled by how difficult it seems to get rid of sems and other pits and dents in the plastic. :)

TODO: 1) Figure out how to add the wings so that they slide or snap into place, because I need to have them loose for painting. 2) Figure out the two big air intake areas. 3) Clean up the two fuselage parts just inbetween the two air intakes. 4) Various clean up. 5) Figure out how to add canopy and nose wheel well. I'll probably glue on the canopy by itself, then somehow glue on the wheel well by itself and then I guess try glue on the smaller bottom part of the fuselage where the wheel well is. Then.. add the nose, and try clean up the nose without scratching the now glued on clear parts on the canopy. :|

I will have to try see if I have any spare decals, because the ones I have aren't good. I might get lucky, I have some boxes with spare parts, decals and stuff. :)

Also, it will be fun working with the landing gear, because I want to try add a shiny metal rod, and I will be using resin wheels, where you don't have to freaking mask the wheel at the center. :)
10. August, 17:18
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
Hi again,
These 3 kits are in the "Too Many Based Ons" although only showing one for each.
Lavochkin LaGG-3 (Maquette MQ-7210, 1:72)
Fighter LaGG-3 (AER Moldova (Srl) 72000, 1:72)
LaGG-3 (Eastern Express 72000, 1:72)

1:72 Lavochkin LaGG-3 (Maquette MQ-7210)1:72 Fighter LaGG-3 (AER Moldova (Srl)  72000)1:72 LaGG-3 (Eastern Express 72000)
10. August, 17:15
Elias Korompilis aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
7 | 9. August, 12:24
René "Bilbo" Bartholemy
Nice clean build. Is there a story behind the missing parts of the upper wing's roundels?
9. August, 14:47
Elias Korompilis
No, not something special, it is documented by a photograph. Most probably the ailerons are spares taken from another aircraft.
9. August, 18:22
Alex K
Excellent work, as always, on a favourite subject!
10. August, 17:05
Maximilian Feichtner aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 16:44
10. August, 16:42
Tzonglin Wu aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #13
Nuovo: 10. August, 02:26
Progetto: 3 Phantoms
1:72 F-4 C/D/J Phantom II Aces (Italeri 1373)1:72 McDonnell Douglas FGR2 Phantom (Airfix A06017)1:72 McDonnell Douglas FG.1 Phantom (Italeri 1434)1+
2 | 21. July, 12:58
Andy Ball
Oh, is this to become a comparison build!?, looks intriguing!
21. July, 13:01
Tzonglin Wu
I will build them simultaneously before exterior painting. It just for fun. They are products of different years with different prices.
22. July, 07:01
Łukasz Gliński
Very interesting
22. July, 08:46
Andy Ball
are you deliberately not labelling which is which on the photos?: sort of a 'triple-blind study'?! If you're not I wonder which so far is proving the better build, (or is it too early to tell?)
4. August, 08:03
Tzonglin Wu
Ahhhh.... I forgot that!
All photos have the same sequence if there are three:
Left: Italeri (ESCI), Center: Italeri (Fujimi), Right: Airfix
I add a note in the title.
Thank you for reminding.
4. August, 08:43
Thomas Kolb
Ah, I love these multiple builds, please keep the pictures coming! The cockpits look awesome!
4. August, 08:48
Tzonglin Wu
Thank you, Thomas.
10. August, 02:34
Andy Ball
Am liking the blades' effects
10. August, 16:43
Nikola S. aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #5
Progetto: T-34/76 747(r)
1:35 German T-34/76 747(r) (Academy 13502)1:35 T-34 500mm Width Cast Links (AFV Club AF35173)1:35 T-34/76 Mod.1943 Basic PE detail up set (Def.Model DE35014)
4 | 13. June, 12:08
Jean-Christophe Zeus
Very nice work!
10. August, 08:44
Nikola S.
Thank you!
Unfortunately i cracked the Upper hull while drilling the cable insert for the lights.
Put it on hold for now till my temper about brittle plastic wears off.
10. August, 10:30
Jean-Christophe Zeus
I know the feeling! In my case it's a lost positioning light that caused to put my Sd.Kfz. 7 on hold. It was a half-round clear part, difficult to hold with tweezers. Fling! And off it went, never to be seen again...
10. August, 11:25
Nikola S.
Yeah I the insane search and rescue on the floor.
Lost one of the towing hooks on this kit too.
Lucky it has almost all minor parts double included.
Actually pretty good kit, the plastic is just not suited for further reworking.
Started a KV-1 for now.
10. August, 16:15
Andy Ball aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
21 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 16:14
Progetto: Black Hole Sun
1:72 P-61B Black Widow (HobbyBoss 87262)1:72 P-61A Black Widow gun barrels (Quickboost QB 72 082)1:72 Northrop P-61B Black Widow (Eduard SS638)1+
8 | 5. August, 11:52
Visualizza la discussione completa (20 Commenti)
Gary Kitchen
Hi Andy. Taking a seat if I may. Loved your Hurricane build and this looks equally impressive!
8. August, 08:57
Thomas Bischoff
Good work and nice progress!
9. August, 04:28
Andy Ball
Thanks Guy, always welcome here!
9. August, 20:57
Andy Ball
@Gary: nice that you popped by on the Hurricane, thanks for watching again: I hope to catch up with some of your work too!!
9. August, 20:59
Andy Ball
Cheers Thomas! Thanks for the comments!!
9. August, 21:00
Guy Rump
Looking good Andy, really like the detailing. :)
9. August, 21:00
Łukasz Gliński
Watching, nice pics, Mr A
10. August, 09:06
Juergen Klinglhuber
Nice progress on this one,...
10. August, 10:23
Heico van der Heide aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
31 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 16:13
Progetto: F-16I SUFA
1:32 F-16I SUFA (Academy 12105)1:32 Isreal "Delilah" Unmanned decoys (Paragon Designs 32048)1:32 ACES II (Legend Productions LF3211)6+
10. August, 15:47
Michal Azarewicz aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
3 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 16:04
Progetto: Mobile Doll May
No Mobile Doll May (Bandai Spirits 5058868)
10. August, 15:58
Christian Borchmann-Backhaus aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 15:31
1 | 6. April, 11:29
Scott Dutton aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
11 immagini
View album, image #1
Progetto: UK Harrier GR.3
1:48 BAe Harrier GR.3 (Airfix A05102)1:48 MB.Mk.9B (Pavla Models S48010)
5 | 9. August, 09:28
James C
Nice looking Harrier Scott Taking a break from armour?
9. August, 18:30
Scott Dutton
Yep, in Falklands mode and that has morphed into UK generally
9. August, 19:42
Jos Jansen
Haven't seen your armor stuff, but you sure build nice planes... !
9. August, 19:47
David Taylor
Pig of a kit,you did well to resurrect that one.I opted to chop the nose off and utilised the Tamiya body.
9. August, 19:59
Scott Dutton
Thanks Joe, I'm better at armour as I'm not neat by nature and armour is automatically filthy but my modelling is a bit verlinden era so not up with all todays techniques.

