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Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow

Heavy Attack Helicopter

Meng Model | No. QS-004 | 1:35

Boxart Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow QS-004 Meng Model


Meng Model
Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow Heavy Attack Helicopter
Teljes készlet
2023 Új eszköz
4897038553808 (EAN)
Merev doboz (felfele nyíló)
Boeing AH-64 Apache » Helikopterek (Repülőgép)


Boeing AH-64 Apache

Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow
US US Army (1784-now)

A doboz tartalma

Műanyag rugó (Light gray), Műanyag rugó (Clear), Műanyag rugó (Light gray), Photoetched fret (Brass), Matrica (nedves) (Multi-colored), Maszkoló lap (Yellow), Utasítások (papír) (Multicolor)

430x285x109 mm (16.9x11.2x4.3 inch)

1214 g (2.68 lbs)

Boxart tervezte Michal Reiniš

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Meng Model
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Letöltés 2744Kb (.pdf)


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USD 93.88
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USD 119.19
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€ 68.96
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50 képek
Meng 1:35 AH-64D Apache LongbowView album, image #50
Meng's decals are fine
1:35 Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow (Meng Model QS-004)1:35 AH-64E seatbelts (Eduard 33352)1:35 AH-64E interior 3D decals (small version) (Quinta Studio QDS-35099)


Johan Molendijk
After perusing the available manual this Apache looks to be a lot better than the Takom one. I tried to build one but that canopy is a total mess to get it in place. I cracked the canopy because of fitting issues (and impatience with the kit) and it's the only kit I have trashed so far. Meng seems to have a much better idea about how to fix a canopy to the airframe. Here's hoping it'll arrive this month!
All comments (6) » 2 10 September 2023, 10:58
Palo M
Any reason for picking 1:35? A diorama with vehicles?
19 October 2023, 08:39
Johan Molendijk
Never made any dioramas. 1:35 seemed like a proper size for helicopters since they will be sharing shelf space with 1:35 tanks. I really like the fact the blades of the Meng (and Takom, granted) can be folded back to save display space.
20 October 2023, 06:34
Memphis Lamey
I humbly pray to the modelling gods that Meng has better instructions than Takom gave us
1 9 July 2023, 16:27
wade tubman
i have uploaded a scan of meng instructions from Dave Petriw
20 August 2023, 01:25
Memphis Lamey
20 August 2023, 15:36
Phantom 13
Any new news on a possible release date ?
20 April 2023, 17:19
Memphis Lamey
august 2023
9 July 2023, 16:22
Hunter C
Anyone know of a release date yet?
All comments (7) » 29 December 2022, 05:16
Top Agent PGG jr.
Taken from Meng Facebook account on 29 May 2023:

The Apache Longbow Sprue Pictures Unveiled
The QS-004 Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow Heavy Attack Helicopter kit has attracted wide attention since its announcement. Today we have received the latest test shots. Let's check how the complex mechanisms and precision details are replicated.
QS-004 Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow Heavy Attack Helicopter
Scale: 1/35
Available in: August 2023
We are doing our best to perfect this Apache Longbow Heavy Attack Helicopter model kit, and we will try to present it to you as early as possible. Let's expect more updates of this kit.
29 May 2023, 12:08
getting excited!
1 June 2023, 12:32
meng is awfully quiet about this. Takom have released cads, test build
28 December 2022, 13:33
Stephen G
Lots of CAD, in fact -

The two kits look essentially identical. Release date for Takom is Jan/Feb - Meng probably the same.
2 January 2023, 17:01
those cads are on their facebook page as well, but they have not updated with regards to this kit
5 January 2023, 17:58
Cant wait does anyone have an idea of price when it becomes avaliable?...
1 December 2022, 09:43
If they are smart and want my money, it should be before Xmas 🙂
1 December 2022, 10:05
The kit is listed a shop in Taiwan for $9999, which is around 310€:
1 December 2022, 10:38
Sounds like a placeholder price?
1 December 2022, 11:24
Stephen G
You'd imagine it would be similar to the Takom kit, if not the same. Seems to be loitering around £80 to £90. Crazy prices these days.
5 December 2022, 09:04

2023 looking real good for heli's!
1 November 2022, 07:06
Honestly just feels like a golden age in modeling. Everything is starting to get the love they deserve. Took a couple decades though…
19 November 2022, 15:30
Stephen G
What is going on..? You wait so many years for a new tool AH-64 in a decent scale, then suddenly they're popping up left, right and centre.

I may need one of each.
All comments (6) » 4 31 October 2022, 12:55
Joe Bama
Takom's kit is from Snowman, who supposedly stole the half completed designs from Meng.
16 November 2022, 01:04
Do you have a source for that?
17 November 2022, 07:38
Patrick Hagelstein
Whoah!!! The CAD renderings show the Dutch specific AMASE pods on the wingtips! Nice!
4 November 2022, 13:48
Top Agent PGG jr.
According to the renders given by Meng which can be found at Aeroscale, the positions of the Hellfire missiles and M261 rocket pods are reversed.
1 November 2022, 02:04
Stephen G
It is 'technically' possible, but not operationally normal. I assume the loadouts will be interchangeable by pylons. You can put 16 Hellfires, if you really wanted to.
1 November 2022, 18:04

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Crazyhorse Flying Apache Attack Helicopters with the 1st Cavalry Divisi...
Daniel M. McClinton

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