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seb H (arthenius)

Finished dio


13 | 16. February 2018, 00:43
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Moritz Fentzahn
Very well done Seb 👍. The paintjob on the vehicle, the figures and the ruin is excellent. The groundwork looks very realistic and the scene is vivid. Simply excellent in total
16. February 2018, 06:33
Michael Hickey
WoW... I love your figures, always a hard to make them look realistic and you have done just that, as is the whole dio.👍👍👍
16. February 2018, 06:43
seb H
Thanks mates glad that you lié it
16. February 2018, 07:01
a true master piece. the composition, the kit, the painting (specially for the figures), the rubble, the details in the house and outside..... simply fantastic!.
there is only one thing that kind of looks a bit strange (this probably is only rivet counting....), the guy sitting with the bottle in his hands.... his feet (specially the left one) seem to have in artificial posture.... i do not know how to describe better. anyway, as i said, the dio is simply amazing, and this is just rivet counting.
16. February 2018, 07:06
Soeren .
Fantastic work seb!
The paintjob and all the small details here and there are outstanding.
16. February 2018, 07:12
seb H
Thanks spanjaard, yes for this Guy not so happy with it, but as its strongly glued will be hard sadely to change something, when i put it, i didnt see what was wrong, you are not the first to say that
16. February 2018, 07:14
well, you know, it is like those Japanese Zen gardens, once the perfection is achieved, they place a few dead leaves in some place to show that the world is not perfect. that left foot is the tiny imperfection in an otherwise stunningly perfect dio. i simply love it as it is, to be honest 🙂 the more i look at it, more i like it. amazing job Seb. looking forward your next project
16. February 2018, 07:56
seb H
👍 thanks spanjaard !! 🙂
16. February 2018, 08:01
seb H
thanks soren !! 🙂
16. February 2018, 08:44
I could not phrase it better than Spanjaard.
16. February 2018, 12:28
seb H
Merci olly😉
16. February 2018, 12:32
John Thomas
Very nice work
16. February 2018, 13:35
seb H
Thanks John 🙂
20. February 2018, 12:55
Palo G
. . . this is a beautiful work !
6. June 2018, 08:31
seb H
Thanks palo 🙂
7. June 2018, 00:37
7. June 2018, 02:06
Glenn .
Great work!
7. June 2018, 02:59
Christian Lehmann
Very nice Details - great job
7. June 2018, 04:34
seb H
Thanks to all of you 🙂
7. June 2018, 08:15
Eugene PanzerBabay
Very well done
10. November 2020, 12:56
seb H
Thanks eugene 🙂
10. November 2020, 15:50
Paulo Costa
Impressive job!!!Congrats... 🙂
10. November 2020, 17:27
Andreas Koziol
Absolute beautiful! 🙂
10. November 2020, 19:42
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Splendid dio and figures congratulations
10. November 2020, 20:04
I agree with Jean-Michel. The guy carrying the crate has very good painted eyes, inspiring indeed.
11. November 2020, 10:29
Ricardo Reis
Great storing telling! 👍
11. November 2020, 11:21
seb H
Thanks to all of you 🙂 @neuling, some of those eyes gave me headache, and some are not so nicely done 😉
11. November 2020, 16:33
Rui S
Don't know how I missed this Excellent Work and Dio Incredible paintjob allaround👍
11. November 2020, 21:56
seb H
Thanks Rui S😉
12. November 2020, 06:42
seb your eyework is well ahead of mine. 👍 In modelling I still follow the rule: better no eyes than bad ones .......
12. November 2020, 09:54


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