David, understatement of the year. It was horrible to start with, but in trying to join the fuselage halves, there was some warpage and I snapped the nose below the cockpit. Then in trying to fix that I used hair dryer on fuselage to try and get bend out and promptly melted the area around the intake so it no longer has intake into engine properly and the fuselage is concave near intake. It was going into bin, when I heard new GR1 is due for release this year, but it taunted me so just accepted the faults and finished as a place holder in the cabinet until that kit is released, which we all know may be never, especially as it's a GR1 then have to wait for the GR3. Its done, out of sight, out of mind, but this beautiful plane and warrior deserves better.
9. August, 20:30
David Taylor
Kinetics GR1 is also their GR3,their T4 is also able to be built with the laser range finder.I have the old Monogram GR! but I am waiting as you are for the Kinetic offering.All the Kinetic kits look superb{have them all}but at present building T12 from NWC and Hasegawa.
9. August, 20:41
Scott Dutton
We arein similar positions, the stash has 7 harrier still. There is plans for an USMC AV8A, a UK GR1, the GR3 redo, and quite a few of the latter variants. I also went the Hasegawa NWC T12 route but not built yet. Have all Kinetic duals ans one SHAR, but have built a few of the Tamiya and Airfix SHAR 1/2 especially Falklands. If you havent built the Trumpeter 32nd it is so nice I bought a second for a UK version, my favorite being Lichen Green GR3, it's a beautiful colour harrier. Just love them.
9. August, 23:32
David Taylor
Word of warning when you do the NWC the glass partition between the two cockpits glue to the rear console not the canopy as per instructions I did to my cost,dropped it and got glue on canopy glass.It is however a cracking conversion set.
10. August, 14:47
Marc Schnitzler aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
6 | 23. June, 10:47
Rui S
Looking great. I'm in 8)
14. July, 20:54
Marc Schnitzler
Nice to hear that :D
15. July, 05:51
Wayne Lee
Beautifully executed! I have the same kit but scared to start the project. How long did it take you to build and paint the lower hill?
6. August, 17:13
Mike Kryza
I'm in too...
6. August, 17:37
Marc Schnitzler
Many thanks :)
I started in june with the Jagdpanther. I was scared to, because of the King Tiger i build from Takom years ago, and his many fitting issues :D
On this kit i got less trouble, although its a multi part Hull. Until now the only fitting issues i got where at the Engine Compartment but nothing really bad.
If you dry fit the parts before glueing it should be no Problem :)
6. August, 17:38
Chris aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #4
6 | 9. August, 17:02
I really like the great model
9. August, 17:11
Thank you, Tom!
9. August, 17:12
Rui S
Great paint job . Nice photos
How did you find the zvezda kit?
9. August, 19:55
Thanks, Rui. It was my first Zvevda kit and I have to say, that I loved this box. Lots of details, the track was easy to assemble and everything fits together very well. Plenty of clear parts, very nice kit in my opinion.
9. August, 22:25
Rui S
And you got a very Nice result oob., Well done
10. August, 14:09
William JOYE aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
3 | 15. April, 19:43
Visualizza la discussione completa (14 Commenti)
William JOYE
Extensive use of various pigments and fixation with Thinner
16. April, 18:56
What paint did you use ? Tamiya German Gray (Panzergrau) ?
16. April, 19:54
William JOYE
Yes, Tamiya German Grey XF-63 + Tamiya Medium Sea Gray 2 (RAF) XF-83 for the highlights
17. April, 07:04
Jean-Michel Tilquin
I like big trucks! So I like yours a lot. How is the kit, looks nice?
17. April, 08:40
Zsolt Czegle
Great work!
17. April, 08:53
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Awesome Truck! Great job!
9. August, 21:17
10. August, 13:08
Rui S
But set with a Nice paintjob
10. August, 14:07
Eddie * aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
1 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 14:06
Progetto: Spitfire MKIIa
1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIa (Revell 03986)
10. August, 14:06
JD aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
18 | 19. June, 06:37
Visualizza la discussione completa (113 Commenti)
Shouldn't you be using "Future" on the clear parts? 8)
29. July, 19:37
Denis Stenko
Wow!!! waiting for final!
29. July, 19:44
One would have to travel to the past to obtain the Future, which is not in the present, then it's Back to the Future! :S
29. July, 20:52
29. July, 23:06
Let's hear it for Doug at Round2! He hooked me up with the time flux gear free of charge in under a week! :D
1. August, 04:49
1. August, 12:24
Now you're thinking 4th dimensionally Marty!
Some honest to goodness scratch building, or more precisely kitbashing.. or is it scratch bashing? Kit scratching? :S : Anyway, I'm happy with the result from all that thinking.. :)
I've made much more progress than this, but I'm holding out for the final reveal... :D
9. August, 03:11
Johne 69
So far so good
10. August, 14:05
bruno egral aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
11 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 13:59
Progetto: Porsche 944
1:24 Porsche 944 Turbo Racing (Hasegawa 20315)
1 | 17. May, 09:49
Starbase101@SCM Data
New Releases page has Organization as "Organisation". Also on the same page, there are dozens (or hundreds?) of new releases posted, but under Country all I'm seeing is *blank* (14) and United States|US (4). The numbers don't add up.
10. August, 13:21
Scalemates uses (I'm sure there are exceptions) "British english" = Organisation

