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M60 Patton

Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur M60 Patton du point de vue du maquettiste.


Catégorie:Vehicles - Tanks
Véhicules - Chars
Aussi connu sous le nom:
Utilisé à partir de:1961–Maintenant
Utilisé par:Military
Modèle:M60 Patton

Kits populaires

1:35 M60A1 (Takom 2132)
M60A1 U.S. Army Main Battle Tank
Takom 1:35
2132 2020 | Pièces changées
1:35 Magach 6B Gal (Meng Model TS-044)
Israel Main Battle Tank
Magach 6B Gal
Meng Model 1:35
TS-044 2019 | Pièces changées
1:35 M60A1 (Tamiya 35157)
U.S. Marine
M60A1 w/ Reactive Armor
Tamiya 1:35
35157 (157) 1992 | Pièces changées
1:35 M60A3 (Tamiya 35140)
M60A3 105mm Gun Tank
Tamiya 1:35
35140 (140) 1988 | Pièces changées
1:35 M60A3/TTS (AFV Club AF35249)
M60A3/TTS Main Battle Tank
AFV Club 1:35
AF35249 2016 | Pièces changées


1:87 M60 Patton (Unknown (Japan) 1)
M60 Patton
Unknown (Japan) 1:87
1 197x | Pièces changées
1:87 M48 S Patton (Niko Kagaku FTM1)
M48 S Patton Listed as 1:80 scale, contains parts of M60(A1)
Niko Kagaku 1:87
FTM1 197y | Pièces changées
1:48 U.S. M60A1 (Zhengdefu DF411)
U.S. M60A1 Motor drive
Zhengdefu (正德福模型) 1:48
DF411 200x | Changé ?
1:87 M60A3 TTS (Trident Miniatures 96004)
M60A3 TTS Additional Armor plates
Trident Miniatures 1:87








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M60A3 1:35
AFV Club 1:35

par Ralf Rost sur Panzer Modell

Magach 6A 1:35
Magach 6A (M60A1)
AFV Club 1:35

par Nikos Brestas sur

M60 A3 1:72
M60 A3
Revell 1:72

par Jussi M sur Pienoismallit

M60A3 TTS 1:35
M60A3 TTS Turkish Land Forces

construit sur

M60A3 1:72
M60A3 Turkish Army
Revell 1:72

par Gökhan Demirci sur miniafv

M60A3 1:72
M60A3 Turkish Army
Revell 1:72

par Fatih Taş sur miniafv









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M-60A3 (Reserva Anticipada Ediciones MAE301)
Medios acorazados españoles Non. MAE301
Javier de Mazarrasa
M60A3  (SABOT Publications LLC SP009)
M60A3 Main Battle Tank, Volume 1
In Detail Non. SP009
Chris Mrosko, Brett Avants
M60 A3 (Verlinden Publications 3)
M60 A3
Warmachines Non. 3
M60 (Concord Publications Company 1027)
Non. 1027
Michael Green, Greg Stewart

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par Mike K (acroyear)

Images: 43 2016

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Donald Junis DJJunis
Hauke Krapf Shermanoholic
Andrei S andrei383
Clifford Keesler stormrider509
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Fil d'information

Lenny Li a ajouté un nouveau projet
1:35 Magach 6B Gal (Meng Model TS-044)
2 | 8. May, 09:36
Robert Hessler a ajouté un nouvel album photo.
13 | 1. May, 21:16
Looks very good. I like the camouflage painting.
2. May, 09:15
2. May, 11:41
Rui S
I agree very Nice paintjob 👍
6. May, 23:10
Robert Hessler
thanks Rui
7. May, 00:53
Gordon Dutra a ajouté un nouveau projet
6. May, 14:57
Robert Hessler a ajouté un nouvel album photo.
This album no longer exists
This album does not contain any images.
5 | 19. April, 14:17
PhoBoss a ajouté un nouveau projet
2 | 16. April, 22:23
Ivan David Marino a ajouté un nouveau projet
9 images
1:35 M60A1 (Tamiya 35157)
3 | 14. April, 00:03
Erik Torp a ajouté un nouveau projet
En cours
1:35 M60A1/M9 Dozer (Academy 1390)1:35 M-60A1 (Eduard 35448)1:35 M60/M48 T142 Track (AFV Club AF35010)
1 | 13. April, 09:18
Erik Torp
I did not use the doser blade since I did not want to scratchbuild the hydraulic unit.
13. April, 09:32
Robert Hessler a ajouté un nouveau projet
1:35 M60A2 Starship (Dragon 3562-02)
M60A2 Starship
US Military US Army (1784-now)
1 | 9. April, 20:54
Sam Lowry a ajouté un nouveau projet
1:35 M60A1 Patton (AFV Club AF35060)1:35 US M60A1/A3 UPPER HULL (CONVERSION kit) (Adler AD35080)1:35 M60A1/A3 stowage Set with ACC (MRE BOX) (Adler AD35082)16+
1 | 31. March, 12:58
Adam Tyson a ajouté un nouvel album photo.
7 | 18. January, 10:06
Adam Tyson
Steps 1-7 complete - mostly. I intentionally left some parts off the top of the hull to make it easier to fix it to the lower body. Fortunately the fit was perfect - no gaps to fill!

I haven't really run into any problems so far and I'm impressed with the level of engineering that has gone into this kit. More Takom kits in the future for me!
18. January, 10:20
Adam Tyson
Steps 8-15 complete. Somehow managed to make a mess of putting the towing cables? into place. I think doing them late at night after a long session at the table was the reason - that and trying to be a perfectionist!

That said I'm happy with how the hull went together in the end. Some not quite perfect fit issues here and there but overall I'd say this is a very well engineered kit. Just the turret to build now (and all that ERA) but I'm going to lay down the primer on the hull and wheels tomorrow.

12. February, 19:04
Adam Tyson
Steps 16-18 Complete (Basically I've started the turret and built some of the ERA). I had a slight delay priming the hull and wheels as I decided to buy a new airbrush - the Mr Hobby Procon Boy PS 289. Then once that arrived I thought why not buy a bigger and better airbrush booth? with the new airbrush and booth in place and ready to go the inevitable compressor decided to die.

With a new compressor sorted I could finally try out both my new airbrush and the Ammo by Mig One Shot primer. Both I can report are excellent. The hull, wheels and sprockets are primed. I'm just awaiting another paint supply to drop and I'll then basecoat the hull A-Mig Khaki #071. In the mean time I will finish off building what remains.
2. March, 10:13