I'll check for the other
10. August, 13:29
I just discovered "Organisation" exists in Decal Options as well. For me, it looks like a typo.
10. August, 13:34
2 parts.....

Organisation = blank => The decal-options were filled in, but not the organisation field. the field is an empty string ""
if no decaltoptions are entered (none of the info) the organisation is "null"...and not shown.

So the above is "normal".... BUT

However it seems I do show the *blank* in some cases when it shouldn't. => will look into that

10. August, 13:36
I found the bug.... fixing it now, i'm working on this anyway related to some "multi-topic" stability improvements. Great catch!
10. August, 13:45
What I meant was, 14 + 4 = 18, but there are way more than 18 products shown on the New Releases page. I suspect additional countries might be missing, and/or the quantities for (blank) and United States are incorrect.
10. August, 13:58
JOHN THOMAS aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
3 | 11. November 2018, 16:41
Visualizza la discussione completa (148 Commenti)
Bill Newcomer
Just found this thread and have learned a few things here. I have been using the same bottle of Future for years (dated 2000). I have never air brushed it. I have only applied it with a 3/8" wide brush to car and truck models painted with enamels or lacquers. Even if I leave bubbles, it self levels nicely. I usually apply it once the decals, BMF and chrome bits are on the body. I usually do so before the windows are installed. It does a great job of keeping the decals and BMF from being disturbed from handling. It also adds gloss to rattle can paints that didn't gloss well enough. I used to be wasteful by pouring a bit in a dixie cup, brushing it on then throwing the remaining away. I now keep a small amount in an old Testors bottle to always have it at the ready. An empty enamel thinner bottle it what I use. The paint brush cleans up pretty well with hot running water if you clean it immediately after painting. On models where I got dust or painted too slowly and screwed up the layer of Future, I use cotton swaps in household ammonia to remove it and try again. The enamels and lacquers underneath are not affected by the ammonia. I have yet to paint any acrylics. I just ordered an air compressor that comes with (3) airbrushes for $89 US. I may likely try airbrushing future once I get the hang of it.
26. July, 06:06
Bill Thanks And good luck. Remember to clear out our airbrush after future use dont let future set in the airbrush it will gum it up. I use Windex to clean out the future when some IPA and lot of water.
26. July, 14:01
Clifford Keesler
That is what I use to clean my air brush with after spraying future also, IPA, and then Auto windshield washer fluid. For acrylic paints, I use the windshield washer fluid as my standard air brush cleaner. A gallon jug last me forever.
27. July, 21:43
Clifford, Thanks
28. July, 13:21
in my local supermarket i have found this
anybody has used it? it looks a bit milky and does not small the same as the one we know works
9. August, 13:05
9. August, 18:00
Spanjaard. I heard some were that Pledge in the UK was milky for some reason, I would test it first before using it on a good model, it may be fine.
10. August, 12:51
i tried to dip something on it, to see how it looks... results totally inconclusive... i will certainly use it in a test model before even thinking on using it in a good one.... i doubt is the good stuff
10. August, 13:52
Lenny Li aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
7 | 10. August, 02:02
Wow! Great result and great photos, too!
10. August, 02:16
Lenny Li
I completed this model at the same time as the Dragon M4 halftrack. I had high expectation for this model as it's quite unique in terms of subject. It also attracts me for it's full details in the back deck.

This kit from Bronco is OK, although there are always some issues with Bronco's over-engineering. I just can't appreciate the way the road wheels were designed. The connection points with the torsion bars are tiny and easy to break - what's the problem with a good-old poly caps??

Similar issues can be found on the way the turret connects to the body. The turret is connected with the body with an O ring part, which means you need to glue it to the upper body first BEFORE gluing the upper body to the lower body. To make things worse, you need to glue the ammo box ring BEFORE proceeding to glue the turret. If you want to paint these major parts separately like I do, you are not able to fix the turret to the body at the end as it's impossible to glue the O ring after sealing off the body.

Another problem would be the wire guard for the auxiliary power unit on the right side of the fender. Bronco breaks it into 8 small pieces. It's not clear how they connect each other on the manual and neither are shown on the box art or anywhere. I had to search some pictures on line to find out how to connect them. Also it's impossible to complete it in the assembling stage if you want to paint the APU separately, as the wire guard connects to both of the ammo box ring and the main body. I ended up breaking part of it but I just lost the motivation to fix it.

Anyway it always been a very interesting experience when building a Bronco kit. Hope you guys enjoy!
10. August, 02:22
Nathan Dempsey
Wonderful result Lenny. It seems you've tamed this Bronco.
10. August, 02:31
Top job! Inspiring for me.
10. August, 12:58
10. August, 13:49
Jojo Anonuevo aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
7 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 09:21
Progetto: F-111A
1:72 F-111E Aardvark (Hasegawa 04036)1:72 General Dynamics F-111A Aardvark (Print Scale 72-268)
1 | 10. August, 09:06
Very nice collection!
10. August, 12:51
Łukasz Gliński
Nice Cessna
10. August, 13:30
Petr Plaček aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
50 immagini
View album, image #50
Nuovo: 10. August, 12:01
Progetto: HMS Zulu
1:350 HMS Zulu (Trumpeter 05332)1:350 British 4.7"/45 (120mm) QF Marks IX and XII (Master SM-350-078)1:350 Royal Navy Railing (Eduard 99007)
9 | 27. April, 20:22
I hope you will also rig the model with thread.
28. April, 15:29
Petr Plaček
Sure i will. I will try at least. :)
28. April, 15:40
Christian Bruer
A very good start into the world of ship modelling Would be fine this will not be your last one!
14. July, 19:26
Petr Plaček
I hope not. :) Right now I´m blinking on my next project, HMS Cornwall. :)
15. July, 07:31
Harley Meiroff
Very well done, clean. Get some fine EZLine, it's very easy to do a nice rigging job with EZ and it adds so much to the model.
10. August, 13:26
Starbase101@SCM Data
The paint range contains several paints that are not Dupli-Color (ColorPlace, Design Master, Kilz, Krylon, Plasti-Kote, Project Source, Quick Color, Rust-oleum, and others). These should be separated out to their own brands.

Also, some of the Dupli-Color paints are "acrylic lacquer". How are those to be added, as "Acrylic" or as "Lacquer" (or would you like to add the "Acrylic Lacquer" paint type)?
10. August, 13:09
Neuling aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
18 immagini
View album, image #1
Progetto: Ied clearing
1:35 "Buffalo" 6x6 MPCV (Bronco CB35100)
27 | 7. September 2018, 15:07
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on si croirai
26. July, 19:10
On si croirai
26. July, 19:10
On si croirai
26. July, 19:10
Merci Christophe!
29. July, 15:25
Van Lee
Superb diorama there.
8. August, 21:13
Where do you store all these wonderful dioramas ? Output combined with quality is amazing !
9. August, 07:57
gerard ormesby
Fantastic build and great Diorama Neuling, I just wish I could do as well.
10. August, 02:14
Thank you Van Lee, Olivier and gerard! - Olivier, I have a small showcase in my working room. But the bulk of my dios is put in dust proof tupperware boxes and stored in the attic.
10. August, 13:02
Chen Pan aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
9 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 04:59
2 | 10. August, 04:52
Good build in an unusual scale!
10. August, 12:54
Chen Pan aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 05:05
2 | 10. August, 05:02
10. August, 05:48
10. August, 12:53
Joonlae Kim aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 00:50
6 | 10. August, 00:50
Mike Grant
Looks great!
10. August, 01:39
Erik No
This red is awesome! What color is it?
10. August, 08:11
Very beautiful! Elegant!
10. August, 12:52
Christopher Bartholomew aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
This album no longer exists
This album does not contain any images.
10. August, 12:46
Michael Hickey aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
10. August, 12:28
Looking forward .......
10. August, 12:48
Neuling aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
8 | 23. February, 12:37
Visualizza la discussione completa (65 Commenti)
Zbynek Honzik
Wow, fantastic job! Stunning model and great photos!
19. May, 21:25
Ricardo Reis
This looks great, great dio!
19. May, 21:37
Choppa Nutta
Yeah this is good work, good presentation, good use of lighting, backgrounds and photography, an all round class act sir !! :)
there's a handful of pics in there that are quite convincing, the teaser and pic 4 in particular, well done Neuling !! :)
19. May, 21:52
Jaw dropping !
20. May, 00:24
Sebastian Meyner
Beautiful work mate
20. May, 00:32
Thank you mates, your compliments are much appreciated!
20. May, 16:05
Van Lee
Great job. You build some great dios
8. August, 21:14
Thank you Van Lee!
10. August, 12:46
Kars Jans aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
2 | 10. August, 12:43
Histrionics aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
4 | 8. August, 10:17
Wanted some pictures before I do some weathering and completely ruin it!
9. August, 08:20
Rui S
Look good . Go with ease and you will not ruin it
9. August, 20:27
Thanks for the wise words.
10. August, 12:07
Chuck Willis
Looking for Tamiya 1:35 Mobelwagen w/ 3.7cm gun.
10. August, 12:00
Bocan aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
10 | 8. August, 11:09
Visualizza la discussione completa (15 Commenti)
A masterpiece.
9. August, 08:28
9. August, 11:16
Thank you for your appreciation, I'm glad you like my job.
9. August, 15:31
Fantastic job. Congrats!
9. August, 17:56
David Taylor
If you got the original boxing maybe a Coastal Command from Matchbox next.
9. August, 19:55
Łukasz Gliński
It's not only you dreaming of this one, Dave ;)
10. August, 07:18
Gordon Sørensen
Very nice build, Bocan! What parts are the Revell and which are Matchbox?
10. August, 11:28
Vittorio Gentili
Very very nice!
10. August, 12:00
Chaz Gordon aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
29 immagini
View album, image #29
Nuovo: 10. August, 10:42
Progetto: 69 Camaro
1:25 '69 Camaro Z/28 RS (Revell 07081)
1 | 31. May, 04:13
Visualizza la discussione completa (69 Commenti)
Chaz Gordon
Hmm, If it's a competition.......

30. June, 12:32
Matthew A
That's not embarrassing mine was a Townshend mountain bike. It was the Renault 5 of the bike world always had something wrong with it and when you got it fixed something else went wrong. Mind you I did get stopped by the police for speeding. Can still remember the combination of disbelief and anger of the pc "don't you know bicycles have to obey the speed limit? And what were you doing overtaking a car on the outside!?" To be honest I was going so fast I thought the Police car was parked.
30. June, 12:36
Chaz Gordon
@Bob, I see you have the Z28 RS Motor City Muscle Boxed Camaro in your stash, Would you be able to confirm if the Rocker Covers are rounded or Square, with Fins?
30. June, 12:55
Nigel Chapman
Chaz, Just having another look at your build pictures, your plasticard callipers are real nifty. Why didn't I think of that ?
30. June, 16:51
Chaz Gordon
Can't get them on both sides of the disk unfortunately, due to the wheel backs, but we do what we can.
30. June, 20:30
Bob Hall
Chris has one Built, here's a pic from his album. It's the same RS kit I have.

1. July, 02:35
1. July, 07:23
Chaz Gordon
finally got to the task of pouring my first Resin motor from the mold I took from the Convertible's big block. Results not perfect, but I am very happy with the single sided mold for the block halves, heads & rockers. Just need to remake the second half mold for the ancillaries. I also forgot to get a mold of the Distributor and air cleaner. I need to do a mold for the wheels I'm going to use too, I got a nice set of 5 spokes in a job lot, which are like what was fitted to the original car, but they are front / rear customs so I need to make 4 in the one size.
10. August, 11:01
Ralf Topeters aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 10:23
2 | 1. August, 18:13
Cool concept, and nice progress, It's coming along. Nice to see your work area too
1. August, 19:19
Ralf Topeters
Yeah it's a little too chaotic from time to time but it develops together with the skills. but who am I telling this. Heard about your decal solution. Sometimes help comes when at least expected. It is the best help ever.
3. August, 02:41
Absolutely! :D
3. August, 04:34
Interesting... Following.
9. August, 18:20
Ralf Topeters
Hey there welcome. I try to get progress on a daily basis. But I can't promise it. Sometimes maybe not much and there is still a lot to do so it still takes some time till it is finished.
10. August, 10:20
Lochsa_River aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
7 | 6. August, 23:10
Looking very good... More pics?
7. August, 19:04
thank you,

more pics on the way....a new photo setup is being started with a graduated blue background.

But, with the blue wings on this plane, it seemed too much...then a gray graduated background was used but the gray doesn't stand out like the, testing is underway
7. August, 20:50
very nice
8. August, 01:23

I like it
8. August, 03:43
The final pics are up....enjoy
9. August, 04:53
9. August, 07:52
Very nice. Congrats!
9. August, 17:20
I have a Scalemates admission to make here...perhaps I should PM Tim so he will be sure to see it!

Seriously, here is what happened...that little model was moved again and again for testing of the backgrounds, eventually fell on the floor and was slightly damaged...then it had little pieces of carpet fuzz all over it....

long story short....i had touched up the model to get rid of some spots on the left side, but never got a decent photo with that i touched up an earlier series of photos and got rid of the spots.

my only defense is that i am convinced this little guy looked like this at SOME point...maybe just before the big crash on the floor.

there...i feel better...honesty can be refreshing to the soul.

(i'm going to leave that crooked tail wheel there (which disappeared entirely at some point in this back and forth process) as a testament to honesty.)
9. August, 19:57
Thomas Kolb
What a lovely little aircraft and a nicely built model... I like the rigging too, very neat! I do feel your pain as it crashed... good thing there are no signs of the mishap any more. But did the kit really come in that huge box on picture 1? :-o
10. August, 04:18
Łukasz Gliński
Fantastic, such a bigi box :o
10. August, 09:01
Juergen Klinglhuber
Looking very good - nice tiny model.
10. August, 10:09
Sebastian Meyner
Really nice work!
10. August, 10:19
Christian W aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
7 | 20. June, 13:01
Visualizza la discussione completa (32 Commenti)
Alexander G.
@Nigel: In theory it is, but like with every handcraft you have to practice veeery long and much to get good results.
20. July, 00:38
Nigel Chapman
Thanks Guys, I fancy having a go myself
20. July, 06:34
Chaz Gordon
I'm just making my first foray into making molds too. If all goes well, I'll have a mold set to churn out Big Block chevys by tomorrow. For the little pieces that need a 2 sided mold, I'm trying out using Polymer clay, which can be baked in the oven at 110º C once the impressions from one side of the parts has been taken (don't bake the parts though) Then I put all the parts back in with a little PVA to hold in place, then pour silicone over the top.
25. July, 20:19
I'm watching the mold making process too. Have tried using Blue stuff, but it's pretty hard to get all the details, and like anything, takes practice. Plus that stuff is really hot to work with since you have to boil it.
26. July, 00:44
Christian W
I tried blue stuff for the wider wheel houses. That worked not well. The time to use blue stuff is to short to get a good mold of it. So there is no other possibility to build the wheel house extension scratch.

@Chaz. Sounds interesting!
26. July, 20:37
Thanks for showing us your learning process!
27. July, 05:23
Brandon H
6. August, 19:52
Christian W
Thank you :) you're welcome!
6. August, 21:59
Jojo Anonuevo aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
6 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 09:19
2 | 1. March 2019, 07:31
How did you paint the sub models?
19. May 2019, 10:47
Jojo Anonuevo
Airbrushed black primer, then Tamiya Nato Black, Tamiya Hull Red for the lower hulls, Flat coat after the decals and brown wash.
20. May 2019, 00:18
Richmond@SCM Data
All these cruisers are Protected cruisers can we please rename

SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Bogatyr-class
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Boyarin-class
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Matsushima-class
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Novik (also not a class just a single ship)
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Pallada-class
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Svetlana (also not a class just a single ship)
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Baltimore (also not a class just a single ship USS Baltimore)
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Chicago (also not a class just a single ship USS Chicago)
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Varyag-class
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Yoshino (also not a class just a single ship)
SCM Topic: Protected cruiser Zenta-class
8. August, 03:12
10. August, 09:16
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
I'm trying to add Manufacturer and Country to topics. Going through groups, I can't go any further as the "Multi Topic" items are still in the list. Hope that makes sense.
SCM Search: *
8. August, 11:49
Not sure if we are on the same page but we can only add manufacturer country to topics - so a Chinese ship in the topic could be classified as UK if it was built in the UK. The country and organisation where the ship is deployed would be dealt with below the line within the individual kits.
8. August, 13:11
Eddie Mann
If you check my link, the list is filled by multi topic items.
8. August, 13:16
this is fixed and should also be "permanently fixed"
10. August, 09:14
Richmond@SCM Data
10. August, 09:09
Richmond@SCM Data
10. August, 08:45
10. August, 08:53
Richmond@SCM Data
1 | 8. August, 02:46
on it...
10. August, 08:31
Thanks :)
10. August, 08:40
done! + all multi-topic entries were moved at the same time (vs... a bit later when another sync had to run)
10. August, 08:50
Michal Válek aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
2 | 26. January, 15:27
Gordon Sørensen
Nice looking Spit, Michal! The interior looks great!
26. January, 19:40
Michal Válek
Thank you Gordon.
26. January, 22:25
28. January, 09:13
OldFart at Play@SCM Data
In the majority of issues of
we have
Language: UK

Is this right? I would think it would be
Language: English

UK is a country. English is a language. No?
1 | 8. August, 02:57
Visualizza la discussione completa (15 Commenti)
OldFart at Play
There can't be consistency until there is documentation (or, better still, a popup menu with the possible choices, or, if that is not possible because of having to support lists of country codes in the field, at the very least a verification routine), because people will tend to do what they think makes sense to them, and then other people will copy what they did, not knowing it was wrong in the first place.

But anyway, I would say "Country Code" is better than "Country" because in the absence of said documentation, it is normal and rational to fill in the actual name of the country in a field with that prompt. At least if you see "Country Code" and you have no idea what codes are being used on the site, you will question what you're supposed to put there, rather than, say, writing "France" or whatever into the field.
9. August, 01:04
OldFart at Play
About the "," vs "|" usage - it seems that it doesn't matter, and the country code parser does the right thing either way. It may be more flexible than we even realize.
9. August, 01:11

some preliminary quick notes/small fixes

If you see somewhere a country field where you still need to enter the 2 letter code, you can consider that as a bug.

I switched "Magazine" country to the newer (better) more consistent dropdown.

small extra note
- At the magazine level (=brand/company) it actually is "country"
- At the individual "issue" level.... it should indeed be "language"

Yes denoting languages with country flags = not correct. I guess it is one of these quick things implemented on day 1 and never reassessed. As we use the country flags, we had to enter "country" codes for languages. agreed not ideal and will fix

ps: The ISO-2 code for the UK, is actually GB :o ...

9. August, 21:42
Anything we need to do for correcting existing entries, or are you planning on a search-and-replace operation on your end (US = EN, GB = EN, etc)? UK will be a tough one because I imagine there are multiple languages spoken in the United Kingdom, so you won't be able to substitute a language value from just "UK". Those of us with physical magazines will know the language by looking at the pages and then we can let you know what to bulk-upate all its issues to.
9. August, 21:57
I can/will bulk update!

9. August, 22:04
Most often, I'd expect a magazine issue's language to be whatever's spoken in the brand country, so when adding a new issue it seems you could have the Language value defaulted to the language of the country. It could then be overridden as needed for magazines that have issues printed in different languages, such as "Damaged".
9. August, 22:04
9. August, 22:05
Thanks for correction Tim
10. August, 08:30
FalloutFloyd aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #11
Nuovo: 10. August, 08:26
Progetto: My First Kit
1:72 North American Mustang IV (Airfix A55107)
1 | 10. August, 08:25
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
When viewing a category would it be possible to display the country flag even when there is no manufacturer?
8. August, 10:29
Assume you mean topic not category, if so I agree.
8. August, 13:12
yes this is fixed
10. August, 08:26
Eddie Mann@SCM Data
Can you rename:
SCM Topic: Delilah
Delilah missile
RAFAEL do not manufacture them.

SCM Topic: Starstreak
Avenger is a vehicle mounted variant.
8. August, 10:59
10. August, 08:25
Bart Goesaert aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
12 immagini
View album, image #12
Nuovo: 10. August, 07:55
2 | 10. August, 07:03
Bart Goesaert
too hot to do some painting... so a next one to the bench... spent the evening soldering the first fender, lots of tiny bits
10. August, 08:18
William JOYE aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
9 | 2. July, 09:51
William JOYE
MiniArt Soviet Rocket Launcher LAP-7. Unfortunately, I did not find any documentation on this Soviet truck. I built according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If anyone found info on this vehicle, I would be interested to have it even after construction.
2. July, 14:09
Very nice build!
2. July, 19:35
Mike Bastmaster
Very interesting model and very good job!
8. August, 21:18
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Great! Excellent building
9. August, 21:04
Ingo F
Looks great!
There is not much information about this vehicle. I found a few russian articles about it. Here a rough summery:
In March 1942 soviet army found an ammunition stock with German 28 cm Wurfkörper Spreng and 32 cm Wurfkörper Flamm rockets in the village Konduja near Leningrad. The rockets were send to Leningrad where the soviet engineers copied them and made their own rockets: M-28 (MTW-280) and M-32 (MTW-320). MTW stand for мина тяжелая, вращающаяся - heavy mine, rotating.
The LAP-7 was designed/released in autumn 1942 and is based on an modified(?) GAZ-AA chassis. LAP stands for Ленинградский артиллерийский полигон - Leningrad artillery range.
The six launchers were paired up and the angle of every pair could be adjusted separately. That means that it was possible to hit three different targets with one salvo.
The LAP-7 played an important part in defence of Leningrad and later on also in the break through of the Leningrade blockade. The Leningrad Front was the only front where this vehicles were used.
Unfortunately there is no infomation how many of this vehicles were build.
Hope this is enough information for you. :D
9. August, 22:24
William JOYE
Thanks Ingo F. This is valuable information. I had not found these details during my research.
10. August, 06:48
Ingo F
You welcome mate. If you need other informations about soviet/russian vehicles, just ask. :)
10. August, 08:03
Sergio Ordonez aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #12
Nuovo: 10. August, 07:53
3 | 8. August, 22:32
Well done so far. Te sigo! ;)
9. August, 18:10
Sergio Ordonez
Thank you, friend. Just an "out-of-the-box" that is being made very fast. I expect to finish next week.
Gracias, amigo. Solo es un modelo hecho tal cual sale de la caja y que esta avanzando con velocidad. Espero haberlo acabado la próxima semana.
9. August, 21:27
Temple Dragon aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
1 | 10. August, 06:46
Each photos can be rotated in the your album management page on scalemates.
10. August, 07:37
jan zumack aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
1 | 9. August, 16:30
Interesting. :)

I have a 1:350 NCC-1701A refit model, that I wanted to put lights in. Never got around, and am currently "stuck" on getting a custom stand which will require a blacksmith.
9. August, 17:13
Did you just use black paint on the inside, or did you also add the metallic silver to better block the light? I also remember this "toy" paint tube product that people apparently liked using because it nicely blocked the light on their models, some thicker black paint in a tube.
9. August, 17:14
jan zumack
Hi treehugger, i use white Primer, then Black number 8 from revell. for better lighting i Cover it with white 301 from revell. Hope my English is Not to bad. :)
9. August, 19:37
Torsten Wendt
8), I will watching
10. August, 03:03
Btw, I just wanted to make a correction. I just remembered that the black paint tube product I mentioned, was not used all over, but around led's in smaller spots where one needed a filler.
10. August, 07:36
Jean-Christophe Zeus aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
2 | 27. June, 11:30
Schnemat aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
1 | 9. August, 19:29
so i've started with the next build. i decided to do the Revell Eurofighter. with my last build i figuref out that my sanding ans putty skills need to improve, that's why i chose a but an older kit and yes, it hasn't disappointed me so far, lot's of opportunities to improve my skills :)
9. August, 19:34
Michael Phillips
Count me in! I have this kit as well, but have heard some not-so-nice things about the fit and engineering of this kit. Looks like you are taking care of business here though. From what I understand the intakes are a nightmare.
10. August, 03:12
Slavo Hazucha
I'll check in here as well - experience tells that it should be a nice journey to watch ;) So is there an actually good Eurofighter kit in 48-scale?
10. August, 06:36
Calvin Gifford aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
2 | 11. May, 04:23
Will you add some rigging wire to it? Unsure what people do with that in 1:700 scale.
11. May, 04:32
Calvin Gifford
Maybe just the very basics. :-D
11. May, 07:41
Harry Bo
Nice job so far! Here you can see mine...
20. July, 07:20
20. July, 09:08
Christopher J aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
10 immagini
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 05:01
Progetto: Green Tiger
1:100 MS-09 Dom (Bandai 0159052)
1 | 24. May, 02:44
That is a beautiful jade green! Good work!
9. August, 04:57
Christopher J
Thank you
9. August, 05:12
Sergey Nikitin aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 03:22
1 | 6. August, 16:56
Thomas Kolb
Nice and clean camo paint!
10. August, 04:15
airjuneau aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #18
Nuovo: 10. August, 03:17
2 | 17. January, 22:36
Gordon Sørensen
Love the Super Cub! Watching!
17. January, 22:47
Thanks Gordon. We surely like the same planes :)
21. January, 03:10
looking good
23. February, 05:55
Marco Gallmann
I am check in to this build. Got this kit in my stash too and your progress looks very good.
23. February, 07:02
Thanks a lot bat-213 and Marco Gallmann. I have another one in my stash too because I want to build the alaska state troopers version aswell
29. March, 01:40
Thanks John. I'm still trying things out :)
4. May, 13:33
Rui S
looking good I'm in.
25. July, 22:13
Thanks Rui :)
26. July, 23:41
airjuneau aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #13
Nuovo: 10. August, 03:14
2 | 28. May, 03:47
gerard ormesby aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 10. August, 01:57
10. August, 01:51
David Beasley@SCM Data
I just noticed that the flag for Ascension Island (for example, here: Handley Page Victor K.2/SR.2 (Airfix A12009, 1:72) is the Australian flag. Ascension Island has its own flag, is nowhere near Australia and is not an external territory of Australia.

1:72 Handley Page Victor K.2/SR.2 (Airfix A12009)
10. August, 00:12
thank you! fixing it asap
10. August, 00:13
10. August, 00:21
David Beasley
10. August, 01:00
Carlos Cisneros aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
26 immagini
View album, image #22
Nuovo: 10. August, 00:52
Progetto: Somua S35
1:35 Somua S35 (Heller 81134)
8 | 26. July, 22:11
Visualizza la discussione completa (14 Commenti)
Carlos Cisneros
Thanks for watching Rui and Olivier! I hope that you enjoy the show.
28. July, 01:19
I had built the original version and quite enjoyed it. It seems so long ago.
28. July, 13:25
Carlos Cisneros
I can see the reason for the enjoyment of this kit. It is a fun build. I can't say anything about the fine detail accuracy, but it looks like a S35 to me.
28. July, 16:37
Dave Flitton
28. July, 17:01
Carlos Cisneros
Hope you enjoy the show Dave
29. July, 21:15
Nathan Dempsey
Interesting subject. Following.
31. July, 00:34
Rui S
Nice progress
7. August, 22:50
Carlos Cisneros
Thank you Rui. I can't wait to start painting the camo!
8. August, 02:17
P T aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
7 immagini
View album, image #1
Progetto: Batskiboat
No Batskiboat (AMT/ERTL 38040)
9. August, 07:31
Torsten Wendt
8) to see you build this kit
9. August, 08:27
Using this project to get to a paint color before I move on the the big guns (Batmobile/Batwing). Gonna have to figure out how to fix the intakes on the front to be more movie accurate.
10. August, 00:36
Tamas Nemeth aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
4. April 2018, 00:24
Tamas Nemeth
Getting close :)
14. January 2019, 05:56
Tamas Nemeth
The EagleCals decals for this kit are the best I've worked with so far
14. January 2019, 05:58
nice work
10. August, 00:28
Wayne Lee aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
11 immagini
View album, image #11
Nuovo: 10. August, 00:20
3 | 6. August, 14:56

August 9, 2020

Dan Cook aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #9
Nuovo: 9. August, 23:59
Progetto: Stug III Ausf G
1:35 Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G Sturmhaubitze 42 (Das Werk DW35021)
1 | 31. July, 15:40
Maxim Scale Soul aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
14 | 6. August, 02:29
Mike Szwarc
Another beautiful weathering job!
6. August, 02:34
Maxim Scale Soul
Thanks, Mike :)
6. August, 02:36
Looks like it could drive right off of my screen!
6. August, 03:08
excellent job
6. August, 08:32
Frank Krüger
Total realistic !!! Absolutely amazing !!!! Love it ... :)
6. August, 08:54
Maxim Scale Soul
Realy thanks! Your comments cheer me on! :)
6. August, 21:43
Every praise you got here is well deserved. It´s a joy to watch your builds!
7. August, 15:23
Tom B.
Absolutely gorgeous Wasn´t that thing one of the first USSR cab-over trucks?
8. August, 19:04
Maxim Scale Soul
Neuling - Thank you! Very pleased to hear.

Tom B. - Absolutely right. The second truck was be a MAZ-500.
9. August, 23:56
Dominik Weitzer aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
9. July, 08:33
Christian W
Nice and clean. The rims looking pretty good.
22. July, 07:12
8. August, 22:16
Nigel Chapman
Looks smart
9. August, 14:37
9. August, 19:37
Bill Newcomer
Very nice!
9. August, 23:26
herbert otto gille aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
View album, image #1
Nuovo: 9. August, 23:14
1 | 9. August, 18:46
A pin wash would be nice for the eh hm simmerit, but you would have to add some kind of gloss coat. Don't know how messy that could be with details like simmerit if applying it with a brush could be messy becuase too much gloss coat liquid and it starts to pool and get runny.
9. August, 19:02
herbert otto gille
ZIMMERITT IS on the model , and she is drying on the moment so yes weathering will take place some where in time :)
9. August, 19:04
Johne 69 aggiunto un nuovo album fotografico.
2 | 29. March, 09:37
10. April, 11:26
Mirko Römer
Yeaahhh! :)
10. April, 11:48
10. April, 14:32
gut gemacht
10. April, 19:04
Roland Aßmann
Hi Johne,

very nice!
14. April, 13:52
Johne 69
Hallo Roland, Berni,Torsten,Mirko and Roland thanks for your Comment
16. April, 08:36
Victor Scale Hamster YT
Great job! Looks very nice
9. August, 19:06
István Szücs
I like it! I think, it's not late for a black wash on the wheels.
9. August, 19:27
Chris Greathouse
That's out of this world!!! Great job! Just keep it under 88 mph :P
9. August, 19:42
Great job! The Aoshima kit definitely has more details than the Polar lights kit. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours.
9. August, 22:36
Richmond@SCM Data
Yesterday I went through and merged a raft of ' NEW 'ETA Diorama Accessories products that were duplicates - they had been duplicated because incorrect Item Code had been used.

Here is an example

Waffen SS Zeltbahns Early/La..orama Accessories 646, 1:35)

I have remerged them all - see if they come back again

WSS Zeltbahn early/late war ..cessories code646-eta, 1:35)

1:35 Waffen SS Zeltbahns Early/Late War Planetree 3/4 (ETA Diorama Accessories 646)
1:35 WSS Zeltbahn early/late war Planetree 3/4  (ETA Diorama Accessories code646-eta)
1 | 9. August, 01:49
let me know if they do
9. August, 21:31









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